SPYRUS(R) Announces Secure Pocket Drive(TM) Build Your Own Linux Program

Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:30am EST

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  SAN JOSE, CA, Feb 25 (Marketwire) -- 
SPYRUS announced today the availability of the Secure Pocket Drive (SPD)
Build Your Own Linux Program with its award-winning Secure Pocket Drive
bootable USB product line. Secure Pocket Drive is a secure trusted
endpoint that augments a worker's desktop and provides a secure computing
environment on the Internet or for cloud computing applications. The SPD
Build Your Own Linux Program includes a set of unique SPD Linux Builder
Utilities, which gives users the ability to create and manage their own
personal, portable, and secure Linux operating environment.

    The SPD Linux Builder Utilities contain everything an administrator or
user would require to configure and manage the Secure Pocket Drive with
the Linux operating system environment. The software includes a security
initialization utility that generates new cryptographic keys in the SPD
hardware, sets password and logon policies, and locks/unlocks the
encrypted compartment as needed for updating the operating system or
applications. In addition, "admin utilities" are provided to reset the
user password by the administrator and to change the administrator
password when required. Finally, Microsoft(R) Windows(R) and Linux
compatible utilities are provisioned directly on the boot compartment of
the SPD to allow the user to manage their password.

    Secure Pocket Drive with your favorite version of Red Hat (NASDAQ: RHT),
Ubuntu, SLAX, or SE Linux is bootable on almost any Wintel or Apple
Macintosh desktop or laptop. This makes it ideal for individual home
users and supports enterprise BYOD initiatives, such as teleworking,
traveling "road warriors," continuity of operations and disaster
recovery, and temporary workers.

    Secure Pocket Drive can be set up in two different configurations. The
Read-Only Configuration is a hardware-enforced read-only USB which does
not persistently save any data to the Linux operating environment,
similar to a CDROM, and helps prevent the transfer of malware from the
machine it is booting from. The Read-Writable Configuration has the
capability to run productivity applications such as OpenOffice, and
allows for storing data persistently to the encrypted compartment. Both
configurations can be used online when connected to a network or the
internet or offline with no network.

    Both configurations employ the same Suite B On Board(R) hardware security
infrastructure that is built into the SPYRUS Hydra Privacy Card(R)
family. All Secure Pocket Drives use only digitally signed memories by
SPYRUS. Moreover, hardware-based XTS-AES 256-bit full disk encryption
(NIST SP800-38E) encrypts and secures the operating system, applications,
and data on the drive. SPD also has built-in security checks that make it
extremely difficult, if not impossible, to break into the drive without
rendering it inoperable to the hacker.

    The SPYRUS SPD Build Your Own Linux Program is extremely cost-effective.
Users can expect to realize hardware refresh savings and increased
security, as they will be able to reuse existing personally owned
computers. The SPD boots quickly and easily from older computers that
have been running Windows XP, even without a hard drive, to extend return
on investment on these unused assets.

    With the SPYRUS SPD Build Your Own Linux Program, multiple SPYRUS patents
are used to lock the Linux OS to the device and provide cryptographic
protection against modification to the boot loader and the operating
system. The patented methods enforce on-the-fly integrity validation to
enable fast and secure boot-up and enhance the user experience without
suffering the performance or vulnerability penalties incurred by other
bootable products. The patented Secure Pocket Drive was designed from the
ground up with strong FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware, US
Government-approved, next-generation cryptographic algorithms, and
extensive built-in self-checking functionality to protect the device, the
operating system, and the user.

    SPYRUS will be previewing its Secure Pocket Drive for Linux in booth 2333
at the RSA Security Conference 2013 in San Francisco, CA, February 25-28.

    About SPYRUS, Inc.

    SPYRUS has had three years of tremendous success with strong demand in
the public and private sectors for their bootable Secure Pocket Drive for
Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows XP. This technical and industry
leadership, combined with security-enhanced features and performance,
makes SPYRUS a great choice for a Windows To Go platform. Secured by
SPYRUS(TM) security-enhanced technology is proudly designed, engineered,
and manufactured in the USA to meet FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standards. SPYRUS
is headquartered in San Jose, California. See www.spyrus.com for more

    Secure Pocket Drive is protected by U.S. Patents 7,757,100, 7,380,140,
6,088,802, and 6,981,149, with other patents pending. SPYRUS, the SPYRUS
logo, Secure Pocket Drive, Hydra Privacy Card, and Suite B On Board are
either registered trademarks or trademarks of SPYRUS, Inc., in the U.S.
and/or other jurisdictions. All other company, organization, and product
names are trademarks of their respective organizations.


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