Embarcadero's C++Builder(R) XE3 Selected by Web Technology Corp. to Deliver Animation Software for Windows and Mac OS X

Wed Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm EST

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  TOKYO, Feb 06 (Marketwire) -- 
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. today announced that its C++Builder(R)
XE3, a C++ RAD and visual development environment, was selected by Web
Technology Corp. as the development software for the latest version of
its OPTPiX SpriteStudio, an animation and UI generation tool for consumer
smartphone games. The latest version of OPTPiX SpriteStudio is slated for
delivery in April 2013.

    OPTPiX SpriteStudio has been used for animation development in a variety
of popular games since its launch in 2005, including "Mushroom Garden
Deluxe." Recently the game industry has witnessed an increase in the
development of games targeting smartphones and tablet PCs, and Mac OS X
has been widely used as a game development environment. As a result,
there is a growing need for game production support tools supporting not
only Windows but also Mac OS X.

    "As we evaluated other solutions, none of them had the functionality we
needed," said Yoshiaki Hashimoto of the R&D Group at Web Technology.
"When we learned that C++Builder was now able to support Mac OS X, we
evaluated it. In less than a week, we knew for certain it would meet our
needs as we built the new version of OPTPiX SpriteStudio."

    Web Technology selected C++Builder XE3 over five other tools they
evaluated. Primary reasons for the selection of Embarcadero's technology

--  Windows and Mac OS with one codebase: C++Builder XE3 is the only RAD
    development tool able to develop native applications for several
    platforms from one codebase.
--  Leveraged investment: Web Technology can make maximum use of its C++
    resources, such as its programs written in C++ and numerous C++
    proficient engineers.
--  Vendor stability: C++Builder XE3 is a primary product of Embarcadero
    with proactive updates and support.


It was also significant that C++Builder allowed a rapid response to
user needs for feature enhancements. FireMonkey, a multi-platform
component architecture provided with C++Builder, enabled the development
of flexible software with high quality visual effects, coupled with
support for both Windows and Mac OS.

    With this latest version of their software, Web Technology can not only
provide support for Mac OS X, but also release the English version to
meet overseas development needs without significant investment. Plans
also include expanding sales to broader targets.

    "We are providing the game industry with tools to develop game software,"
said Terumasa Kodaka, president of Web Technology. "Just as they want to
concentrate on developing games, we want to concentrate on developing
tools for games, and we don't want to spend time building user
interfaces. By using C++Builder, we can focus on our primary job with
RAD's high productivity, while using our existing C++ source code

    About OPTPiX SpriteStudio

    OPTPiX SpriteStudio is a tool to generate sprite animation data with drag
and drop and keyframe style intuitive interfaces, binary output of
animation data, and support for highly readable and versatile XML
formats. OPTPiX SpriteStudio has been used at various game production
sites such as consumer games and smartphone applications. The latest
version, which is set for release in April 2013, will support both
Windows and Macintosh OS, and also data output from HTML5, Unity, a
multi-platform game engine, Cocos2d-x, and CoronaSDK. In addition to the
Japanese version, there are also plans to release an English version.

    Product Name: OPTPiX SpriteStudio(R) 
 Launch: April,


--  OS: Microsoft Windows 8 / 7 / Vista
    --  CPU: Intel(R) Core2 Duo 2GHz
    --  GPU: OpenGL Version 2.1,VRAM 512MB
    --  Memory: 2GB
--  OS (Macintosh): OSX 10.7 (Lion)
    --  CPU: IntelR Core2 Duo 2GHz
    --  GPU: OpenGL Version 2.1,VRAM 256MB
    --  Memory: 2GB


About C++Builder

    Embarcadero C++Builder XE3 is the only native multi-device C++
development solution for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X.
C++Builder XE3 enables C++ developers to target Windows and Mac desktops,
laptops, Slates and tablets including Surface Pro with a single C++

    About Web Technology

    Tokyo-based Web Technology Corp. is an independent software development
company that provides game development tools and image processing
services for mobile devices. Founded in 1991, Web Technology has been
providing customers with values such as high-quality color reduction
technology as its core product by taking customer feedback into serious
consideration. Especially in the game industry, the OPTPiX imesta series,
image optimization software, is highly esteemed for its high image
quality and is used by almost all game publishers in Japan. In addition,
Web Technology is now providing Japanese, English, and Korean versions of
ComiPo!, its manga generation software, and has received positive
feedback. With the latest version of OPTPiX SpriteStudio, a sprite
animation data generation tool developed with C++Builder, the company
will start its full-scale entry into overseas markets. Find out more
about Web Technology at www.webtech.co.jp/eng/spritestudio/.

    About Embarcadero Technologies

    Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of award-winning
tools for application developers and database professionals so they can
design systems right, build them faster and run them better, regardless
of their platform or programming language. Ninety of the Fortune 100 and
an active community of more than three million users worldwide rely on
Embarcadero products to increase productivity, reduce costs, simplify
change management and compliance, and accelerate innovation. Founded in
1993, Embarcadero is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices located
around the world. www.embarcadero.com


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