E-Band Communications Launches Production of Small-Cell Wireless Backhaul System

Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:01pm EST

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  SAN DIEGO, CA, Feb 23 (Marketwire) -- 
E-Band Communications, manufacturer of the world's highest performance 80
GHz backhaul solutions for 4G/LTE networks, has launched production of a
next-generation small cell backhaul wireless system, E-Link Mini. This
new low-cost system positions E-Band as one of the first in the industry
to offer a commercial millimeter-wave ultra-high capacity backhaul radio
for small cells in the exploding LTE market.

    The E-Link Mini integrates highly efficient adaptive modulation and
coding and provides the highest system gain small-cell backhaul radio
operating in the 71-86 GHz band. The E-Link Mini uses a single 250 MHz
channel to deliver 1,000Mbps capacity. The E-Link Mini incorporates the
latest innovations in radio, antenna, and switching technologies into a
very small package optimized for mobile/LTE small-cell backhaul.

    "The new features propel the E-Link Mini into a leading position in
performance, range, and link availability," said Saul Umbrasas, head of
Sales & Marketing of E-Band. "This achievement is the result of many
years of experience by E-Band's team designing industry-leading
millimeter-wave systems."

    The explosive demand for mobile broadband is forcing the industry toward
high-capacity 4G/LTE networks, and small cells have become a critical
component of the digital consumption landscape as mobile operators strive
to deliver high-quality consumer experiences. E-Band's innovative E-Link
Mini is ideal for wireless carriers seeking to boost their capacity and
competitive edge.

    "The unveiling of our new small-cell radio provides the operator with a
complete E-band solution for carrier backhaul networks. From the
ultra-low latency E-Link 1000Q, to the transport and macro-cell backhaul
radio, E-Link Eagle, that is software configurable from 100Mbps to
3,000Mbps, and now to the edge of the network with a low-cost and small
footprint radio the E-Link Mini," said Umbrasas.

    E-Band Communication representatives will be showcasing the E-Link Mini
at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 25-28, 2013. 

    About E-Band Communications

    E-Band Communications is a leading manufacturer of 70/80GHz ultra-high
capacity backhaul solutions in the world. Our renowned 4G Evolution
Series provides up to 3Gbps throughput with highest output power in the
industry. Leading carriers, businesses and government agencies use E-Band
radios in 3G/4G, LTE, mobile backhaul, military and private networks. For
more information please visit http://www.e-band.com/.


E-Band Communications
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