Big Data and HPC Customers Significantly Accelerate Time to Market With New NetApp E-Series Storage Platform

Wed Mar 6, 2013 8:00am EST

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  SUNNYVALE, CA, Mar 06 (Marketwire) -- 
NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) -- Massive amounts of data are being created and
processed by a variety of global organizations, including oil and gas and
life science companies. Data is also being used in university research
centers to analyze seismic data, predict severe storms, and power genomic
and bioscience research that can save lives. These organizations are
increasingly looking for technology solutions that provide high
performance and bandwidth at an affordable cost. 

    To address these challenges, today NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) announced the
new NetApp(R) E5500, designed to provide industry-leading performance,
efficiency, and reliability for big data and high-performance computing
(HPC). The NetApp E5500 is the latest addition to the NetApp E-Series
platform, and builds the foundation for highly available high-capacity
application workflows to provide industry-leading storage performance
with half the footprint and half the operational costs over competitive

    Big data and HPC customers require an infrastructure that provides speed,
scale, and cost efficiency. As a seventh-generation E-Series platform,
the E5500 builds on the modular scalability and proven reliability of the
previous generations and provides customers with a new level of
performance, efficiency, and reliability. With a robust high-performance
architecture, improved storage density, and additional support
enhancements, the latest E5500 controller provides OEMs and organizations
with a platform that overcomes the speed, scale, and reliability
challenges posed by big data and HPC while delivering a better return on

    "HPC and big data customers need high performance to ingest and analyze
huge amounts of data, while still managing power and cost efficiently,"
said Brendon Howe, vice president, Product and Solutions Marketing,
NetApp. "High performance at a reasonable cost can be a difficult balance
to strike; however, with over 500,000 E-Series systems deployed, NetApp's
deep industry and storage experience created a strong foundation for the
new E5500. The momentum of E-Series enabled us to build a new product
that provides industry-leading bandwidth per dollar spent while improving
density and reliability." 

    Industry-Leading Performance Confirmed

    The SGI InfiniteStorage 5600, which is an OEM version of the NetApp
E5500, has produced a new SPC-2 result confirming the performance and
cost efficiency of the new E5500; it showcases the performance
possibilities the E5500 unlocks for HPC and big data organizations.(1)
The audited, peer-reviewed SPC-2 result demonstrates the highest
throughput per spindle by more than 2.5 times over the nearest non-NetApp
published result.(2) It also validates how the E5500 helps customers
accelerate business results and reduce operational costs and footprint.

    Improved Scale and Density Drive Best-in-Class Performance Efficiency

    The new E5500 has a modular architecture that can be used with file
systems, such as Lustre and Hadoop, to scale to unlimited performance
efficiently. Combined with 4TB drive support, the E5500 provides the
density and speed needed to accelerate time to results for HPC and big
data customers. The result is a storage infrastructure that provides
significantly increased density, more bandwidth, and best-in-class
performance efficiency.

    NetApp AutoSupport Improves Enterprise-Class Reliability

    In addition to the E5500, the NetApp AutoSupport(TM) tool is now
available for the E-Series product line, providing improved service and
uptime to customers. NetApp AutoSupport informs NetApp's world-wide
support organization of key metrics and system information. Benefits of
NetApp AutoSupport include improved system health and uptime, enhanced
storage and operational efficiency, and an overall improved support

    "The research carried out on the HPC systems of the Center for
Information Services and High Performance Computing at the TU Dresden
comprises numerous disciplines, each with their own storage
requirements," said Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nagel, director of the center.
"Our new supercomputer, delivered by Bull, uses the new NetApp E5500 as
the base for an excellent storage system that will allow our researchers
to get their results faster. The enhanced reliability features and the
performance analysis possibilities significantly increase our
capabilities to support the users. We are already using NetApp FAS
systems for central IT services at the TU Dresden and are happy that the
AutoSupport feature has also been extended to the E-Series products."

    Analyst Quote

--  Steve Conway, research vice president for HPC, IDC
    "The performance and price/performance of storage are crucial for
    HPC and big data implementation. The benchmark posted by SGI and the
    SPC-2 strongly indicate that the new NetApp E5500 will provide
    outstanding speed and efficiency. With the additional reliability and
    support features taken into account, this new product is positioned
    well to succeed in the HPC and big data spaces."


Additional Quotes 

--  Jose Reinoso, vice president, Storage Engineering, SGI
    "Our customers are turning massive amounts of data into new business
    and scientific discoveries, so they need solutions that provide the
    best price/performance possible. With SGI's impressive new SPC-2
    result achieving a SPC-2 best price/performance, it's clear that the
    NetApp E5500 meets those expectations. The results clearly show that
    the E5500 provides organizations the high bandwidth and density needed
    to address big data and HPC challenges."
--  Michel Guillemet, executive vice president, Innovative Products, Bull
    "NetApp E-Series has been a staple for customers with
    high-performance needs; that's clearly shown by the major success
    E-Series has seen in the marketplace. The E5500 makes it possible for
    our customers to take a building-block approach to a broad spectrum of
    workloads. The product gives customers the efficiency and scalability
    needed to address wide-ranging applications, from weather forecasting
    and analysis to healthcare research."
--  Dr. Erich Focht, senior manager, R&D and Storage Products, NEC
    Deutschland HPC Europe
    "At NEC Deutschland HPC Europe division, we've successfully deployed
    our NEC LXFS product with the E5500 and Lustre file system at a
    premium car manufacturer from Germany. The NetApp E5500 has allowed us
    to get the highest speed and density possible, while still delivering
    the reliability and stability our customers expect. Using the E5500
    with the Lustre file system allowed for easy scaling and configuration
    in terms of capacity and performance."


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    For more information on the SPC-2 benchmark result, please visit the
results pages on:

    (1) For more information on the SGI SPC-2 benchmark result, please visit:

    (2) Results with SPC "Accepted" status as of January 2011 and priced
under $500,000 and not using NetApp technology.

    Data current as of March 1, 2013.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          SPC-2 MBPS /    SPC-2    Number of
         Tested Storage Product            Spindle *      MBPS(TM)    Spindles 
B00065 - SGI InfiniteStorage 5600            73.80      8,855.70      120
B00058 - Sun ZFS Storage 7420                27.87      10,703.69     384
B00052 - IBM Storwize V7000                  26.11      3,132.87      120
B00055 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2             22.57      2,685.50      119
B00057 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX440 S2            19.96      5,768.04      289

*SPC-2 MBPS/Spindle as computed by NetApp = (SPC-2 MBPS / # of
spindles in TSP)

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