EMC Introduces World's Most Powerful Hadoop Distribution: Pivotal HD

Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:00pm EST

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Unlocks Hadoop as Key to Big Data's Transformational Potential for Data-Driven
Enterprises; Delivers Over 100X Performance Improvement with HAWQ
SAN FRANCISCO,  Feb. 25, 2013  /PRNewswire/ --  

News Summary:

* EMC's new Pivotal HD is an Apache Hadoop distribution that natively integrates
the industry-leading EMC Greenplum massively parallel processing (MPP) database
technology with the Apache Hadoop framework.  
* The engineering innovation and technology called HAWQ, brings Greenplum's
decade of research and development on the industry's best MPP analytical
database platform to Apache Hadoop, the open-source Big Data platform.  
* New HAWQ technology brings more than 100X performance improvement (in some
cases up to 600X) to a wide range of query types and workloads, making Pivotal
HD the single most powerful Hadoop distribution in the industry.  
* Pivotal HD with HAWQ represents the world's first true SQL processing for
Hadoop, expanding the platform's reach to SQL programmers and developers, as
well as enabling compatibility with traditional BI tools.

Full Story:

EMC Corporation  (NYSE: EMC) today announced a new distribution of Apache
Hadoop: Pivotal HD. Pivotal HD features native integration of EMC's industry
leading Greenplum massively parallel processing (MPP) database with Apache
Hadoop-the most cost-effective and flexible open source Big Data platform ever
developed.  The new EMC Greenplum-developed HAWQ technology brings 10 years of
large scale data management research and development to Hadoop and delivers more
than 100X performance improvements when compared to existing SQL-like services
on top of Hadoop, making Pivotal HD the single most powerful Hadoop distribution
in the industry.

Hadoop has rapidly emerged as the preferred solution for Big Data analytics
applications that grapple with vast repositories of unstructured data. It is
flexible, scalable, inexpensive, fault-tolerant, and enjoys rapid adoption rates
and a rich ecosystem surrounded by massive investment. However, customers face
high hurdles to broadly adopting Hadoop as their singular data repository due to
a lack of useful interfaces and high-level tooling for Business Intelligence and
datamining-components that are critical to data analytics and building a
data-driven enterprise. As the world's first true SQL processing for Hadoop,
Pivotal HD addresses these challenges.  

By offering the full spectrum of the SQL interface, and by extension, the entire
ecosystem of products that support SQL, customers no longer need an army of
developers to build a dashboard or run a report. Unlike competitive Hadoop
distributions, Pivotal HD does this without moving data between systems or using
connectors that require users to store the data twice. Pivotal HD cuts out the
complexity of using Hadoop, thus expanding the platform's potential and
productivity, and allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of the most
cost-effective and flexible data processing platform ever developed.  

About HAWQ

HAWQ (pronounced hawk) represents the EMC Greenplum engineering effort that
brings 10 years of large-scale data management research and development to the
Apache Hadoop framework. Leveraging the feature richness and maturity of the
industry leading Greenplum MPP analytical database, this innovation has resulted
in the world's first true SQL parallel database on top of the Hadoop Distributed
File System (HDFS). HAWQ is the key differentiating technology in making Pivotal
HD the world's most powerful Hadoop distribution. Capabilities of note include
Dynamic Pipelining, a world-class query optimizer, horizontal scaling, SQL
compliant, interactive query, deep analytics, and support for common Hadoop

Pivotal HD and HAWQ Deliver:

* True SQL Query Capabilities  - With Pivotal HD's advanced database services
(HAWQ) enterprises can now unlock the potential of Hadoop's scalable,
fault-tolerant storage capabilities by bringing to bear the vast pool of "data
worker" tools and languages into the Hadoop ecosystems.  With Pivotal HD's
support for true, SQL-standards compliant query interfaces data mining tools,
SQL-trained data analysts, and standard BI tools can now easily connect to,
query, and analyze data sets stored in the Hadoop file system (HDFS).  
* Unprecedented Query Performance  - Bringing over 10 years of parallel database
processing technology to Hadoop, Pivotal HD delivers query response time
improvements that are up to 600x faster than current SQL-like interfaces for
* Robust Operational Support  - Command Center enables administrators and
developers to easily install and manage large clusters from interactive web user
interfaces.  Command Center also exposes Command Line Interface for scripting
and programmer friendly web services API for complex automation tasks. Using
Command Center administrators can deploy large cluster, configure
services/roles, manage services and monitor HDFS jobs and tasks.

