DIARY - Western European Corporate events from May 10

Fri May 10, 2013 3:05am EDT

Western European Corp Meetings       European hits & misses         
    Major European Co.'s earnings   Monthly S&P 500 earnings       
    Weekly non-S&P 500 earnings      Day ahead S&P 500 earnings     
    Weekly conference call/webcast   Weekly meetings                
    Global Company News Preview     Day ahead conference call      
    Weekly S&P 500 earnings              Central & East Europe earnings  
 ***PLEASE NOTE - We have split this diary into two separate diaries;
    Earnings, which will contain the following event types; Earnings, Trading, Sales, Traffic 
Figures, New Business, KPI's and others on merit. 
    Meetings, which will contain the following event types; Conference Calls, Meetings, 
Presentations, Analysts, Investor Conferences and others on merit. 
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      DATE   CO   GMT   COMPANY NAME                         EVENT          RIC 
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                 ---------     ---------
          10-May  DE         INTEGRALIS AG                        Q1            
     10-May  GR         ALPHA BANK SA                        Q1            
     10-May  IT         AEFFE SPA                            Q1            
     10-May  NL         AD PEPPER MEDIA INTERNATIONAL NV     Q1            
     10-May  IT         ATLANTIA SPA                         Q1            
     10-May  GB   BMO   BBA AVIATION PLC                     Q1 TRADE      
     10-May  GB   BMO   BT GROUP PLC                         Q4            
     10-May  AT         BWT AG                               Q1            
     10-May  IT         BUZZI UNICEM SPA                     Q1            
     10-May  BE   15:35 COMPAGNIE DU BOIS SAUVAGE SA         Q1 SALES      
     10-May  IT         UNICREDIT SPA                        Q1            
     10-May  GB   BMO   T CLARKE PLC                         TRADING       
     10-May  IT         DIASORIN SPA                         Q1            
     10-May  GB   BMO   DERWENT LONDON PLC                   Q1 TRADE      
     10-May  DE         DRILLISCH AG                         Q1            
     10-May  GB         ELECTROSTEEL CASTINGS LTD            Q4            
     10-May  IT         EXOR SPA                             Q1            
     10-May  FI   6:00  FINNAIR OYJ                          TRAFFIC       
     10-May  CH         FERREXPO PLC                         Q1 TRADE      
     10-May  IT   5:30  ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI SPA           Q1            
     10-May  NL         HEAD NV                              Q1            
     10-May  ES   6:00  INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES GQ1            
     10-May  DE   BMO   ARCELORMITTAL SA                     Q1            
     10-May  DE         INIT INNOVATION IN TRAFFIC SYS AG    Q1            
     10-May  DE         KREMLIN AG                           Q1            
     10-May  IT         RETI TELEMATICHE ITALIANE SPA        Q1            
     10-May  FR   6:00  MEDIA 6 SA                           Q2 SALES      
     10-May  ES   6:45  MELIA HOTELS INTERNATIONAL SA        Q1            
     10-May  IT         PARMALAT SPA                         Q1            
     10-May  IT         PININFARINA SPA                      Q1            
     10-May  IT         POLIGRAFICA S FAUSTINO SPA           Q1            
     10-May  IT         BANCO DI SARDEGNA SPA                Q1            
     10-May  PT         SEMAPA SOCIEDADE DE INVESTIMENTO E   Q1            
     10-May  NL   6:00  EUROCOMMERCIAL PROPERTIES NV         Q3            
     10-May  IT         TESMEC SPA                           Q1            
     10-May  NL   5:30  TELEGRAAF MEDIA GROEP NV             Q1            
     10-May  GB   BMO   TUI TRAVEL PLC                       INTERIM       
     10-May  FR   BMO   VIEL ET CIE SA                       Q1 SALES      
     10-May  NL         WITTE MOLEN NV                       Q1 TRADE      
     10-May  IT         VINCENZO ZUCCHI SPA                  Q1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     13-May  AT         AUSTRIAN AIRLINES AG                 TRAFFIC       
     13-May  IT         B & C SPEAKERS SPA                   Q1            
     13-May  IT         ACSM-AGAM SPA                        Q1            
     13-May  IT         ACEA SPA                             Q1            
     13-May  ES   BMO   ACCIONA SA                           Q1            
