Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. Announces Capital Gains Dividends and Share Consolidation

Wed Feb 6, 2013 1:09pm EST

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Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. (the "Corporation") announced the capital
gains dividends for the Maple Leaf Income Class and Maple Leaf Resource
Class (together the "Maple Leaf Funds") for the 2013 tax year. On January
29, 2013, the Corporation declared and paid dividends in the following
amounts to shareholders of record on that date:

    Maple Leaf Resource Class, Series A (CDO100) - $3.600509 per share

    Maple Leaf Income Class, Series A (CDO102) - $0.205822 per share

    The dividends were automatically reinvested in additional shares of the
same class and series, and the issued and outstanding shares of each
class and series were consolidated such that the number of shares remains
unchanged from the number outstanding immediately prior to the dividend
payment such that the net asset value per share is not affected by the

    A shareholder will be required to include the amount of the capital gains
dividends received by the shareholder in income as a capital gain and
this same amount will also be added to the adjusted cost base of the
shares held by such shareholder. It is important to note that the total
value of a shareholder's investment will not change as a result of the
dividend and subsequent share consolidation.

    The capital gains were due to an increase in the value of certain
divested securities in the portfolios or due to portfolio rebalancing.
Maple Leaf Funds must distribute the net realized capital gains to

    Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. is a mutual fund corporation that
currently offers Series A Shares of each of the Maple Leaf Resource Class
and Maple Leaf Income Class.

    Shares of the Maple Leaf Funds are available to former limited partners
of Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through Limited Partnerships in
exchange for assets which are suitable investments for the Maple Leaf
Funds. Shares of both Maple Leaf Funds are also available to other
investors but it is recommended that shares should only be purchased
through registered plans. For further information on Maple Leaf Funds
please visit our website at


    CADO Investment Fund Management Inc. is responsible for managing the
overall business and operations of the Mutual Fund. For information on
CADO Investment Fund Management Inc. please visit our website at

    This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the
solicitation of any offer to buy the securities. This release is provided
for information purposes only. No securities regulatory authority has
expressed an opinion about the merits of the shares of the Maple Leaf
Funds and it is an offence to claim otherwise. The Maple Leaf Funds and
the shares of the Funds offered under this Simplified Prospectus are not
registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and
are sold in the United States only in reliance on exemptions from

Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd.
Hugh Cartwright

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