Actuate and Bernard Marr’s Advanced Performance Institute Release Global Survey that Reveals Keys to Getting the Most from Business Performance Management

Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:00am EDT

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Comprehensive Study Commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Balanced Scorecard
SAN MATEO, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The BIRT Company™- delivering more insights
to more people than all BI companies combined - today announcedthe results of a
worldwide study conducted in conjunction with the Advanced Performance Institute
(API) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Balanced Scorecard. Measuring
and Managing Performance - A Global Study garnered responses from over 3,000
companies across the globe, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive
surveys ever conducted in the field of performance management. API Founder and
CEO Bernard Marr analyzed the results in his newly released white paper20 Years
of Measuring and Managing Business Performance: From KPIs and Dashboards to
Performance Analytics and Big Data. 

"While the results of the survey reveal that most companies measure, monitor and
analyze their performance, not all companies generate the level of benefits
expected from their efforts," Marr said. "By analyzing the survey results we
were able to determine the primary factors that contribute to the level of
satisfaction organizations feel with their Business Performance Management (BPM)
efforts. Three primary factors were found to influence the maturity of a
company`s initiative, which can range from those that have little or no data to
work with, to companies that are able to use comprehensive performance data to
make true operational and strategic decisions." 

Three Driving Influences

While the survey revealed seven factors that contribute to BPM maturity, three
main driving influences permeated the results and affected to varying degrees
the initiatives of all respondents. The companies that were able to succeed in
these three areas were more likely to report a successful BPM initiative:

* Proper impetus or leadership to guide the initiative. For performance
management efforts to be truly valuable, buy-in must seep through all levels of
an organization and improve strategic decision making throughout. Despite that,
many companies maintain a Big Brother approach to performance management:
one-third of respondents were motivated to report only by internal pressures to
* The right business tool. While a high correlation exists between a company`s
success and the tool or tools chosen, how they use those tools is also critical.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were revealed as the most common tool, used by
over two-thirds of respondents, yet companies must also choose their KPIs
carefully: The most successful initiatives were those that aligned and
integrated strategic and operational metrics, and those that combined
traditional KPIs with performance analytics. 
* Appropriate technology for automation. A majority of survey respondents - 61
percent - still use office tools such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to guide
their performance management efforts. This, despite the fact that office tools
deliver fewer business benefits than end-to-end solutions, which create
tactical, operational and strategic dashboards and scorecards in a single
collaborative environment.

"We saw in the Measuring and Managing Performance survey, that technology plays
an integral role in the success or failure of a performance management
initiative," said Utpal Bhatt, Vice President and General Manager of the
Performance Analytics Group at Actuate. "Performance management technology has
evolved greatly over the years, yet many organizations haven`t taken advantage
of it. Today, the right technology will help foster true performance results by
accessing and interpreting data from disparate sources, identifying
underperforming areas, initiating and communicating improvement plans, and
easily sharing best practices." 

For the full study, plus additional insight into tools, case studies and a
solution overview to help drive your organization to a successful BPM
initiative, go to: 

Tomorrow`s Webinar Details

To hear Bernard Marr speak about the findings live on March 12 at 9 a.m. PDT,
register at

About the Advanced Performance Institute

The Advanced Performance Institute (API) is a world-leading independent research
and consulting organization specializing in organizational performance. The
institute provides expert knowledge, research, consulting and training on
concepts like strategy management, performance management, analytics, Business
Intelligence, Key Performance Indicators and big data. The aim of the Advanced
Performance Institute is to provide today`s performance focused companies,
governments and not-for-profit organizations with insights, advice and services
that help them deliver lasting change and superior performance. The institute
has a long and successful history. It was established in the mid-1990s and has
continuously grown to its current world-leading position with clients from
across the globe. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom. 

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