     13-May  IT         BANCA POPOLARE DI SPOLETO SPA        Q1            
     13-May  IT         FRENI BREMBO SPA                     Q1            
     13-May  DE         BAYWA AG                             Q1            
     13-May  IT         CREDITO BERGAMASCO SPA               Q1            
     13-May  GB         CENTRICA PLC                         TRADING       
     13-May  IT         DAVIDE CAMPARI MILANO SPA            Q1            
     13-May  DE         CEWE COLOR HOLDING AG                Q1            
     13-May  FR   AMC   DERICHEBOURG SA                      Q2 SALES      
     13-May  GB   BMO   DIPLOMA PLC                          INTERIM       
     13-May  GB   6:00  DIGNITY PLC                          Q1 TRADE      
     13-May  IT         EUROTECH SPA                         Q1            
     13-May  NO         EIDESVIK OFFSHORE ASA                Q1            
     13-May  IT         FIERA MILANO SPA                     Q1            
     13-May  IT         MOBILIARE INTERESSENZE AZION         Q1            
     13-May  IT         GEFRAN SPA                           Q1            
     13-May  CH         GLENCORE XSTRATA PLC                 Q1 TRADE      
     13-May  SE   10:30 HEXAGON AB                           Q1            
     13-May  SE         IGE RESOURCES AB                     Q1            
     13-May  IT         IMPREGILO SPA                        Q1            
     13-May  GB         INTERSERVE PLC                       TRADING       
     13-May  GB   BMO   JOHNSTON PRESS PLC                   TRADING       
     13-May  IT         JUVENTUS FC SPA                      Q3            
     13-May  IT         KRENERGY SPA                         Q1            
     13-May  DE         DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA AG                TRAFFIC       
     13-May  GB         LONMIN PLC                           INTERIM       
     13-May  IT         MARR SPA                             Q1            
     13-May  IT         MARCOLIN SPA                         Q1            
     13-May  FR   BMO   METROPOLE TELEVISION SA              Q1 SALES      
     13-May  CH   BMO   SKY-MOBI LTD                         Q4            
     13-May  NO         NORDIC AMERICAN TANKER LTD           Q1            
     13-May  AT         PANKL RACING SYSTEMS AG              Q1            
     13-May  CH         PSP SWISS PROPERTY AG                Q1            
     13-May  BE         PUNCH INTERNATIONAL NV               Q1 TRADE      
     13-May  DE   5:30  QSC AG                               Q1            
     13-May  DK         RTX A/S                              Q2            
     13-May  CH   4:00  SCHAFFNER HOLDING AG                 H1            
     13-May  IT         SALVATORE FERRAGAMO SPA              Q1            
     13-May  SE   6:00  SOFTRONIC AB                         Q1            
     13-May  BE   16:00 SOLVAY SA                            Q1            
     13-May  IT         SOL SPA                              Q1            
     13-May  ES         SERVICE POINT SOLUTIONS SA           Q1            
     13-May  ES   10:00 SACYR VALLEHERMOSO SA                Q1            
     13-May  IT         TAS TECNOLOGIA AVANZATA DEI SISTEMI SQ1            
     13-May  IT         TISCALI SPA                          Q1            
     13-May  IT         UNIONE DI BANCHE ITALIANE SCPA       Q1            
     13-May  GB   BMO   THE UNITE GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
     13-May  GB   AMC   VELTI PLC                            Q1            
     13-May  DE         VEREINS UND WESTBANK AG              Q1            
     13-May  IT         VIANINI LAVORI SPA                   Q1            
     13-May  IT         VIANINI INDUSTRIA SPA                Q1            
     13-May  DE         WUESTENROT & WUERTTEMBERGISCHE AG    Q1            
     13-May  NL         XEIKON NV                            Q1 TRADE      
     13-May  IT         EXPRIVIA SPA                         Q1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     14-May  DE         H&R AG                               Q1            
     14-May  DE         ASIAN BAMBOO AG                      Q1            
     14-May  ES         ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCION Y SER    Q1            
     14-May  SE         ADDTECH AB                           Q4            
     14-May  SE         ADDVISE LAB SOLUTIONS AB             Q1            
     14-May  FR         AEROPORTS DE PARIS SA                TRAFFIC       
