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Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:51am EDT

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WASHINGTON,  March 29, 2013  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is being
released by the  US-Ukraine Observer:

A new monthly publication dedicated to building a productive relationship
between  the United States  and  Ukraine, the  U.S.-Ukraine Observer  will bring
to the American public news, commentary, and features on a wide variety of
topics important to both countries.  With both print and online versions, the 
U.S.-Ukraine Observer  will provide our English-language readership with unique
insights to one of  Europe's largest and most dynamic nations, and one of
America's most valued partners to emerge from the former  Soviet Union.

Among the articles that will appear in the  April 15  inaugural issue:

* An interview with  Timofey Nagorny  on his groundbreaking work with orphans
and adoptions:  "I believe that the matter of international adoptions should not
be subject to speculation or generalization, much less politics.  Individual
ugly incidents do not reflect on the American people, a people in the country
with rich democratic traditions, which laid the foundation of civil liberties
and virtues.  Americans are willing and able to take on the burden of care and
education of these future citizens - citizens not only of the U.S. but people
who are unafraid to stand as true citizens of the world."  
* Former U.S. Senate staffer and State Department official, Dr.  Bruce M.
Rickerson, on why U.S.-Ukraine  relations would be bolstered by a compromise on
the status of opposition leader  Yulia Tymoshenko:  "There's no avoiding the
fact that the divisions over Tymoshenko tap into the profound fault lines that
have threatened  Ukraine's stability ever since it became an independent country
in 1991.  Those divisions, and the poisonous political atmosphere that has
characterized independent  Ukraine, constitute a threat to  Ukraine's domestic
peace and international standing far more significant than Tymoshenko's personal
guilt or innocence."  
* A profile of songstress  Mika Newton,  Ukraine's standard-bearer at the 2011
Eurovision song contest:  "Don't Dumb Me Down" (co-written by  Rune Westberg 
[Adam Lambert, Daughtry] and BC Jean [Beyoncé], and produced by
musician/producer  Randy Jackson  [American Idol] and  Rune Westberg) is the
first US release for Newton, who signed with the  Los Angeles-based JK Music
Group in 2011.   
* Longtime adviser to  Ronald Reagan  and conservative commentator,  Peter
Hannaford, on the need for compromise and mutual respect in Ukrainian politics:
"No one voice, no matter how strong, can reflect all points of view. The
development of Ukrainian democracy is an ongoing process. The country has been
and still is in the process of healing painful issues that divided peoples and
places over a very long time.  Ukraine  and its leaders need the support of
other democratic nations, especially ours, as it works its way through the
* A memoir of the grandson of the  Odessa-born writer,  Isaac Babel.  Acclaimed
for his true-to-life depiction of revolution, civil war atrocities, and
anti-Semitism, Babel was tortured and executed by Stalin's secret police: 
"'Odessa  - is a plural.  The city, built by Isaac.'  So why are people from 
Odessa, both those intelligent and those not very, so fond of their Babel, why
do they love him despite the fact that he - rather than just describing  Odessa 
- has created a myth of the city, has invented an  Odessa  language?"

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The US-Ukraine Observer - the bridge between our nations!

Contact: US-Ukraine Observer,  Alexander Pogorelov  , 615-290-5662,

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