EVault 7 Backup Appliances: When Failure is Not an Option

Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:00am EDT

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Award-Winning Appliances Deliver Industry Unique Failproof Recovery
SAN FRANCISCO--(Business Wire)--
EVault, Inc., a Seagate Company (NASDAQ:STX), today announced the new EVault 7
backup appliances, redesigned to more efficiently scale, protect, and recover
customers` ever-growing data stores. EVault 7 Appliances are the only mid-market
solution offering quick and easy recovery should there be a failure, with all
appliances boasting connectivity to the EVault Cloud. These streamlined
appliances are easier on customers` budgets - they consume 30 percent less
power, include all the software needed to capture and protect data, and
customers will enjoy extremely competitive promotional pricing until March 29,

EVault Plug-n-Protect is an all-in-one backup and recovery appliance consisting
of preconfigured hardware, storage, and software for the fastest path to
on-premises data protection. (Photo: Business Wire)

"Mid market customers have long accepted they cannot have a backup and recovery
solution that is failproof, scalable and easy to manage within their budget.
EVault 7 Appliances are changing the game by giving IT fast, local access to
their data, plus offsite protection with a copy in the Cloud, at no-brainer
prices," said Daniel Bankert, EVault`s Vice President of Server Backup &
Archiving Products. "We believe we are the only appliance provider offering true
failover capability, which is the best way to protect and preserve your data.
Most organizations consider their data to be one of their most valuable assets.
If failure is not an option for your IT staff, you should be looking at EVault 7

EVault Appliances are backup and recovery appliances that offer users the
benefits of the Cloud - resilient, off site data protection - while retaining on
site control of their data and operations. The next generation EVault 7
Appliances are purpose built with pre-configured hardware, storage and software
designed for simple and efficient Cloud hybrid data protection. Customers have
the choice to deploy EVault Plug-n-Protect - an award-winning, all-in-one
appliance with customizable Cloud replication - or EVault Express Recovery
Appliance, which adds a local cache to Cloud backups to speed data recovery.
With either appliance, customers enjoy world-class support from EVault, their
single point of contact for software, hardware, and storage. 

Simple to Manage and Scale. Better for the Bottom Line.

EVault 7 Appliances eliminate the need to purchase backup licenses when
customers deploy new servers into the environment. With unlimited agent and
application plug-in licensing now included in every appliance, managing a backup
and recovery platform is easier than ever. Many models come prepopulated with
additional hard drives - up to 24 TB - so scaling to accommodate more data can
be as simple as upgrading the license. The redesigned models now have a
converged server-storage architecture, resulting in 30 percent lower power
consumption. And, with the CPU and storage residing within a single machine, the
appliance is easier to manage. 

EVault Plug-n-Protect

EVault Plug-n-Protect is an all-in-one backup and recovery appliance consisting
of preconfigured hardware, storage, and software for the fastest path to
on-premises data protection. Customers can seamlessly deploy their EVault
solution with less effort than purchasing the components separately, and they
benefit from a single point of contact for their software, hardware, and storage
support. EVault Plug-n-Protect comes packaged with 3 TB, 6 TB, or 12 TB of
usable capacity. Customers have the option to purchase standalone models for
easy replication to the EVault Cloud or as paired machines for private cloud

EVault Express Recovery Appliance

EVault Express Recovery Appliance is a local backup and recovery appliance for
EVault SaaS customers that delivers fast, LAN-speed recoveries. The appliance
maintains an onsite cache of backup data and automatically replicates all
backups offsite to the EVault cloud - making data protection deployment even
more resilient. Preconfigured and administered by EVault vault administrators,
EVault Express Recovery Appliance enables customers to enjoy the benefits of an
onsite vault without needing to manage software or hardware. EVault Express
Recovery Appliance models can be purchased with 1 TB, 3 TB, or 6 TB of usable
capacity, or they can be purchased and deployed as a virtualized storage

Special Pricing

For a limited time, EVault is offering introductory promotional pricing for the
EVault Plug-n-Protect 6 TB model. Through March 29, 2013, this appliance is
available for an MSRP of US$19,995 plus standard support and maintenance. For
more information, please contact an EVault partner or www.evault.com. 

About EVault

More than 38,000 companies rely on EVault cloud-connected backup and recovery
services. Delivered by a team of data recovery experts and using the very best
cloud-connected technology, EVault backup solutions seamlessly integrate
on-premises and online backup data protection for fast, local data access and
ensured cloud disaster recovery. Optimized for distributed environments and
backed by an ironclad cloud, EVault technology also powers the offerings of
cloud services providers, data centers, telcos, ISVs, and many others. EVault is
a Seagate Company. 

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