Encana Amends Its Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:00pm EDT

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Encana Corporation (TSX:ECA) (NYSE:ECA) ("Encana") today announced that
it has amended its Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the "DRIP") to permit the
company to issue from its treasury Encana common shares at a discount to
the average market price for the common shares (as defined in the DRIP)
for the applicable dividend payment date. Beginning in the second quarter
of 2013, Encana's Board of Directors has determined that all common
shares distributed to participating shareholders pursuant to the DRIP
will be newly issued from Encana's treasury at a discount of two percent.

    By participating in the DRIP, shareholders can automatically reinvest all
or any portion of the cash dividends paid on their common shares in
additional Encana common shares, without charge for any commissions,
service charges or brokerage fees under the DRIP. By issuing common
shares at a discount under the DRIP, Encana is seeking to encourage
greater shareholder participation in the program. 

    Shareholders who currently participate in the DRIP will automatically
have the discount applied to the reinvestment of any future cash
dividends declared by the Board of Directors, and do not need to complete
a revised Enrollment Authorization Form to continue to participate in the
DRIP. The two percent discount will remain in effect for all cash
dividends that may be declared by Encana's Board of Directors, beginning
in the second quarter of 2013, until otherwise announced by Encana.

    Registered shareholders who wish to participate in the DRIP must deliver
a completed Enrollment Authorization Form to CIBC Mellon Trust Company,
as DRIP Agent, no later than 4:00 p.m. (Toronto time) on the fifth (5th)
business day immediately preceding the record date for the payment of
cash dividends on common shares. Beneficial owners of common shares who
wish to participate in the DRIP must arrange with their broker,
investment dealer, financial institution or other nominee to enroll in
the DRIP on their behalf. Nominee holders of common shares should consult
the DRIP for instructions on enrolling one or more eligible beneficial
owners of common shares who wish to participate in the DRIP.

    A complete copy of the DRIP, together with a related series of Questions
and Answers and an Enrollment Authorization Form, are available on
Encana's website at www.encana.com or by contacting CIBC Mellon Trust
Company at (866) 580-7145 or (416) 682-3863 or by email at

    Encana Corporation

    Encana is a leading North American energy producer that is focused on
growing its strong portfolio of diverse resource plays producing natural
gas, oil and natural gas liquids. By partnering with employees, community
organizations and other businesses, Encana contributes to the strength
and sustainability of the communities where it operates. Encana common
shares trade on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges under the symbol

    Further information on Encana Corporation is available on the company's
website, www.encana.com.

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