     14-May  FR   BMO   AEROPORTS DE PARIS SA                Q1            
     14-May  IT         ACEGAS APS SPA                       Q1            
     14-May  IT         AEROPORTO DI FIRENZE SPA             Q1            
     14-May  DE         CARL ZEISS MEDITEC AG                Q2            
     14-May  BE   5:45  AGFA-GEVAERT NV                      Q1            
     14-May  IT         AUTOGRILL SPA                        Q1            
     14-May  AT   6:00  AGRANA BETEILIGUNGS AG               FINAL         
     14-May  FR         AIR FRANCE KLM SA                    TRAFFIC       
     14-May  FR   BMO   KEYYO SA                             Q1 SALES      
     14-May  FR         POUJOULAT SA                         Q1 SALES      
     14-May  BE         AEDIFICA SA                          Q3 TRADE      
     14-May  GB   6:00  APR ENERGY PLC                       Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  IT         ALERION CLEAN POWER SPA              Q1            
     14-May  DE         ALEO SOLAR AG                        Q1            
     14-May  IT         ASCOPIAVE SPA                        Q1            
     14-May  IT         ASTALDI SPA                          Q1            
     14-May  FR   AMC   AVANQUEST SOFTWARE SA                Q3 SALES      
     14-May  FR   AMC   AVANQUEST SOFTWARE SA                Q3            
     14-May  GB         BABCOCK INTERNATIONAL GROUP PLC      PRELIM        
     14-May  GB         BALFOUR BEATTY PLC                   Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  IT         BANCO POPOLARE SC                    Q1            
     14-May  DE         BUERGERLICHES BRAUHAUS IMMOBILIEN    Q1            
     14-May  DE         BECHTLE AG                           Q1            
     14-May  IT         BANCA FINNAT EURAMERICA SPA          Q1            
     14-May  GB   6:00  BRITISH LAND COMPANY PLC THE         FINAL         
     14-May  IT         BANCA MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA SPA  Q1            
     14-May  IT         BOERO BARTOLOMEO SPA                 Q1            
     14-May  FR   15:45 BOUYGUES SA                          Q1            
     14-May  IT         BANCA POPOLARE DI SONDRIO SCPA       Q1            
     14-May  SE         BTS GROUP AB                         Q1            
     14-May  IT         CAD IT SPA                           Q1            
     14-May  IT         CAIRO COMMUNICATION SPA              Q1            
     14-May  IT         CALTAGIRONE SPA                      Q1            
     14-May  IT         CAMFIN SPA                           Q1            
     14-May  ES   BMO   CODERE SA                            Q1            
     14-May  DE         CENTROTEC SUSTAINABLE AG             Q1            
     14-May  DE         CONERGY AG                           Q1            
     14-May  DK         CHEMOMETEC A/S                       Q3            
     14-May  DE         CELESIO AG                           Q1            
     14-May  IT         CENTRALE DEL LATTE DI TORINO & C SP  Q1            
     14-May  ES   7:00  CAMPOFRIO FOOD GROUP SA              Q1            
     14-May  GB         CAPITA PLC                           TRADING       
     14-May  IT         CREDITO ARTIGIANO SPA                Q1            
     14-May  IT         DANIELI & C OFFICINE MECCANICHE SPA  Q3            
     14-May  DE         DIC ASSET AG                         Q1            
     14-May  IE         DCC PLC                              FINAL         
     14-May  DE         DEUFOL AG                            Q1            
     14-May  BE   BMO   DECEUNINCK NV                        Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  IT         DIGITAL BROS SPA                     Q3            
     14-May  SE   5:30  DORO AB                              Q1            
     14-May  DE         DEUTSCHE POST AG                     Q1            
     14-May  FR         DUC SA                               Q1 SALES      
     14-May  DE         DEUTSCHE WOHNEN AG                   Q1            
     14-May  IT         EEMS ITALIA SPA                      Q1            
     14-May  IT         EMAK SPA                             Q1            
     14-May  IT         CREDITO EMILIANO SPA                 Q1            
     14-May  IT         BANCA DELL EMILIA ROMAGNA            Q1            
     14-May  IT   6:00  ERG SPA                              Q1            
     14-May  GB   BMO   ENTERPRISE INNS PLC                  INTERIM       
     14-May  GB   BMO   E THERAPEUTICS PLC                   PRELIM        
