7UP TEN® Impresses McKayla Maroney

Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:00am EST

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New 10-Calorie Soft Drink Wows Olympic Gymnast with Both Great Taste and Low
PLANO, Texas--(Business Wire)--
Double rainbows. A fairy tale wedding. The Mars rover. McKayla was not
impressed. It seemed nothing could move her … excite her … impress her. Until

A new line of 10-calorie sodas - 7UP TEN®, A&W TEN®, Sunkist® TENTM soda, Canada
Dry TEN® and RC TEN® - has achieved a feat that no one thought possible and no
one else could achieve. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is finally impressed,
and the world is now able to see her glorious, impressed face. 

After capturing a silver medal in the 2012 Olympic Games, Maroney`s expression
of dissatisfaction launched a worldwide viral meme phenomenon known as "McKayla
is Not Impressed." After trying the new TEN soft drinks from Dr Pepper Snapple
Group (NYSE:DPS), which offer both great taste and only 10 calories, Maroney has
turned that smirk upside down and is ready to show the face of true

"Obviously, I`m not easily impressed," said Maroney. "Other brands have
approached me to try their products and talk about them, but 7UP TEN® stopped me
in my tracks. It`s the first brand that has really impressed me because the soda
is just so good! It`s got all of the flavor I want without all the calories of
regular soda. It`s a `Perfect TEN` in my book." 

Fans are invited to come to TEN Station inside of Amtrak`s Penn Station, on
Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, and sample the soft drinks that have Maroney so
enthused. At TEN Station, travelers, tourists and native New Yorkers are invited
to try the new line of TEN products, visit with Maroney, and take pictures with
her, sharing their own "impressed" looks. 

The new TEN flavors use a unique blend of caloric and non-caloric sweeteners to
deliver full flavor with only 10 calories per 12 oz. serving. The new offering
is the perfectly impressive beverage alternative for those who love regular
soda, but have cut back their consumption because they are watching their

"We took on the challenge of impressing McKayla Maroney and we did it," said
Regan Ebert, senior vice president of marketing for DPS. "We have a great
tasting, low calorie soft drink, and consumers everywhere, including McKayla,
tell us that 7UP TEN® is a winner." 

The five new TEN products are available at select retailers across the country.
DPS expects to have broad national distribution ahead of an advertising campaign
breaking in March. For more information, visit www.TENGetBoth.com. 

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