Top Money Saving Tips for Energy Users

Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:00am EST

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Homes across Britain suffered badly last year due to the economic crisis
- and with a double-dip recession expected for 2013 there's no silver
lining in sight.

    Energy bills are a particular source of bewilderment for most users as
energy prices keep rising despite drops in crude-oil prices and many
people across the country accepting wage freezes in order to keep their
jobs. The 'big 6' energy companies are particularly responsible for this
pricing issue but there may be some ways you can beat them at their own

    With this in mind we've put together a few top tips for cutting down your
energy bills this winter...

    Proper Insulation

    Adding proper wall cavity insulation could save you up to GBP 135 per
year depending on the age and state of repair of your home. This saving
is further extended with proper loft insulation. As around 30% of your
homes heat can be lost through the room this insulation could save you up
to GBP 175 per year. 

    Eco Friendly Lighting

    Traditional bulbs not only give off a very harsh light they also consume
huge amounts of electricity. Modern energy saving bulbs last up to 10
times longer than traditional bulbs and could save you up to GBP 40 over
the duration of their lifetime. Now imagine that saving across every bulb
in your home and that's quite a tidy packet you won't have to spend.

    Lower Your Heating

    This is a slightly cheeky tip as who are we to say what's the perfect
temperature? However, most people would be quite comfortable with their
heating turned down just one or two degrees - which is great news,
because for every degree you turn down your heating you could be saving
up to 10% off your gas bill.

    Replace Your Outdated Boiler

    If your boiler is older than 15 years then it almost certainly won't
conform to recent efficiency protocols and it's probably burning up a lot
of your cash. Although the initial investment can cost as much as GBP
1500 (for the average size boiler) with potential savings of up to GBP
230 a year this home improvement will have paid for itself in money
savings in around five years. Plus many companies have a boiler
exchange/scrappage scheme which might net you as much as GBP 700 towards
the cost of your new equipment.

    Get a Smart Meter

    Not all energy companies provide a Smart Meter but some of the best ones
do. A smart meter gives much more accurate readings for your energy usage
which means that you're likely to save money as you won't have to pay
estimated costs anymore. This should certainly save you more than a few
pennies in the long run.

    About First Utility

    First Utility is the UK's largest independent energy supplier. It
supplies gas and electricity to over 180,000 residential and business
customers throughout the UK. First Utility is pioneering the use of new
technology within the energy sector to empower its customers to control
their energy spend. It was also the first UK energy supplier to offer
smart meters to all its customers in 2008. In 2012 it launched my:energy,
an online analytics service which provides households and businesses with
personalised information regarding their energy usage. 

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