Are Psychic Mediums Real? Issues Call for Readers to Share Their Talents

Mon Mar 4, 2013 3:09am EST

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MIAMI, Fla., March 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - is growing rapidly and
has issued an invite to psychic mediums to list their services to a global market. Quality
spiritualists can now create a unique page for what they provide and begin taking orders from the
public once approved for quality.

Practitioners offering accurate, insightful readings can take advantage of the special section
created for these mediumship skills, to view a live example: click here now

Joining takes just minutes to register and gives you access to the growing new age community of
buyers and sellers.

"We are the online home for everything from forecasts, predictions, healings, fortune tellers, and
spells," said Katia Shayk, founder, adding, "Mediumship is a natural fit, the techniques having a
long and fascinating history that scientific research is only lately taking greater interest in."

Practitioners are being encouraged to list private reading services such as:

* Seances
* Spiritual Messaging
* Spirit Guided Forecasting
* Channeling
* Cold Readings

Skeptics and scientists have long debated whether mediumship experiences
 are a real phenomena or a fraud. Spiritualists, on the other hand, have maintained steady belief
in the authenticity of such abilities, adding that the popularity in the 19th century of stage
magicians, employing widespread fraud in the guise of spiritualism, gave the practice a bad name,
but does not mean there aren't real practitioners out there. does not set out to answer the question, and feels both believers and skeptics can
be served by a safe environment to learn more.

"Whether you believe in the truth of these manifestations or not, people can get answers to their
most burning questions. Entertainment or fact the results can be amazing," said Katia Shayk. aims to provide a safe location for the online public to dabble in the mysterious,
while maintaining a fraud-free professional experience for both the user looking for fun and
believers alike.


An online marketplace for the best practitioners of the metaphysical arts, astrology, new age
spiritualists, and now psychic mediums to share their talents with the world.

To get started as a practitioner, click here to join: 

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