EVault Launches Industry-Pioneering Cloud Disaster Recovery Service in EMEA

Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:00am EDT

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Managed Service Provider and Partners Bring Guaranteed, Hot Cloud Recovery to
SAN FRANCISCO--(Business Wire)--
EVault, Inc., a Seagate Company (NASDAQ:STX), today announced its market-leading
EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service with a guaranteed* Service Level
Agreement (SLA) is now available from EVault and its partners in Europe, the
Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). The Cloud Disaster Recovery Service, powered by
EVault, is a managed service that helps businesses quickly recover their
critical systems after a disaster and gain remote access to them in a secure,
purpose-built cloud. From full site outages caused by natural disasters to
disruptions resulting from system failures, human error - and even planned
maintenance - this Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering is guaranteed
to get organizations back in business fast, no matter what. With 4-, 24- and
48-hour guaranteed recovery options available, the service is particularly
beneficial for businesses in heavily regulated industries, such as health care,
financial and legal services, that cannot tolerate extended outages of critical
systems. Offered in North America for several years, EVault Cloud Disaster
Recovery Service has become an industry standard. 

EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service is especially valuable for organizations
located in disaster-prone areas. Without a cloud-based backup and recovery
facility located out of the region, away from the disaster, these companies are
particularly vulnerable to interruptions in business operations. "Running our
business on the waterfront, on a major hurricane corridor, you have to be
prepared for natural disasters. Our business cannot afford to be derailed for
any reason. EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery gives me and my management team
confidence that our data will always be there when we need it," said Rick
Arrington, Product Support Manager, The Resort Collection of Panama City Beach. 

"On the whole, our company took the position that if the store went up in
flames, there`s nothing we could do but insure it," explained Brian Cypress, VP
and CIO at Kleinfeld Bridal, the largest single-store bridal emporium in the
world. "After a few close calls with disaster, including short power outages, we
just felt we needed to do more. During our research, EVault seemed to be the
cleanest, and it has now proven to be exactly the solution we need." 

For Kleinfeld, EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service was an anticipated need,
which was tested in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, in October 2012. In
Kleinfeld`s case, critical data pertaining to 50 weddings planned for the period
immediately following the storm was recovered in the EVault Cloud under the
24-hour SLA. 

"All organisations should consider migrating to the cloud, especially when it
comes to protecting their data. The cloud is a natural fit for disaster recovery
and from our UK base we are pleased to be leading the way as the first to market
in the EMEA region with EVault`s leading Cloud Disaster Recovery service," said
Alan Back, director, Data Continuity Group. "In many organisations disaster
recovery is considered too expensive and complex, but this service makes it
accessible to all." 

Key EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service features include:

* Managed, rapid recovery of critical systems and data in the EVault Cloud or
certified service provider partners` clouds within 4, 24 or 48 hours, after a
disaster (depending on service level), and guaranteed by an SLA. 
* An experienced team of disaster recovery specialists that extend IT resources,
helping customers implement, plan, test and execute the entire disaster recovery
process 24/7/365. 
* Remote access to applications in a secure, top tier, standards-compliant**
data center ("warm" site for 24- or 48-hour SLA; "hot site" for 4-hour SLA) that
extends the customer`s production environment into the EVault Cloud as long as
customers need. 
* Proactive failover support provides a zero-downtime alternative for planned
maintenance, site outages and upgrades. 
* A 4-hour SLA recovery option that is compatible with any existing backup

According to a report issued by German media organization Deutsche Welle1, 46
million people worldwide live less than three feet above sea level. The economic
impact of global disasters between 2011 and 2012 was calculated at $1.4 trillion
USD, with 66 percent of these disasters being weather related. 

Despite the common perception that natural disasters, such as hurricanes and
earthquakes, are considered more commonplace in North America, Europe`s biggest
economies are increasingly under threat. In the United Kingdom research from
Oxford University2 suggests that increases in heavy rainfall during winter
months may start to become more obvious in the 2020s. Figures by Ubyrisk
Consultants, a company specializing in the study of natural hazards cites that,
over the past 10 years, France3 has experienced a surge in natural disasters.
Floods, which account for 20 percent of these disasters, are estimated to cost
approximately €1.5 million ($2m USD) to address. Meanwhile, Statistics
Netherlands4, an organization that collects and processes data for use by
policymakers and scientific research, estimates that one third of the total land
area of the Netherlands, where six million people live, is prone to floods.
According to Climate Central5, a nonprofit climate news and research
organization, low lying cities affected by rising seas levels will face an
"unprecedented challenge this century." 

"EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service has a long and successful track record
of offering companies the peace of mind they and their stakeholders need to work
under adverse conditions. Further, as in those cases during Superstorm Sandy,
EVault stepped to meet its obligations and in many cases far exceeded them by
ensuring customers could keep operating their businesses because, quite simply,
that`s what we do," said Terry Cunningham, president and general manager of
EVault. "Sandy was not a dress rehearsal - it was the worst natural disaster
that region had ever experienced. We are proud that all of our customers who
declared disasters during the hurricane had 100% recovery as promised by their
SLAs. As the DRaaS leader we have experienced great demand from our customers
and partners to extend this service outside of the United States and Canada. We
look forward to working with our partners and customers in EMEA, and to extend
the service to the rest of the world in the coming years." 

The EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service is available with 4-, 24- and 48-hour
SLAs and is available immediately from EVault partners and EVault directly.
Pricing depends on the type and amount of servers, data and VPN connections, and
the length of the contract. 

*The guarantee includes service credits and the right to terminate if the
guarantee is not met, and is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in
the EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service Level Agreement. 

**Meets highest standards for Cloud Service Providers, including ISO 27001 in
EMEA and SSAE 16 in North America. 

About EVault

More than 43,000 companies rely on EVault cloud-connected backup and recovery
services. Delivered by a team of data recovery experts and using the very best
cloud-connected technology, EVault backup solutions seamlessly integrate
on-premise and online backup data protection for fast, local data access and
ensured cloud disaster recovery. Optimized for distributed environments and
backed by an ironclad cloud, EVault technology also powers the offerings of
cloud services providers, data centers, telcos, ISVs, and many others. EVault is
a Seagate Company. 

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