Innovations Driving Up Profits - Research Report on Harley-Davidson, Inc., General Motors Company, Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

Fri Mar 1, 2013 8:02am EST

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NEW YORK,  March 1, 2013  /PRNewswire/ --

Today, Investors Alliance announced new research reports highlighting
Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE: HOG), General Motors Company (NYSE: GM), Ford Motor
Company (NYSE: F), Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) and Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
(NYSE: HMC). Today's readers may access these reports free of charge - including
full price targets, industry analysis and analyst ratings - via the links below.

Toyota Motor Corporation Research Report

U.S. -made Toyotas are all set to invade  Russia  and the  Ukraine. "Venza"
crossover SUV vehicles manufactured at Toyota Motor Manufacturing,  Kentucky,
Inc.  will be exported to those 2 countries this coming April. The initial
annual export volume will be 5,000 units in total; approximately 4,000 units to 
Russia  and around 1,000 units to  Ukraine.  With sales increasing in  Russia 
(27% increase) and  Ukraine  (13%), the addition of the Venza will enable Toyota
to offer a more diverse lineup to better meet the needs of consumers.
American-manufactured Toyotas have been exported since 1988 and has reached 21
countries and regions including  Canada  and  Mexico. The Full Research Report
on Toyota Motor Corporation - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings
and price targets - is available to download free of charge at:


Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Research Report

For improved fuel economy and dynamic performance, Honda has developed a new
technology to join steel and aluminum and apply it to enable adoption of
aluminum for an outer door panel, instead of the usual steel doors. This
technology will be first used in the North American version of the all-new Acura
RLX, which will go on sale in the U.S. in  March 2013. It will then be
sequentially applied to other models. Advantages of the new technology include
elimination of spot welding processes while it can be easily accommodated by
existing production lines. This also improves fuel economy and dynamic
performance by reducing door panel weight by as much as 17%, thus enabling to
concentrate the point of gravity toward the center of the vehicle - resulting in
improved stability during vehicle maneuvers. This new effort of Honda comes on
the heels of the Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology - a steel-aluminum
hybrid front subframe used in the all-new 2013 Accord. The Full Research Report
on Honda Motor Co. Ltd. - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and
price targets - is available to download free of charge at:


Ford Motor Company Research Report

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi can now move Californians to where they want to
go much faster than ever. This plug-in hybrid by Ford has been approved for use
in high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes by the California Air Resources Board
(CARB). To earn access to these faster moving carpool lanes, vehicles must
qualify for tax rebates through  California' S Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
-which brings more good news as Ford Fusion Energi buyers are eligible for a 
$1,500  tax rebate. This is now Ford's third vehicle to qualify for 
California's  special financial and driving incentives.  "That Ford has the most
2013 vehicles eligible for HOV lane access in the largest electrified vehicle
market in the U.S. underscores our success in truly offering power of choice,
especially when it comes to electric and hybrid powertrains," said  C.J.
O'Donnell, group marketing manager for Ford Electrification. Aside from meeting
CARB standards,  Fusion Energi also has an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of
100 MPGe combined - 108 MPGe city and 92 MPGe highway - along with a total range
of to 620 miles to a single tank of gas and one full charge, with an
electric-only range up to 21 miles. The Full Research Report on Ford Motor
Company - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets -
is available to download free of charge at:


General Motors Company Research Report

GM makes traffic safer as packaging safety technologies help ease the rigors of
the daily commute from the driveway to the curb and crowded freeways.  The new
ATS sport sedan is one of the three Cadillac models equipped with Driver Assist
Technology. This makes use of cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and automatic
braking to make common traffic situations safer.  In addition to the ATS, the
Driver Assist Package is also available on the all-new XTS luxury sedan and
revamped SRX luxury crossover. Some of the Driver Assist features are: Full
Speed Adaptive Cruise Control -extends traditional cruise control to more
situations; and Automatic Front and Rear Braking -applies emergency braking in
certain driveway, parking lot and heavy traffic conditions. The Full Research
Report on  General Motors Company - including full detailed breakdown, analyst
ratings and price targets - is available to download free of charge at:


Harley-Davidson, Inc. Research Report

Harley-Davidson  makes dreams of adventure come true with Harley-Davidson
Rentals. "Whether it's a business trip, a vacation, or just a chance to ride a
new Harley, Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals is the best way to do it," said 
Steve Piehl, Harley-Davidson Director of Customer Experience -  North America.
"With over 300 locations around the world, nobody fulfills those dreams better
than Harley-Davidson." Popular Authorized Rentals destinations include  Hawaii 
and  Florida, locations throughout the German, Italian and Swiss Alps, the US
and Canadian Rockies, the fiords of Scandinavia, and near many of the best known
motorcycle roads in  the United States, including  California's  US Highway1, 
Tennessee's  Tail of the Dragon, and of course, iconic Route 66. Harley-Davidson
 has 224 authorized rental locations in  the United States  and  Canada, 121
locations in 18 countries, and the largest fleet of late-model Harley-Davidson 
motorcycles. The Full Research Report on Harley-Davidson, Inc. - including full
detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets - is available to download
free of charge at:


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