Hadoop -- The Foundation for Change

EMC believes that Hadoop has the potential to reach beyond Big Data to catalyze
new levels of business productivity and transformation. As the foundation for
change in business, Hadoop represents an unprecedented opportunity to improve
how organizations can get the most value from large amounts of data. Businesses
that rely on Hadoop as the core of their infrastructure can not only do
analytics on top of vast amounts of data, but can also go beyond analytics and
the foundation for that data layer to build applications that are meaningful,
and that have a very tightly coupled relationship with the data. Consumer
Internet companies have reaped the benefits of this approach, and EMC believes
more traditional enterprises will adopt the same model as they evolve and
transform their businesses.  

Pivotal HD is expected to be available at the end of the first quarter of this
year as a software-only or appliance-based solution, backed by EMC's global 24x7
support infrastructure.

Executive Quotes:

Scott Yara, senior vice president of products, Greenplum, a division of EMC

"Hadoop is a big deal and poised, for many enterprises, as the key to unlock Big
Data's transformational potential. Marrying the extraordinary capabilities of
the Greenplum technology-essentially the Greenplum crown jewels-with this
amazing open-source phenomenon has been no small feat. But we're 'all in' -
investing in a manner that no other company is - to help catapult Hadoop into
wide-scale adoption."

Steven Hirsch, chief data officer, SVP Global Data Services, NYSE Euronext

"With Pivotal HD, we can check off many of the items on our Hadoop
wish-list-things like plug-in support for the ecosystem of tools, improved data
management and greater elasticity in terms of the storage and compute layer. But
above all, it provides true SQL query interfaces for data workers and tools-not
a superficial implementation of the kind that's so common today, but a native
implementation that delivers the capability of real and true SQL processing and
optimization. Having a single Hadoop infrastructure for Big Data investigation
and analysis changes everything. Now add to all of this functionality the fact
that the SQL performance is up to 100x faster than other offerings and you have
an environment that we at NYSE Euronext are extremely excited about."

Jeff Kelly, Big Data analyst, The Wikibon Project

"By integrating the Greenplum database natively within Hadoop, Pivotal HD opens
up Big Data analytics to a new class of practitioner - the savvy business user
-providing both real-time query responsiveness via a familiar SQL interface and
eliminating the need to move data back and forth between Hadoop and separate
analytic databases. Most importantly, by providing both real-time and batch
analytics capabilities in a single environment, Pivotal HD moves Hadoop several
steps closer to realizing its full potential as the de facto, comprehensive Big
Data platform of the 21st century."  

John Myers, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates 

"The Pivotal HD release reflects the results of recent Enterprise Management
Associates Big Data Research and our vision for the Hybrid Data Ecosystem.  With
the sharing of a common data store via HDFS and processing information based on
business requirements via either a SQL or NoSQL access, Pivotal recognizes that
different analytical challenges require different processing/access layers."  

Sam Grocott, vice president of marketing and product management, EMC Isilon

"The introduction of Pivotal HD, combined with EMC Isilon's native integration
of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) protocol, continues the evolution
of the industry's first and only enterprise-proven Hadoop solution on a
scale-out NAS architecture. This powerful combination succeeds in reducing the
complexities traditionally associated with Hadoop deployments and allows
enterprises to easily extract business value from unstructured data."

Partners Supporting the Pivotal HD announcement:

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