Equidity Announces the Economic GrowthSTARS Awards

Tue Feb 5, 2013 6:16am EST

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  SILICON VALLEY, CA, Feb 05 (Marketwire) -- 
Equidity(TM), the company dedicated to better IPOs, today announced the
first 135 Nominees for the Economic GrowthSTARS Awards, honoring the
"Heroes of the Economy," which collectively have the potential to deliver
five million new jobs, upon remediation of the IPO process and the
completion of their IPOs. These groundbreaking "Academy Awards for the
Entrepreneurship Industry," honor the top late-stage, IPO-track companies
holding the greatest promise for economic growth, and their investors,
founders and CEOs. Nominations are open through April 30, 2013. The
GrowthSTARS winners and special category awards will be selected by an
independent judges board of leading long-term growth QIB investors
experienced in late-stage and IPO investing, with contributions by
Equidity's investor members. A full list of the nominees can be found in
a special publication available at: equidity.com/growthSTARS, or also

    GrowthSTARS nominees will benefit from better collaboration with the
investor community via confidential and secure communication and
information sharing on the Equidity 360˚platform beta, a cloud-based
platform that connects them directly with the highest quality long-term
growth investors with late-stage private and IPO investing interests. The
Equidity 360˚ platform is invitation-only and designed to leverage
the power of the network to provide a haven within the current
dysfunctional IPO industry ecosystem. The Platform delivers the best
relationships and tools to support pre-IPO research and PIPO(TM) private
placements in the $25 to $500 million range. The full list of nominees
can be found below. Equidity will be hosting a premier event designed as
an "Academy Awards for the Entrepreneurship Industry" to honor the
GrowthSTARS winners, and educate America about where its economy will
experience its next potential innovation and job growth.

    "For the past decade, the nation has been experiencing its biggest
backlog of great companies that easily would have been public in the
early '90s when I first started working with IPOs," said CEO and Founder
Mona DeFrawi. "The IPO process has been broken for over a decade, and
every American should be concerned, as these companies deliver 21% of
annual GDP, and 92% of their jobs post-IPO. Equidity's Economic
GrowthSTARS are the companies with the ability to fix our economic growth
and unemployment issues, and Equidity wants to give them the recognition
they deserve, as well as provide them with an IPO on-ramp and investment
opportunities that will fix the IPO backlog and boost the economy. If all
the GrowthSTARS could go public today, we soon could see five million new
jobs from these 135 candidates, alone." 

    GrowthSTARS: An Academy Awards for the Entrepreneurship Industry

    The Economic GrowthSTARS Awards are presented to the most promising
companies with IPO potential within the next two years. Equidity is
accepting nominations for more excellent candidates alongside the first
135 initial nominees, which were identified through more than a year of
research efforts with partners and advisors in the investing, legal,
accounting, financial printing, investment banking, venture capital,
entrepreneurial industries. To nominate a GrowthSTARS company, go to
http://equidity.com/nominate-companies/. Most GrowthSTARS nominees have
well over $40 M in annual revenue (many with $200M+) and over 100
employees (some with 1,000+ employees). Equidity's QIB investor members
and GrowthSTARS judges will make the final selections of the 50
GrowthSTARS winners, and 50 RisingSTARS honorees. Fourteen special
category awards and two special investor awards also will be presented.
Equidity is considering additional media partners and sponsors for the
GrowthSTARS Awards to support the "Heroes of the Economy." Interested
parties may contact info@equidity.com.

    To find out more about Equidity, please visit http://equidity.com. 

    GrowthSTARS nominees are listed below in alphabetical order: 

    1. 10Gen - www.10gen.com 
 2. 1stdibs - www.1stdibs.com 
 3. A10 Networks
- www.a10networks.com 
 4. Acquia - www.acquia.com 
 5. Adap.tv -
 6. Adconion - www.adconion.com 
 7. Adknowledge -
 8. Airbnb - www.airbnb.com 
 9. Apptio -
 10. Atlassian - www.atlassian.com 
 11. Audience Science
- www.audiencescience.com 
 12. Automattic - www.automattic.com 
AutoTrader - www.autotrader.com 
 14. Barracuda Networks -
 15. Bausch & Lomb - www.bausch.com/en 
Beachmint - www.beachmint.com 
 17. Bloom Energy - www.bloomenergy.com 

18. Blue Kai - www.bluekai.com 
 19. Boku - www.boku.com 
 20. BookRenter
- www.bookrenter.com 
 21. Box - www.box.com 
 22. BranchOut -
 23. Bridgelux - www.bridgelux.com 
 24. BrightSource
Energy - www.brightsourceenergy.com 
 25. BUZZMEDIA - www.buzz-media.com 

26. Care.com - www.care.com 
 27. Castlight Health -
 28. CipherCloud - www.ciphercloud.com 
 29. The
Climate Corporation - www.climate.com 
 30. Cloud Sherpas -
 31. Cloudera - www.cloudera.com 
 32. Coaxis -
 33. Collective - www.collective.com 
 34. Conduit -
 35. Coupa - www.coupa.com 
 36. Coverity -
 37. Craigslist - www.craigslist.com 
 38. Criteo -
 39. Cyan - www.cyaninc.com 
 40. Cyoptics -
 41. DigiCert - www.digicert.com 
 42. DocuSign -
 43. Domo - www.domo.com 
 44. Drobo - www.drobo.com 

