Market Research Report -- Demand for Green Building Materials to Grow 11% Annually Through 2017

Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:08am EDT

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  ROCKVILLE, MD, Mar 20 (Marketwire) -- has announced the addition of the market research
report "Green Building Materials" to their product offering.

    Through 2017, a rebound in construction activity will propel growth in
green building materials demand 11 percent annually to $86.6 billion. In
addition to the lift supplied by general construction activity,
continuing consumer interest in environmentally friendly products will
increase the market share of most green building materials relative to
non-green alternatives. Growth in residential construction will promote
base demand for such products as carpeting, gypsum board, concrete, and
metal building products, while products that contribute to the earning of
LEED certification will see an additional boost in sales. 

    Over the forecast period, builders and architects will increasingly opt
to earn high levels of LEED certification by specifying the use of
materials that earn LEED points. Residential HVAC systems, concrete made
with fly ash, and lumber harvested in a sustainable manner can all
contribute to LEED certification, and all are forecast to see
above-average gains in demand.

    Solar power products saw explosive growth between 2002 and 2012, driven
by increasing installation of rooftop-based solar power modules connected
to electricity distribution systems. Going forward, favorable tax
incentives and strong interest in the use of renewable energy sources
will promote demand for LEED-eligible solar power products.

    Green building products such as recycled concrete, ENERGY STAR-compliant
HVAC systems, and permeable pavement are forecast to see substantial
gains through 2017. Recycled concrete will see rising use, as concrete
made with fly ash and other additives features superior performance
properties and is less costly than concrete made solely from cement and
aggregates. Demand for green building systems will be spurred by strong
residential demand for ENERGY STAR-compliant HVAC systems that lower
utility bills. Permeable pavement demand will be supported by interest in
reducing water runoff and minimizing strains on older sewer and water

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