TAKE-A-LOOK-Kenya votes for a new president

Sun Mar 3, 2013 6:18am EST

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Kenyans choose a new president on Monday in a closely fought
election that has divided the east African nation.
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> Odinga alleges unfairness before Kenyan vote   
> Intimidation, machetes point to vote violence  
> ICC prosecutors see Kenyatta trial delayed     
> Somali rebels warn of "long" war ahead of vote 
> Kenyan PM denounces plot to rig vote           
> Judges threatened ahead of Kenyan vote         
> Kenyatta cleared to run despite ICC charges    
> Kenya braces for repeat of election bloodshed  
> Kenya counts on technology for voting          
> Kenyatta bid creates diplomatic headache       
> Ethnicity, ICC heat up Kenya presidential race 
> Neighbours worried over Kenya vote violence    
> Election worries slows Kenya oil search        
> Kenya on alert for election "hate speech"      
> Kenya vote to spur economic gain, then pain    
> Cash, sexism keep women out of Kenyan politics 
> Election fears knock Kenya's tourism hopes     
> Kenya city fears violence re-run ahead of vote 
> Foreign athletes wary of Kenyan poll violence  
> Kenya's election and the main candidates       
> Interactive timeline on Kenya   link.reuters.com/qyz36t

 (Compiled by Nairobi Newsroom)