45. Dropbox - www.dropbox.com 
 46. EdgeCast - www.edgecast.com 
Elemental Technologies - www.elementaltechnologies.com 
 48. Eventbrite -
 49. Evernote - www.evernote.com 
 50. Fab -
 51. FireEye - www.fireeye.com 
 52. Gigamon -
 53. Gilt Groupe - www.gilt.com 
 54. Github -
 55. Glam Media - www.glammedia.com 
 56. Good Technology
- www.good.com 
 57. GoPro - www.gopro.com 
 58. GT Nexus -
 59. HubSpot - www.hubspot.com 
 60. Hulu - www.hulu.com

 61. Intacct - www.intacct.com 
 62. IntegenX - www.integenx.com 
Intematix - www.intematix.com 
 64. IO Data Centers -
 65. Jawbone - www.jawbone.com 
 66. July Systems
- www.julysystems.com 
 67. Kabam - www.kabam.com 
 68. Kaltura -
 69. Klout - www.klout.com 
 70. The Ladders -
 71. LegalZoom - www.legalzoom.com 
 72. Lending Club
- www.lendingclub.com 
 73. LifeStreet Media - www.lifestreet.com 
Liquid Robotics - www.liquidr.com 
 75. Lithium - www.lithium.com 
LiveScribe - www.livescribe.com 
 77. LivingSocial - www.livingsocial.com

 78. Lynda.com - www.lynda.com 
 79. Marin Software -
 80. Marketo - www.marketo.com 
 81. MarkLogic -
 82. Mediaocean - www.mediaocean.com 
 83. Metabolon -
 84. MobileIron - www.mobileiron.com 
 85. MuleSoft -
 86. Nexant - www.nexant.com 
 87. Nimble Storage -
 88. nLIGHT - www.nlight.net 
 89. oDesk -
 90. ON24 - www.on24.com 
 91. One Kings Lane -
 92. Opower - www.opower.com 
 93. Palantir -
 94. Panasas - www.panasas.com 
 95. Pinterest -
 96. PubMatic - www.pubmatic.com 
 97. Quantcast -
 98. Quora - www.quora.com 
 99. RGB Networks -
 100. RightScale - www.rightscale.com 
RingCentral - www.ringcentral.com 
 102. RiseSmart - www.risesmart.com 

103. Rocket Fuel - www.rocketfuel.com 
 104. Rovio - www.rovio.com 
Rubicon - www.rubiconproject.com 
 106. SAY Media - www.saymedia.com 

107. Scale Media - www.scalemedia.com 
 108. SevOne - www.sevone.com 

109. Silver Spring Networks - www.silverspringnet.com 
 110. Sonos -
 111. Spotify - www.spotify.com 
 112. Square -
 113. Storm8 - www.storm8.com 
 114. Stripe -
 115. SugarCRM - www.sugarcrm.com 
 116. SurveyMonkey -
 117. Tableau Software - www.tableausoftware.com 

118. Telogis - www.telogis.com 
 119. Trion Worlds - www.trionworlds.com 

120. Trunk Club - www.trunkclub.com 
 121. Turn - www.turn.com 
Twilio - www.twilio.com 
 123. Twitter - www.twitter.com 
 124. Uber -
 125. Vibrant Media - www.vibrantmedia.com 
 126. Violin
Memory - www.violin-memory.com 
 127. Virgin America -
 128. Wayfair -- www.wayfair.com 
 129. Xactly -
 130. Xoom - www.xoom.com 
 131. Yodle -
 132. Zendesk - www.zendesk.com 
 133. ZocDoc -
 134. Zoosk - www.zoosk.com 
 135. Zoove - www.zoove.com 

    Equidity 360˚: A New Recipe for IPO Success

    Equidity offers a unique combination of a technology platform for the
highest quality QIB investors only, combined with customized advisory
services for the top, pre-IPO client companies. Equidity provides a
structured, secure and transparent research and collaboration
environment, hard wired to replace missing capital markets infrastructure
that has disabled the traditional IPO process' ability to deliver optimal

    Designed by CEO Mona DeFrawi based on 20+ years of experience building
internal functionalities for companies and funds to conduct their own
powerful fundraising, IPOs and aftermarket performance, Equidity
360˚ is an "investment concierge" for late-stage companies and the
public and private QIB investors potentially interested in such companies
-- but whose objectives are often thwarted by the fragmented and opaque
nature of the private investing process. The Equidity 360˚ platform
is designed to leverage the power of the network to provide a haven
within the current dysfunctional IPO industry ecosystem, and deliver the
best relationships and tools for pre-IPO research and private placements
in the $25 to $500 million range. 

    Architected for transparency and direct access for an internal
"do-it-yourself-toolkit," the 360˚ platform delivers what companies
and investors need in order to facilitate optimal results, from the right
relationships, to secured document sharing. Built-in privacy and security
enable companies and investors alike to search profiles, identify the
right opportunities, facilitate introductions and meetings, research and
exchange confidential information, and more. Rather than parachuting into
lightning-paced public markets, issuers and investors have instant,
round-the-clock access to a new kind of structure that supports their
long-term goals. Issuers have the tools they need to enable strong and
sustainable post-IPO performance.

    About Equidity

    Equidity offers a unique combination of a cutting-edge technology
platform combined with customized advisory for its clients to
revolutionize the way privately-held companies and QIB investors navigate
through the IPO process for optimal results, also aligned with long-term
economic and job growth. To learn more about Equidity, please visit


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