St. Dominic Hospital Treats Explosive Big Data and Home Directory Growth with EMC

Wed Feb 6, 2013 9:50am EST

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Hospital Replaces NetApp, Consolidates Nearly One-Half Billion Patient Records
and Medical Images; Increases Performance by 1,000% while decreasing cost 50%
HOPKINTON, Mass.,  Feb. 6, 2013  /PRNewswire/ -- EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC)
today announced that St. Dominic Hospital, a 535-bed acute care facility in 
Jackson, Mississippi, consolidated its legacy storage infrastructure onto 
EMC®Isilon®  scale-out storage to manage its  Big Data  requirements. With EMC
Isilon, St. Dominic's is enabling dramatically faster and more reliable access
to medical images and patient records while supporting 20% annual data growth
and ongoing expansion of the hospital.

Customer Benefits:

* Improved Performance --Time to retrieve medical images has decreased to less
than one second as the result of St. Dominic's achieving a 1,000% increase in
performance with EMC Isilon.  
* Significant Cost Savings -- EMC Isilon's high performance, simplified
administration and increased reliability saves St. Dominic's 50% annually on
long-term storage costs.  
* Simplified Administration -- St. Dominic's IT is able to spend less time on IT
administration tasks, while maintaining 100% uptime and freeing time for
projects that help improve organizational efficiency and patient care.

Customer Challenges and Solution:

St. Dominic Hospital's Big Data assets were growing at a rate of 20% annually
due to advances in medical imaging technology, combined with the hospital's
acquisition of a diagnostic imaging center, doctors' offices and the opening of
health clinics. In addition, healthcare reform required greater use of
electronic medical records (EMR), resulting in more information being captured
in electronic patient charts. Aging PACS and EMR archiving platforms running on
legacy storage could no longer scale to meet growth demands. For example, the
hospital's prior NetApp solution, which housed home directories, departmental
shares and several document management systems, lacked the performance to
service data requests.  

After considering solutions from Dell, IBM, NetApp, Scale Computing and EMC, St.
Dominic Hospital selected EMC Isilon, with the help of EMC Velocity Solution
Provider Presidio, for its performance, scalability and ease of management. St.
Dominic's Hospital consolidated its legacy storage environment onto EMC Isilon
NL-Series in two replicated clusters. EMC Isilon supports the hospital's
McKesson Horizon Patient Folder (HPF) EMR solution, as well as a vendor-neutral
archive based on GE Centricity PACS, storing massive image files generated by
CT-scans, 3D ultrasound, vascular studies, mammography, MRI and radiology.
Nearly one-half billion HPF and PACS files reside on EMC Isilon, allowing St.
Dominic's to take advantage of EMC Isilon's exponential performance growth as it

In addition, St. Dominic's uses EMC Isilon InsightIQ performance management,
SmartLock data retention, SnapshotIQ data protection and SyncIQ data replication

With EMC Isilon, St. Dominic's has gained virtually limitless scalability to
enable its adoption of advanced medical imaging technologies and its expansion
with the addition of doctor's offices and health clinics. St. Dominic's also is
leveraging EMC Isilon to significantly lower total cost of ownership of its
growing  infrastructure.

Customer Quotes:

Wendell W. Pinegar, Applications Supervisor, St. Dominic Hospital

"When we consider the long-term costs associated with our legacy storage
platforms, we will have saved 50% annually on IT-related expenses since
implementing EMC Isilon."  

"We were impressed with the simplicity of EMC Isilon - especially compared to
other vendor's solutions. Having one name space for our unstructured data,
medical images, home directories and document shares was very attractive and
made it easier to manage. It worked right out of the box without hours of
complex configuration. This was a drastic change from the other storage
platforms we had purchased."

"We needed a 'forever' solution with unlimited scalability. Because our core
mission is patient care, a key design requirement was to maintain two
geographically dispersed storage clusters with separate but identical copies of
our medical images and patient records. Meeting the explosive demands for growth
was also a significant challenge so we also needed to simplify our overall
storage environment. With EMC Isilon's scale-out storage and advanced software,
we discovered a very painless way to achieve all those requirements."

"In our McKesson EMR environment, image retrieval times have decreased from up
to six seconds to less than one second. By the time we are fully implemented we
will have achieved a 1,000% increase in overall sustained I/O performance versus
our legacy storage solution."

"When you have to manage Big Data such as huge 3D medical image files, we need a
'forever' solution like EMC Isilon that allows us to continue growing to meet
our Big Data needs. Isilon allows us to grow as large as we want and as fast as
we need without over-building our storage. We just add nodes and the cluster
dynamically brings in additional storage with 100% uptime."

"As far as maintenance, there's not a lot to do. Since we don't have to
concentrate on day-to-day management of storage, we have more time to focus on
projects that add value for the hospital. The entire solution is easy to manage
and requires just a few touch points for any task."

"At St. Dominic's we realize that it's all about the patient and we are ever
mindful that our purpose is to serve those in need. Isilon has helped us
simplify our infrastructure while improving the quality of patient care and the
overall efficiency of our organization. This allows us to concentrate on the
bigger picture and work toward strategic improvements within the hospital and we
simply couldn't do that without EMC Isilon."

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