Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto Cross-License Advanced Corn Trait Technology, Designed to Provide Exceptional New Tools for Weed and Insect Management

Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:30am EDT

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Agreements enable next-generation SmartStax® corn with additional insect
protection and access to Enlist herbicide-tolerant corn trait
INDIANAPOLIS & ST. LOUIS--(Business Wire)--
Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) and Dow AgroSciences LLC, a subsidiary of The Dow
Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), have reached new cross-licensing agreements for
creation of the next generation of advanced weed and insect control technology
in corn. Monsanto will license Dow AgroSciences` new Enlist Weed Control System
herbicide-tolerant trait for use in field corn. Dow AgroSciences will license
Monsanto`s third generation corn rootworm technology, Corn Rootworm III, which
is presently under development by Monsanto and offers a new mode of action for
rootworm control. The agreement paves the way for introduction (pending
regulatory approvals) of next-generation products that build off the current
SmartStax platform, which includes Dow`s Herculex and Monsanto`s insect
resistance and herbicide-tolerance traits. Financial terms of the agreement were
not disclosed. 

These technologies are expected to be introduced in each company`s respective
elite, proprietary germplasm and sold competitively by both companies as
next-generation weed and insect control products. The agreements build on the
competitive standard set by SmartStax* for stacked-trait corn offerings in
providing added value for farmers in their ongoing need to secure higher yields
despite wide-ranging pressures from damaging pests. This creates the opportunity
to bring together for the first time three different modes of action for
below-ground insect control in a corn product. 

Stacked trait products are particularly valuable for combating pest resistance
and preserving trait durability. Weed resistance is also a challenge facing
agriculture, and Enlist is a next-generation system that combines innovative
traits providing tolerance to 2,4-D and FOPs, novel herbicides and stewardship,
offering two modes of action for weed control to deliver performance that
farmers need now. Monsanto is the first licensee of the Enlist trait in corn. 

"This agreement takes the outstanding value offered by SmartStax technology to a
new level, allowing growers increased flexibility with highly effective new
modes of action for weed and insect management," said Antonio Galindez, Dow
AgroSciences president and CEO. "Adding advanced new traits to SmartStax -
including our Enlist corn trait - delivers on our company`s business objective
of providing better solutions for the growing world." 

"This agreement builds on the success we had with the original SmartStax
agreement, showing that as both companies innovate, we`ll continue to bring the
best products to farmers," said Brett Begemann, Monsanto`s president and chief
commercial officer. "We continue to look for additional modes of action that
offer benefit to our farmer customers and complement our existing offerings
while ensuring the sustainability and durability of the Roundup Ready system.
Dow`s Enlist trait is an excellent addition, specifically in its FOPs tolerance
offering. We`re also pleased this paves the way to make Monsanto`s Corn Rootworm
III trait available in SmartStax in the future as well as in Dow`s corn

Under the agreements:

* Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences will license to each other, under
royalty-bearing agreements, traits for weed control as well as insect protection
in corn. Specifically:

* Dow AgroSciences will license to Monsanto its proprietary Enlist corn
herbicide-tolerant trait on a non-exclusive basis. 
* Monsanto will license to Dow its third generation corn rootworm technology,
Corn Rootworm III, on a non-exclusive basis.

* The agreement paves the way for U.S. introduction (pending regulatory
approvals) of new, next-generation SmartStax products by the end of the decade. 
* Monsanto will represent both parties for joint third-party licensing of the
next-generation SmartStax corn to third-party seed companies through its Corn
States business, allowing farmers access to cutting edge technology in the
brands they prefer. 
* Dow AgroSciences will out-license the rights to the Enlist trait technology. 
* Both parties will retain the right to independently stack additional trait

* As currently sold, SmartStax corn includes Dow AgroSciences` above- and
below-ground insect resistance traits, Herculex I and Herculex RW, and
glufosinate herbicide tolerance trait; Bayer Crop Sciences` Liberty Link; and
Monsanto`s above- and below-ground insect resistance traits YieldGard VT
Rootworm/RR2 and YieldGard VT PRO as well as Monsanto`s Roundup Ready glyphosate
tolerance trait.

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