Sheen near W&T Offshore platform a natural seep -US Coast Guard

HOUSTON Fri May 3, 2013 1:27pm EDT

HOUSTON May 3 (Reuters) - A sheen that appeared on Thursday near a W&T Offshore Inc shallow-water platform off the coast of Texas was a natural seep rather than a leak from the facility, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

W&T Offshore reported the sheen to the U.S. National Response Center on Thursday, saying it was a release of an oily mixture from a platform in High Island Block 379B near Galveston.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Steve Lehman said investigators concluded that the sheen came from a natural seep from the seabed and not the platform.

The report said the sheen was 600 feet (183 meter) long and a foot (0.3 meter) wide, and that the platform was shut in. W&T did not respond to multiple inquiries about the report or whether output remained shut in. Small platforms near shore typically produce small amounts of oil and gas.