Crown Takes On Alien Abduction and Employment Data, asking, "Where have the workers gone?"

Sun Mar 3, 2013 4:00am EST

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Offers new paradigm for building the workforce

ATLANTA,  March 3, 2013  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "Conspiracy theorists might
wonder if at last we have evidence of alien abduction, mass migration, or worm
holes to parallel universes given the millions missing from the labor
statistics," observed Crown Financial Ministries CEO  Chuck Bentley, in a 
national opinion piece  that looks at the crisis of growing unemployment,
including some answers for those lost in translation.

"It should be a bigger story," said Bentley, noting that more than 89 million
people are missing from the labor force, according to the  Bureau of Labor
Statistics. Some of those people are retired, students, or stay-at-home moms who
chose not to enter the ranks of the employed, but included in that number are
discouraged workers, a mysterious subset of the population almost undetectable
to the statistician's eye.

While they don't show up in the unemployment rate of almost 8 percent, there are
places were the missing workers can be found. The food stamp rolls are up to 47
million people, adding an average of  11,269 a day. More than 8 million have
been placed on disability, going from one on disability per 65 workers in 1967
to one on disability per 16 workers in  2012.  Unemployment insurance has been
stretched thin, with more than  6 million  jobless Americans having exhausted
their benefits since 2007.  

"It is time for a new recovery model that involves more private sector and less
government," said Bentley. "We need to rebuild and reenergize the private
enterprises that make a great nation, targeted at the community level where real
job growth occurs, and where real help for the hurting is given."

Such a plan must include better integration of frontline charitable
organizations and the church, the best place to combine assistance with

"Perhaps the greatest failure of so much talk of government assistance has been
the communication of a profoundly flawed message - the canard that government
should solve all problems and that the solution rests with Uncle Sam," observed
Bentley. "Lost has been the personal exhortation that 'whatever you do, work at
it with all your heart.'"  

While millions will face joblessness and difficult days ahead, people must be
equipped to get back into the workforce. Organizations such as Crown have
developed tools like  Career Direct  to help people through self assessment,
training and compassionate counseling. These kinds of programs begin with the
idea that your future holds unlimited promise and that every challenge is an
opportunity to grow.  

"It is a misleading accounting trick to void out the humanity of those who have
given up the search for work.," said Bentley. " Politicians like to find ways to
make themselves look successful. But we need to face reality and do our part to
rebuild a culture of work and a strong economy via the private sector, not
through placing hope in more government programs."  


Crown, a non-profit, helps people and businesses integrate their values into
business practices, debt reduction, and financial decision-making. For more than
35 years, Crown has been offering economic analysis and advice based on timeless
truths. Theirs is a strong, international grassroots organization with offices
in the U.S. and overseas. Crown experts work one on one with individuals and
business leaders, as well as through workshops and seminars, teaching people how
to build on a strong foundation that includes the business principles and
practices found in the Bible. It is well known for its cutting edge materials
first developed by its founder, the late  Larry Burkett.  For more information,
go to  or call 800-722-1976. Follow Crown @CrownUpdates

SOURCE  Crown Financial Ministries

Kristi Hamrick, +1-202-731-5621

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