     14-May  DE         EVOTEC AG                            Q1            
     14-May  FR   15:45 FONCIERE DES REGIONS SA              Q1 SALES      
     14-May  CH         FLUGHAFEN ZUERICH AG                 TRAFFIC       
     14-May  BE         FLUXYS BELGIUM NV                    Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  DE         FRANKFURT AIRPORT SERVICES           TRAFFIC       
     14-May  BE         TIGENIX NV                           Q1            
     14-May  DE   5:30  BILFINGER SE                         Q1            
     14-May  DE         GENERALI DEUTSCHLAND HOLDING AG      Q1            
     14-May  FR   AMC   GROUPE FLO SA                        Q1            
     14-May  FR   16:00 GAMELOFT SE                          Q1 SALES      
     14-May  NO         GRIEG SEAFOOD ASA                    Q1            
     14-May  DE         HAMBURGER HAFEN UND LOGISTIK AG      Q1            
     14-May  DE         HYPO REAL ESTATE HOLDING AG          Q1            
     14-May  GB         ICAP PLC                             PRELIM        
     14-May  FR   AMC   ICADE SA                             Q1 SALES      
     14-May  IT   13:00 ISAGRO SPA                           Q1            
     14-May  IT         IMMSI SPA                            Q1            
     14-May  SE         INXL INNOVATION AB                   Q1            
     14-May  IT         IREN SPA                             Q1            
     14-May  IT         INTESA SANPAOLO SPA                  Q1            
     14-May  IT         ITALMOBILIARE SPA                    Q1            
     14-May  IT         INTERPUMP GROUP SPA                  Q1            
     14-May  IT         ITWAY SPA                            Q2            
     14-May  FR         LATECOERE SA                         Q1 SALES      
     14-May  FR   6:00  LAGARDERE SCA                        Q1 SALES      
     14-May  FR   AMC   LINEDATA SERVICES SA                 Q1 SALES      
     14-May  DE         LEIFHEIT AG                          Q1            
     14-May  DE         LEONI AG                             Q1            
     14-May  CH   5:00  LIFEWATCH AG                         Q1            
     14-May  BE         LEASINVEST REAL ESTATE SCA           Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  FR   16:00 MR BRICOLAGE SA                      Q1 SALES      
     14-May  DE         MEDIGENE AG                          Q1            
     14-May  IT         ARNOLDO MONDADORI EDITORE SPA        Q1            
     14-May  DE   5:00  MERCK KGAA                           Q1            
     14-May  IT         MEDIASET SPA                         Q1            
     14-May  IT         MONDO TV SPA                         Q1            
     14-May  FR   AMC   WENDEL SA                            Q1 SALES      
     14-May  DE         AURUBIS AG                           Q2            
     14-May  DE         DEUTSCHE PFANDBRIEFBANK AG           Q1            
     14-May  AT   5:30  OMV AG                               Q1            
     14-May  IE   6:00  PADDY POWER PLC                      Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  IT         BANCA PICCOLO CREDITO VALTELLINESE   Q1            
     14-May  IT         POLTRONA FRAU SPA                    Q1            
     14-May  FR         PHARMAGEST INTERACTIVE SA            Q1 SALES      
     14-May  IT         BANCA POPOLARE DI MILANO SCARL       Q1            
     14-May  DK         PANDORA A/S                          Q1            
     14-May  IT         PRIMA INDUSTRIE SPA                  Q1            
     14-May  NO   11:00 PROSAFE SE                           Q1            
     14-May  IT         ESPRINET SPA                         Q1            
     14-May  DE         PORSCHE AUTOMOBIL HOLDING SE         Q1            
     14-May  DE         PUMA SE                              Q1            
     14-May  GB         RATHBONE BROTHERS PLC                Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  IT         RIZZOLI CORRIERE DELLA MEDIAGROU     Q1            
     14-May  IT         REPLY SPA                            Q1            
     14-May  IT         GRUPPO CERAMICHE RICCHETTI SPA       Q1            
     14-May  GB         SPORTECH PLC                         Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  NL         ROOD TESTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL NV      Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  FR   AMC   RUBIS SCA                            Q1 SALES      
