Volkswagen Group Delivers 2.27 Million Vehicles in First Quarter / 5.1 Percent Increase*

Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:35am EDT

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  WOLFSBURG, GERMANY, Apr 12 (Marketwired) -- 

--  864,400 vehicles delivered in March / +0.2 percent*
--  Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler: "Stable first-quarter
    development for the Group. March clearly shows that markets worldwide
    are becoming even more difficult."


The Volkswagen Group delivered 2.27 (January-March 2012: 2.16; +5.1
percent)* million vehicles from January to March. The company handed over
864,400 (March 2012: 862,700; +0.2 percent)* vehicles to customers in the
month of March. "The Volkswagen Group showed stable development at a high
level in the first quarter and performed slightly better than the overall
passenger car market. Positive momentum was maintained in North America
and China. Almost all other regions, however, particularly the markets in
Western Europe, remain affected by uncertainty which is in some cases
considerable. The data for March clearly show that the markets are
becoming even more difficult," Group Board Member for Sales Christian
Klingler said in Wolfsburg on Friday. 

    Group brands delivered 881,600 (936,900; -5.9 percent) vehicles on the
overall European market in the first quarter as demand for vehicles took
a general downturn; of this figure, 477,400 (507,100; -5.9 percent) units
were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). In the home
market of Germany, 262,100 (282,400; -7.2 percent) customers took
possession of a new car, while Europe's largest automaker delivered
142,100 (147,400; -3.6 percent) vehicles in the Central and Eastern
Europe region. The delivery trend in Russia remained slightly positive,
with 67,300 (66,000; +2.0 percent) units handed over to customers. 

    Developments on the American continent were mixed. Deliveries in the
North America region from January to March grew 14.9 percent to 205,700
(179,100), of which 142,800 (124,400; +14.7 percent) vehicles were
delivered in the United States. In the South America region, on the other
hand, there was a 4.5 percent decline to 219,200 (229,400) units, of
which 160,600 (164,500; -2.4 percent) vehicles were handed over in

    Group figures for the Asia-Pacific region remained encouraging. 860,700
(726,100; +18.5 percent) vehicles were handed over to customers there in
the first quarter, of which 769,200 (633,900; +21.3 percent) units were
delivered in China, the Group's largest single market. Deliveries in
India, however, fell to 25,900 (34,100; -24.0 percent) units. 

    Outline of developments at Group brands 

    The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 1.43 (1.36; +5.2 percent)
million vehicles to customers worldwide from January to March. The brand
continued to develop well in the Asia-Pacific region, where deliveries
ran at 653,500 (540,600; +20.9 percent). In the North America region,
Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 145,700 (135,700; +7.3 percent)
vehicles to customers, while deliveries on the overall European market,
which remained difficult, ran at 396,300 (441,800; -10.3 percent) units. 

    Audi delivered 369,500 (346,100; +6.8 percent) vehicles worldwide in the
first quarter. Deliveries by the premium brand from Ingolstadt developed
well in the Asia-Pacific region, where 124,200 (108,100; +14.9 percent)
models were handed over to customers. Audi delivered 41,100 (36,000)
vehicles in the North America region during the same period, an increase
of 14.1 percent. 

    The sports car manufacturer Porsche, which became a Volkswagen Group
brand on August 1, 2012, delivered a total of 37,000 vehicles in the
period to March. Demand for models built by the Stuttgart-based carmaker
was particularly strong in the Asia-Pacific region, where 11,700 vehicles
were handed over, and in the North America region, where deliveries ran
at 10,500. 

    SKODA delivered a total of 220,400 (242,700; -9.2 percent) vehicles in
the first three months. The Czech automaker handed over 53,900 (60,900;
-11.5 percent) units to customers in Central and Eastern Europe and -- as
a result of a downturn in India -- 65,600 (72,600; -9.7 percent) vehicles
in the Asia-Pacific region. 

    SEAT delivered 87,100 (80,100; +8.7 percent) vehicles worldwide in the
period to March, continuing the upward trend of the first two months.
Deliveries by the Spanish brand developed particularly well in Germany,
where 16,600 (13,100) units, equivalent to an increase of 26.9 percent,
were handed over, in the UK, where the company delivered 11,500 (10,900;
+5.2 percent), and Mexico, where 5,500 (5,100; +7.7 percent) vehicles
were delivered. 

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles handed over 124,200 (130,700; -5.0
percent) vehicles to customers in the first quarter, of which 70,200
(80,400; -12.6 percent) units were delivered on the overall European
market. In contrast, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles recorded a 13.7
percent increase in the Asia-Pacific region, where the company handed
over 4,400 (3,900) vehicles to customers. 

    *) including deliveries by the Porsche brand from August 1, 2012;
excluding MAN and Scania 


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