ACI Worldwide Arms Financial Institutions to Fight Accelerating Fraud

Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:00am EST

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Proactive Risk Manager Empowers Banks to Improve Fraud Detection Accuracy,
Reduce Losses and Customer Attrition
NAPLES, Fla.--(Business Wire)--
ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading international provider of payment
systems, announced today the release of the newest version of ACI Proactive Risk
Manager, the industry`s leading payments fraud detection and mitigation solution
for financial institutions, processors and merchant retailers. With the
explosive growth of transnational, organized fraud and identity theft, Proactive
Risk Manager empowers financial institutions to stay one step ahead of financial
criminals. This most recent version delivers enhanced behavioral modeling tools
and performance testing capabilities designed to strengthen fraud detection
accuracy and improve the customer experience. 

In addition, Proactive Risk Manager puts more control in the hands of the fraud
manager through flexible configuration tools and a new user interface (UI). This
new interface is one of the many improvements which makes this version both more
powerful and easier to use. It also improves operational efficiencies with a new
user interface (UI) designed to reduce the learning curve for new users while
making the experience more intuitive for frequent users. Ultimately, the
solution delivers optimal customer service by reducing false positives and
helping to proactively stop fraudulent transactions. 

"In order to remain a step ahead of an increasingly dangerous opponent, we need
to deliver to our customers a solution which combines accuracy and usability,"
said Mike Braatz, senior vice president, fraud products, ACI Worldwide. "The
newest version of ACI Proactive Risk Manager provides the fraud mitigation
solution the industry tells us they are seeking. It combines precision with
usability to ensure financial institutions, processors and retailers are able
address the fraud challenge with the strongest tool available while also being
easy for fraud teams to master." 

Proactive Risk Manager 8.1 offers the following new and enhanced features:

* Enhanced profiling - Financial institutions can utilize the enhanced profiling
feature to enable custom behavioral profiling for customers, accounts, cards,
terminals, merchants, employees and their peer groups using any data element
brought into the system from varying timelines. This type of advanced behavioral
profiling helps better target fraud detection scenarios and lowers false
positive ratios. 
* Rule Tester - A new rule and analytics tester allows optional fraud scenario
testing prior to deployment. This gives fraud managers greater flexibility in
managing rules and analytics and provides a more predictable outcome for new
detection approaches, as well as insight into potential customer impact. 
* Screen Configuration Manager -Administrators are now able to more easily
configure the review screens for optimum efficiency. The enhanced flexibility of
the solution ensures fraud teams analyze the data in formats most relevant and
convenient for them. 
* New user interface look and feel -The improved look and feel is designed to
make the UI more intuitive, thereby increasing the efficiency of everyday users
and reducing the learning curve for new and infrequent users.

"Financial institutions continue to face a fraud threat which is increasing in
complexity and scope," said CEB TowerGroup research director Brian Riley. "The
best hope for all financial intuitions is to have a well-trained staff and
develop and arm them with proven industry solutions. Fraudsters will continue to
learn and evolve so it is critical that those required to manage the risk be
prepared with tools which are not only powerful and responsive, but which also
provide an ease of use which can be transferred to the next generation of risk

According to a recent ACI survey, card fraud is growing globally with
one-in-four respondents being victimized by fraud. Also, the nature of fraud is
changing. Of the 5100 survey participants, 56% of cardholders use cash or an
alternate form of payment instead of a debit or credit card after experiencing
fraud. In addition, post-fraud attrition rates average 21% among cardholders in
the 17 countries surveyed. This indicates that card holders will use their card
much less or perhaps stop using the card all together, and financial
institutions risk losing customers due to fraud. 

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