     14-May  NO         RESERVOIR EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY     Q1            
     14-May  IT         SADI SERVIZI INDUSTRIALI SPA         Q1            
     14-May  IT         SAVE SPA                             Q1            
     14-May  DE   5:00  K+S AG                               Q1            
     14-May  FR   AMC   SODIFRANCE SA                        Q1 SALES      
     14-May  DE         SEDO HOLDING AG                      Q1            
     14-May  IT         SERVIZI ITALIA SPA                   Q1            
     14-May  IT   AMC   FINMECCANICA SPA                     Q1            
     14-May  NL   BMO   SIMAC TECHNIEK NV                    Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  AT         SEMPERIT HOLDING AG                  Q1            
     14-May  NO         SOLSTAD OFFSHORE ASA                 Q1            
     14-May  NO         SOLVANG ASA                          Q1            
     14-May  FR   AMC   SQLI SA                              Q1 SALES      
     14-May  DE         S A G SOLARSTROM AG                  Q1            
     14-May  IT         STEFANEL SPA                         Q1            
     14-May  FR   AMC   SOCIETE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL SA         Q1 SALES      
     14-May  IT         TREVI FINANZIARIA INDUSTRIALE SPA    Q1            
     14-May  DE         TIPP24 AG                            Q1            
     14-May  IT         TOD'S SPA                            Q1            
     14-May  ES   7:00  TECNICAS REUNIDAS SA                 Q1            
     14-May  IT         TERNA RETE ELETTRICA NAZIONALE SPA   Q1            
     14-May  GR   AMC   TITAN CEMENT COMPANY SA              Q1            
     14-May  DE         TECHNOTRANS AG                       Q1            
     14-May  DE         UMS UNITED MEDICAL SYS INTERNATIO    Q1            
     14-May  FR   AMC   VIVENDI SA                           Q1            
     14-May  NL   5:30  VAN LANSCHOT NV                      Q1 TRADE      
     14-May  DE         4 SC AG                              Q1            
     14-May  DE         WACKER NEUSON SE                     Q1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     15-May  DE         AAP IMPLANTATE AG                    Q1            
     15-May  DE         AIR BERLIN PLC                       Q1            
     15-May  BE         ABLYNX NV                            Q1            
     15-May  BE         ACKERMANS EN VAN HAAREN NV           Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  IT         ACOTEL GROUP SPA                     Q1            
     15-May  DE         ADESSO AG                            Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  DE         ALLGEIER HOLDING AG                  Q1            
     15-May  NO         AF GRUPPEN ASA                       Q1            
     15-May  BE   5:30  AGEAS SA                             Q1            
     15-May  LU   AMC   ADECOAGRO SA                         Q1            
     15-May  FR   5:00  ARKEMA SA                            Q1            
     15-May  NO         AKER ASA                             Q1            
     15-May  GB         ARK THERAPEUTICS GROUP PLC           Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  NO         AKVA GROUP ASA                       Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   BRICORAMA SA                         Q1 SALES      
     15-May  NO   5:00  ALGETA ASA                           Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   IDSUD SA                             Q1 SALES      
     15-May  DE   5:00  ALLIANZ SE                           Q1            
     15-May  NO         AUSTEVOLL SEAFOOD ASA                Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   AVENIR TELECOM SA                    Q4 SALES      
     15-May  DE         BAUER AG                             Q1            
     15-May  CH         JULIUS BAER GRUPPE AG                Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  DE         BERTRANDT AG                         Q2            
     15-May  IT         BEGHELLI SPA                         Q1            
     15-May  AT         BRAIN FORCE HOLDING AG               Q2            
     15-May  DE         BIEN ZENKER AG                       Q1            
     15-May  NO         BIONOR PHARMA ASA                    Q1            
     15-May  NO         BONHEUR ASA                          Q1            
     15-May  IT         BRIOSCHI SVILUPPO IMMOBILIARE SPA    Q1            
