Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues

Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:10pm EDT

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April 24 (Reuters) - The following are lists of upcoming high-grade and
high-yield corporate bond offerings in the United States. The information was
gathered from Thomson Reuters U.S. new issues team, and other market sources:  
*Denotes 144a private placement debt offering.
COMPANY           AMT       MAT/DEBT  RTGS           MGRS                 PRICED
BB&T              $200 mln  perpetual NA/NA/NA       BAML                       
Citigroup         $TBA       5-yr     Baa2/A-/A      CITI                       
*Cox Commun.      $TBA      10-yr     Baa2/BBB/BBB+  JPM/WFS                    
*Cox Commun.      $TBA      30-yr     Baa2/BBB/BBB+  JPM/WFS                    
*Daigeo Capital   $750 mln   3-yr     A3/A-/NA       BAML/BARC/GS/JPM/UBS       
*Daigeo Capital   $650 mln   5-yr     A3/A-/NA       BAML/BARC/GS/JPM/UBS       
*Daigeo Capital   $1.35 bln 10-yr     A3/A-/NA       BAML/BARC/GS/JPM/UBS       
*Daigeo Capital   $500 mln  30-yr     A3/A-/NA       BAML/BARC/GS/JPM/UBS
*Falabella        $500 mln  10-yr     BBB/NA/BBB     CITI/HSBC/ITAU             
JP Morgan         $2 bln    10-yr     A3/A-/A        JPM                        
*JSC Natl Co      $TBA      10-yr     Baa3/BBB-/BBB  BARC/BAML                  
*JSC Natl Co      $TBA      30-yr     Baa4/BBB-/BBB  BARC/BAML                 
*KBN              $TBA       4-yr frn Aaa/AAA/NA     JPM                        
*KC So. de Mexico $275 mln   7-yr     Baa3/BBB-/BBB- BAML/JPM/MS                
*KC So. de Mexico $450 mln  10-yr     Baa3/BBB-/BBB- BAML/JPM/MS                
*KC Southern      $450 mln  30-yr     Baa3/BBB-/BBB- BAML/JPM/MS                
KFW               $1.0 bln 1.5-yr     Aaa/AAA/NA     CITI/MS                4/24
Morgan Stanley    $300 mln   3-yr frn Baa1/A-/A      MS                     4/22
Morgan Stanley    $150 mln   3-yr     Baa1/A-/A      MS                     4/22
Morgan Stanley    $700 mln   5-yr frn Baa1/A-/A      MS                     4/22
Morgan Stanley    $2.5 bln   5-yr     Baa1/A-/A      MS                     4/22
Nike Inc          $500 mln  10-yr     A1/A+/NA       BAML/CITI/DB           4/23
Nike Inc          $500 mln  30-yr     A1/A+/NA       BAML/CITI/DB           4/23
*NWB Bank         $200 mln  1.5-yr    Aaa/AAA/NA     DB/HSBC/NOM            4/23
*QBE Insurance    $TBA       5-yr     Baa1/A/A-      BARC/MS                    
*Sparebank 1      $TBA       5-yr     Aaa/NR/AAA     BNPP/BARC/CITI/JPM         
Toronto-Dominion  $1.5 bln   5-yr     Aa1/AA-/AA-    GS/JPM/TD/WFS          4/23
Toronto-Dominion  $750 mln   5-yr frn Aa1/AA-/AA-    GS/JPM/TD/WFS          4/23
*Transportador    $850 mln  15-yr     Baa2/BBB/BBB   BAML/MS                4/23
*Uralkali Finance $650 mln   5-yr     Baa3/BBB-/BBB- BAML/GS/SBERBANK/VB    4/23
COMPANY           AMT       MAT/DEBT  RTGS           MGRS                 PRICED
COMPANY           AMT       MAT/DEBT  RTGS           MGRS                 PRICED
*Assoc Materials  $100 mln  4.5-yr    Caa1/B-/NA     DB/UBS/STRH/WF         4/23
Citigroup         $1.25 bln perpetual B1/BB/BB       CITI                   4/23
*CST Brands       $550 mln  10-yr     Ba3/BB-/NA     CS/JPM/WFS/MUS/RBC/RBS     
CYS Investments   $200 mln  perpetual NR/NR/NR       MS/BARC/CS/DB          4/23
*FESCO            $500 mln   5-yr     NA/BB-/B       GS/ING/RBI             4/23
*FESCO            $300 mln   7-yr     NA/BB-/B       GS/ING/RBI             4/23
*Hiland Partners  $150 mln   3-yr     B3/B-/NA       BAML/WF/RBS            4/23
*Realogy Group    $450 mln   3-yr     Caa2/B-/NA   JPM/GS/BARC/CITI/CS/CA   4/23
PREVIOUS HIGH-GRADE SALES                                                       
COMPANY           AMT       MAT/DEBT  RTGS           MGRS                 PRICED
Autozone          $500 mln  10-yr     Baa2/BBB/BBB   BARC/BAML/STRH         4/18
Bank/Nova Scotia  $1.25 bln  5-yr     Aa2/A+/AA-     BARC/CITI/SC/BAML/JPM  4/18
BPCE              $500 mln   3-yr frn A2/A/A+        CITI/BAML/BARC/NATIX   4/18
BPCE              $250 mln   3-yr     A2/A/A+        CITI/BAML/BARC/NATIX   4/18
Cobank            $200 mln  perpetual NR/A-/BBB      BAML/MS                4/15
First Republic    $175 mln  perpetual Baa3/BBB/NA    MS/BAML/BS/JPM/WF      4/16
Hartford Fin      $300 mln  30-yr     Baa3/BBB/BBB   BAML/CS/JPM            4/15
IADB              $1.0 bln   7-yr     Aaa/AAA/AAA    BAML/GS/HSBC           4/16
*KBN              $300 mln   5-yr frn Aaa/AAA/NA     CITI/GS/HSBC           4/17
*KOC Holdings     $750 mln   7-yr     Baa3/BBB-/NA   BAML/BNP/CITI/DB       4/18
