Will Google and Intel Be Earnings Winners? Leading Tech Analyst Previews Earnings for Google, Intel, Linear Technology, SanDisk, and Fairchild Semiconductor

Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:33am EDT

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PRINCETON, N.J.,  April 16, 2013  /PRNewswire/ -- Next Inning Technology
Research (http://www.nextinning.com), an online investment newsletter focused on
technology stocks, has issued updated outlooks for Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), Intel
(Nasdaq: INTC), Linear Technology (Nasdaq: LLTC), SanDisk (Nasdaq: SNDK), and
Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS).

During 2012, Next Inning editor,  Paul McWilliams  predicted both the spring and
fall corrections as well as the rally that started in November and carried
through the first quarter of 2013.  On the day the November rally started, he
advised readers it would lift the NASDAQ by as much as 18% by the end of March
2013.  As we know now, that is exactly what happened.   

To keep Next Inning readers ahead of the curve, Next Inning published McWilliams
highly acclaimed State of Tech report last week.  This report outlines
McWilliams' outlook for the second quarter and provides readers with deep
insight into 71 of the world's leading tech companies.  McWilliams also shares
his opinions as to which of these companies investors should buy and which
should be avoided.

Trial subscribers will receive the 167-page report, which includes 35 detailed
tables and graphs, for free, no strings attached. This report is a must read for
investors and analysts focusing on technology in 2013.

Already in 2013, McWilliams suggested buying several stocks ahead of quarterly
earnings reports including Cree (up 55% year to date), Micron (up 51% year to
date), Marvell (up 40% year to date), PMC Sierra (up 26% year to date) and
SanDisk (up 29% year to date). Stocks he suggested avoiding/selling include
Fusion-io (down 38% year to date) and Netlist (down 15% year to date).
McWilliams' new State of Tech report outlines which stocks investors will want
to own and which they should avoid as the market hits new all-time highs.

To get ahead of the Wall Street curve and receive McWilliams' Q1 2013 State of
Tech report, you are invited to take a free, 21-day, no obligation trial with
Next Inning.  For full details on this offer, please visit the following link:


Topics discussed in the latest reports include:

-- Intel: No one knows Intel better than McWilliams.  That's a bold statement,
but one you will agree with when you read his in depth earnings preview and the
extensive coverage included in his State of Tech report.  With market pundits
finally promoting positive views of Intel that are based on events McWilliams
forecasted would take place more than a year ago, are Intel shares poised to
ride a wave of new enthusiasm higher? Is Intel now well-positioned to be a
leader in emerging mobile computing markets? What is McWilliams' short-term
outlook for Intel?  What does he expect from Intel as we move through the second
half of 2013 and on into 2014?

-- Google: In  February 2012  McWilliams uncovered evidence that strongly
suggested that Google would go into the content delivery business and compete
with cable and telecom companies.  Months later, Google confirmed that this was
exactly what it was doing, in addition to its Gigabit fiber project that is now
expanding to  Austin, Texas.  With this data, McWilliams confidently advised
Next Inning subscribers to buy Google when its price dipped below  $625 
following its  April 2012  earnings call and suggested that investors who were
saving money for the then upcoming Facebook IPO instead to use that to buy
Google.  Google is up 26% from that entry point and the value of Facebook has
fallen roughly 35% from its open price.  Is McWilliams expecting further upside
from Google? What does Google have that even Apple can't replicate?

-- Linear Technology: Just one day before Linear Tech hit its 52-week low in
mid-2012; McWilliams "strongly" recommended buying the stock at its then current
price of  $28.75.  McWilliams rarely makes "strong" suggestions like this so why
did he make an exception in this case?  Has he changed his opinion now that
Linear Tech has reached his price objective or are there now reasons to raise
the target?  What has changed at Linear Tech that McWilliams saw months before
it was discovered by Wall Street analysts that led McWilliams to classify this
stock a "strategic investment?"

-- SanDisk: In July, when SanDisk was trading at  $36.48, McWilliams told
investors that SanDisk was deeply undervalued. With shares now 52% higher, does
McWilliams expect further gains for SanDisk investors? Could SanDisk shares move
above  $70  in the near term? Do current dynamics in the memory market favor
SanDisk? What is different about the demand elasticity for NAND Flash memory
when compared to DRAM that makes NAND Flash a much better place to invest today?

-- Fairchild: After calling three successful short-term swing trades during the
last year, does McWilliams think it is time to pick up shares of Fairchild ahead
of earnings, or does he think it should be avoided here?  What changes could
Fairchild make to unlock more value for investors?

Founded in  September 2002, Next Inning's model portfolio has returned 232%
since its inception versus 71% for the S&P 500.

About Next Inning:

Next Inning is a subscription-based investment newsletter that provides regular
coverage on more than 150 technology and semiconductor stocks.  Subscribers
receive intra-day analysis, commentary and recommendations, as well as access to
monthly semiconductor sales analysis, regular Special Reports, and the Next
Inning model portfolio. Editor  Paul McWilliams  is a 30+ year semiconductor
industry veteran.

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