     15-May  IT         BIESSE SPA                           Q1            
     15-May  IT         BASTOGI SPA                          Q1            
     15-May  NO         BYGGMA ASA                           Q1            
     15-May  IT         SOCIETA CATTOLICA DI ASSICURAZIONE   Q1            
     15-May  FR         UNIBEL SA                            Q1 SALES      
     15-May  IT         CDC POINT SPA                        Q1            
     15-May  NO         CECON ASA                            Q1            
     15-May  IT         CEMBRE SPA                           Q1            
     15-May  SE   6:00  CLAS OHLSON AB                       APR SALES     
     15-May  IT         CLASS EDITORI SPA                    Q1            
     15-May  GB         CLS HOLDINGS PLC                     Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  FI         CENCORP OYJ                          Q1            
     15-May  FR         SOCIETE D'EDITION DE CANAL PLUS SA   Q1 SALES      
     15-May  ES         INMOBILIARIA COLONIAL SA             Q1            
     15-May  NL   AMC   CORIO NV                             Q1            
     15-May  GB   BMO   COMPASS GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     15-May  NL         CTAC NV                              Q1            
     15-May  FR   BMO   DELFINGEN INDUSTRY SA                Q1 SALES      
     15-May  FR   AMC   DANE-ELEC MEMORY SA                  Q1 SALES      
     15-May  DE   AMC   DEUTSCHE EUROSHOP AG                 Q1            
     15-May  NO         DIAGENIC ASA                         Q1            
     15-May  DK         DALHOFF LARSEN & HORNEMAN A/S        Q1            
     15-May  DK         DAMPSKIBSSELSKABET NORDEN A/S        Q1            
     15-May  NL         DOCKWISE LTD                         Q1            
     15-May  DE         DOUGLAS HOLDING AG                   Q2            
     15-May  DE         DVB BANK SE                          Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  NO         EKORNES ASA                          Q1            
     15-May  IT         ENGINEERING INGEGNERIA INFORMATICA   Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   INFOTEL SA                           Q1 SALES      
     15-May  IT         EUKEDOS SPA                          Q1            
     15-May  GB   6:00  EASYJET PLC                          INTERIM       
     15-May  NO         FARSTAD SHIPPING ASA                 Q1            
     15-May  IE         FBD HOLDINGS PLC                     TRADING       
     15-May  IT         FIDIA SPA                            Q1            
     15-May  SE         FEELGOOD SVENSKA PUBL AB             Q1            
     15-May  DE         FUNKWERK AG                          Q1            
     15-May  FR         FROMAGERIES BEL SA                   Q1 SALES      
     15-May  DK         GREENTECH ENERGY SYSTEMS A/S         Q1            
     15-May  IE   6:00  C&C GROUP PLC                        FINAL         
     15-May  IT         GIOVANNI CRESPI SPA                  Q1            
     15-May  IT   AMC   GEOX SPA                             Q1            
     15-May  LU         GAGFAH SA                            Q1            
     15-May  DE   5:00  GFK SE                               Q1            
     15-May  DE         GIGASET AG                           Q1            
     15-May  DE   5:30  GSW IMMOBILIEN AG                    Q1            
     15-May  GB   BMO   GREGGS PLC                           TRADING       
     15-May  NO         GANGER ROLF ASA                      Q1            
     15-May  GB         HILTON FOOD GROUP PLC                TRADING       
     15-May  DE         HOMAG GROUP AG                       Q1            
     15-May  DE         MATERNUS KLINIKEN AG                 FINAL         
     15-May  DE         MATERNUS KLINIKEN AG                 Q1            
     15-May  SE         H & M HENNES & MAURITZ AB            APR SALES     
     15-May  SE         HQ AB                                Q1            
     15-May  IT         HERA SPA                             Q1            
     15-May  DK   6:00  IC COMPANYS A/S                      Q3            
     15-May  FR         ILIAD SA                             Q1 SALES      
     15-May  IT         IMA INDUSTRIA MACCHINE AUTOMATICHE   Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   INNELEC MULTIMEDIA SA                Q4 SALES      
     15-May  GB         ITV PLC                              TRADING       