Kommuninvest      $2.35 bln  3-yr     Aaa/AAA/NA     CITI/DB/JPM/NOM        4/16
*Lukoil           $1.5 bln   5-yr     Baa2/BBB/NA    BNP/CITI               4/17
*Lukoil           $1.5 bln  10-yr     Baa2/BBB/NA    BNP/CITI               4/17
JP Morgan Chase   $250 mln   2-yr     A2/A/NA        JPM                    4/18
JP Morgan Chase   $1.25 bln  2-yr frn A2/A/NA        JPM                    4/18
National Rural    $400 mln  30-yr     A3/BBB+/NA     JPM/RBC/RBS            4/18
*Odebrecht Fin    $1.25 bln  5-yr     Baa3/BBB-/BBB- BTG/CA/DB/SANT/SCOT    4/17
*Odebrecht Fin    $1.25 bln 12-yr     Baa3/BBB-/BBB- BTG/CA/DB/SANT/SCOT    4/17
*Sinopec          $750 mln   3-yr     Aa3/A+/NA      BAML/CITI/CIC/DB/GS
                                                      HSBC/JPM/MS/NOM       4/18
*Sinopec          $1.0 bln   5-yr     Aa3/A+/NA      BAML/CITI/CIC/DB/GS
                                                      HSBC/JPM/MS/NOM       4/18
*Sinopec          $1.25 bln 10-yr     Aa3/A+/NA      BAML/CITI/CIC/DB/GS
                                                      HSBC/JPM/MS/NOM       4/18
*Sinopec          $500 mln  30-yr     Aa3/A+/NA      BAML/CITI/CIC/DB/GS        
                                                       HSBC/JPM/MS/NOM      4/18
Tele Emisiones    $1.25 bln  5-yr     Baa2/BBB/BBB+  BNP/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/SG  4/17
Tele Emisiones    $750 mln  10-yr     Baa2/BBB/BBB+  BNP/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/SG  4/17
Wells Fargo       $1.15 bln  5-yr frn A2/A+/AA-      WFS                    4/16
Wells Fargo       $850 mln   5-yr     A2/A+/AA-      WFS                    4/16
PREVIOUS SPLIT-RATED BOND SALES                                                 
COMPANY           AMT       MAT/DEBT  RTGS           MGRS                 PRICED
Goldman Sachs     $1.0 bln perpetual  Ba2/BB+/BB+    GS                     4/18
JP Morgan         $1.5 bln perpetual  Ba1/BBB/BBB-   JPM                    4/16
*Metalsa SA de CV $300 mln  10-yr     NR/BB+/BBB-    BAML/CITI/             4/17
PREVIOUS HIGH-YIELD BOND SALES                                                  
COMPANY           AMT       MAT/DEBT  RTGS           MGRS                 PRICED
*Affinia Group    $250 mln   8-yr     Caa1/CCC+/NA   JPM/BAML/BARC/DB       4/11
*Athlon Holdings  $500 mln   8-yr     NA/NA/NA       BAML/WFS/CA/CS/RBC/UBS 4/12
*Hecla Mining     $500 mln   8-yr     B2/NA/NA       BAML/SCOTIA             4/9
*JBS              $275 mln  10-yr     NA/BB/BB-      DB/JP/SANTAND           4/8
*Memorial Prod.   $300 mln   8-yr     NA/NA/NA   WFS/JPM/BARC/BAML/CITI/RBC 4/12
*Metalloinvest    $1 bln     7-yr     Ba2/BB-/BB-    CS/DB/VTB/CA           4/11
MFA Financial     $175 mln perpetual  NR/NR/NR       CS/DB/JPM/STERN         4/8
*NES Rentals Hldg $300 mln   5-yr     Caa2/CCC+/NA   DB/WFS                 4/12
*New Cotai        $380 mln   6-yr     NR/NR/NA       CS                     4/12
Taylor Morrison   $550 mln   8-yr     B2/BB-/NA      CITI/DB/GS/JPM/WF/HSBC 4/11
DEALS RECENTLY POSTPONED                                                        
COMPANY           AMT         MAT/DEBT   RTGS        MGRS         DATE POSTPONED
*DVB Bank         $500 mln     5-yr      NA/A+/A+    CITI/JPM/UBS           1/9 
MANAGERS:                          SYNDICATE DESK NUMBERS:                      
                                                 HIGH-YIELD    HIGH-GRADE       
BARC   Barclays Capital                          212-412-3889  212-412-2663     
BNP    BNP Paribas                                             212-841-3435     
CITI   Citigroup Global Markets                  212-723-6020  212-723-6121     
CS     Credit Suisse                                           212-325-3325     
DB     Deutsche Bank                             212-250-8314  212-250-6801     
GS     Goldman Sachs & Co                        212-357-0347  212-902-5954     
HSBC   HSBC Securities                           212-525-4102  212-525-4102     
JPM    J.P. Morgan Chase & Co                                  212-834-4533     
MIZ    Mizuho Securities                         212-205-7543  212-205-7543     
MS     Morgan Stanley                            212-761-2031  212-761-2000     
NOM    Nomura                                    212-667-1476  212-667-1476     
RBC    RBC Capital Markets                       212-618-2205  212-858-7232     
RBS    RBS                                       203-897-6981  203-897-6553     
SUN    Suntrust                                                404-926-5604     
UBS    UBS Investment Bank                                     203-719-1088
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