emarsys Joins Gigya's NEXUS Partner Ecosystem to Power Hyper-Targeted Email Campaigns

Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:30am EST

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  MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Feb 27 (Marketwire) -- 
Gigya, the leading provider of social infrastructure for business,
announced that emarsys, a leading provider of email, social and mobile
marketing automation solutions, will be joining Gigya's NEXUS Partner
Ecosystem. The new partnership features integrations that allow joint
clients to easily port rich social profile and on-site behavior data into
emarsys' platform for hyper-targeted email campaigns. 

    Through this integration, joint clients will be able to send targeted
emails informed by social data and on-site activity data obtained via
Gigya's Social Login and Social Plugins. By leveraging permission-based
social data stored by Gigya, clients can segment users by categories like
interests, activities and location as well as by on-site behaviors. This
data can then be automatically ported into emarsys' platform to send
targeted deals, information and offers to customers based on their social
profile data.

    "emarsys is thrilled to join Gigya's NEXUS Ecosystem," said John Fleming,
VP of Marketing, emarsys. "Our partnership aligns perfectly with our
strategy of emarsys connect which is enabling automated multi-channel
communication, utilizing all the available resources that our clients
have on their contacts, in an automated hands free manner. We see social
data as a major piece of that puzzle moving forward." 

    "Today's consumers expect personalized experiences all over the web --
and this expectation extends to email as well," said Patrick Salyer, CEO
of Gigya. "Through our integration with emarsys, our joint clients have a
remarkable opportunity to reach their customers like never before."

    For more information on Gigya's NEXUS Partner Ecosystem, go to:

    About Gigya:
 Gigya provides websites with a complete social
infrastructure that creates immersive social experiences for users and
provides unparalleled customer insights for businesses.

    Gigya equips businesses like ABC, Pepsi, and Verizon with a comprehensive
solution to socialize their online properties. Our technology enables
seamless registration with Social Login and Registration-as-a-Service,
increases traffic and time spent on-site via Social Plugins and
Gamification, strengthens customer relationships through
SocialPrivacy(TM) Certification, and transforms marketing by leveraging
permission-based social identity data.

    Gigya works with more than 650 enterprises and touches more than 1.5
billion users per month. Our platform extracts the real value from social
media, empowering online businesses to attract, engage, and understand
users like never before.

    About emarsys
 emarsys is one of the largest providers of email, mobile
and social marketing automation solutions in the world sending over 50
billion messages each year on behalf of over 1000 clients such as eBay,
Volvo, Garmin, A.S. Watson, Zurich and TimeOut.

    Our industry leading solution is designed to meet the complex needs of
our customers, providing all they need for driving multi-channel online
marketing success and increasing ROI -- through the most comprehensive
email, mobile, and social media marketing automation solutions, in
combination with our unrivalled deliverability expertise. 

    Our worldwide network of regional offices ensure client success and
satisfaction in their local markets, as well as supporting the growing
multi-region requirements of our global client base. 


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Gigya, Inc. 

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