     15-May  FR   AMC   JACQUET METAL SERVICE SA             Q1            
     15-May  CH         JOYOU AG                             Q1            
     15-May  IT         KINEXIA SPA                          Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   KORIAN SA                            Q1 SALES      
     15-May  GB   BMO   LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC            PRELIM        
     15-May  IT         LA DORIA SPA                         Q1            
     15-May  FR         LEXIBOOK LINGUISTIC ELECTRONIC SYS   Q4            
     15-May  DE         SYGNIS PHARMA AG                     Q1            
     15-May  DE   6:00  LPKF LASER & ELECTRONICS AG          Q1            
     15-May  NO         LEROY SEAFOOD GROUP ASA              Q1            
     15-May  IT         LVENTURE GROUP SPA                   Q1            
     15-May  DE         MOBOTIX AG                           Q2            
     15-May  DE         MEDICLIN AG                          Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   MGI COUTIER SA                       Q1 SALES      
     15-May  DE         MEDISANA AG                          Q1            
     15-May  DE         MLP AG                               Q1            
     15-May  AT   6:00  MAYR MELNHOF KARTON AG               Q1            
     15-May  NO         MORPOL ASA                           Q1            
     15-May  FR   BMO   MRM SA                               Q1 SALES      
     15-May  GR         METAL CONSTRUCTIONS OF GREECE SA     Q1            
     15-May  DE         MVV ENERGIE AG                       Q2            
     15-May  GR         MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS SA               Q1            
     15-May  FR         NICOX SA                             Q1            
     15-May  DE         NORDEX SE                            Q1            
     15-May  GB         NEW EUROPE PROPERTY INVESTMENTS PLC  Q1            
     15-May  SE   6:00  NIBE INDUSTRIER AB                   Q1            
     15-May  SE         NISCHER AB PUBL                      Q1            
     15-May  NO         NORWAY PELAGIC ASA                   Q1            
     15-May  FR   AMC   NEURONES SA                          Q1 SALES      
     15-May  NO   6:30  NORWEGIAN AIR SHUTTLE ASA            Q1            
     15-May  DE         OHB AG                               Q1            
     15-May  GB         OMG PLC                              INTERIM       
     15-May  NL   AMC   ORANJEWOUD NV                        Q1            
     15-May  NL         ORDINA NV                            Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  FR   AMC   AUSY SA                              Q1 SALES      
     15-May  FR   AMC   OVERLAP GROUPE SA                    Q4 SALES      
     15-May  SE         PEAB AB                              Q1            
     15-May  SE         PHONERA AB                           Q1            
     15-May  AT         POLYTEC HOLDING AG                   Q1            
     15-May  IT         PIERREL SPA                          Q1            
     15-May  SE   6:30  REDERI TRANSATLANTIC AB              Q1            
     15-May  IT         RATTI SPA                            Q1            
     15-May  AT         ROSENBAUER INTERNATIONAL AG          Q1            
     15-May  FR         RODRIGUEZ GROUP SA                   Q2 SALES      
     15-May  BE         RESILUX NV                           Q1 TRADE      
     15-May  AT   5:30  RHI AG                               Q1            
     15-May  IT         RISANAMENTO SPA                      Q1            
     15-May  NL   6:30  ROTO SMEETS GROUP NV                 Q1 NEWBIZ     
     15-May  DE   5:00  RWE AG                               Q1            
     15-May  DE         SMA SOLAR TECHNOLOGY AG              Q1            
     15-May  DE   5:00  STROEER MEDIA AG                     Q1            
     15-May  GR   AMC   SAFE BULKERS INC                     Q1            
     15-May  FR   5:30  SCOR SE                              Q1            
     15-May  GB         SPEEDY HIRE PLC                      PRELIM        
     15-May  DE         SKW STAHL METALLURGIE HOLDING AG     Q1            
     15-May  DE         SKY DEUTSCHLAND AG                   Q1            
     15-May  DK         SOLAR A/S                            Q1            
     15-May  DE         SPLENDID MEDIEN AG                   Q1            
     15-May  FR         FONCIERE SEPRIC SA                   Q3 SALES      
     15-May  GB         SERCO GROUP PLC                      TRADING       
     15-May  IT   BMO   SARAS SPA                            Q1            
     15-May  DE         SALZGITTER AG                        Q1            
     15-May  FR   BMO   THEOLIA SA                           Q1 SALES      
     15-May  FR         TOUAX SCA                            Q1 SALES      
     15-May  NO         TIDE ASA                             Q1            
     15-May  DE         THYSSENKRUPP AG                      Q2            
     15-May  NO         TTS GROUP ASA                        Q1            
     15-May  DE   5:00  TUI AG                               Q2            
     15-May  FR   AMC   UBISOFT ENTERTAINMENT SA             FINAL         
     15-May  DE         3U HOLDING AG                        Q1            
     15-May  FI   6:00  VIKING LINE ABP                      Q1            
     15-May  GB         VITEC GROUP PLC                      TRADING       
     15-May  GB         JOHN WOOD GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
     15-May  DK         ZEALAND PHARMA A/S                   Q1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     16-May  GB         MARSTON'S PLC                        INTERIM       
     16-May  GB         AFREN PLC                            Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  GB         ANTOFAGASTA PLC                      Q1            
     16-May  NL         STERN GROEP NV                       Q1            
     16-May  LU         RTL GROUP SA                         Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  GB         AVIVA PLC                            Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  FR   AMC   AVENIR FINANCE SA                    Q1 SALES      
     16-May  NL   BMO   KONINKLIJKE BAM GROEP NV             Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  DK         BAVARIAN NORDIC A/S                  Q1            
     16-May  SE         B&B TOOLS AB                         Q4            
     16-May  BE   AMC   BEFIMMO SCA                          TRADING       
     16-May  AT         BENE AG                              Q4            
     16-May  CH   AMC   BONA FILM GROUP LTD                  Q1            
     16-May  GB         BUMI PLC                             Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  GB         BOVIS HOMES GROUP PLC                TRADING       
     16-May  GB         CAPITAL & REGIONAL PLC               TRADING       
     16-May  NO   BMO   CAMPOSOL HOLDING PLC                 Q1            
     16-May  FR         CEGEREAL SA                          Q1 SALES      
     16-May  GB         CAIRN ENERGY PLC                     TRADING       
     16-May  FR   5:30  CNP ASSURANCES SA                    Q1            
     16-May  SE   6:00  CONSILIUM AB                         Q1            
     16-May  NO         COPEINCA ASA                         Q1            
     16-May  SE         CTT SYSTEMS AB                       Q1            
     16-May  DE         CURASAN AG                           Q1            
     16-May  NL         CROWN VAN GELDER NV                  Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  NO   6:30  DOF ASA                              Q1            
     16-May  FR   AMC   DEVOTEAM SA                          Q1            
     16-May  GB         DIXONS RETAIL PLC                    YRTRADE       
     16-May  DE   6:00  EIFELHOEHEN KLINIK AG                Q1 SALES      
     16-May  NO         ELECTROMAGNETIC GEOSERVICES ASA      Q1            
     16-May  NO         EMS SEVEN SEAS ASA                   Q1            
     16-May  BE         EVS BROADCAST EQUIPMENT SA           Q1            
     16-May  NL         FORNIX BIOSCIENCES NV                Q1            
     16-May  CH         GATEGROUP HOLDING AG                 Q1            
     16-May  IE         GLANBIA PLC                          TRADING       
     16-May  GB         GRAINGER PLC                         INTERIM       
     16-May  NL         ICT AUTOMATISERING NV                Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  NO         IDEX ASA                             Q1            
     16-May  BE   AMC   D'IETEREN SA                         Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  GB         3I GROUP PLC                         PRELIM        
     16-May  GB         INCHCAPE PLC                         Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  SE         INTELLECTA AB                        Q1            
     16-May  GB         INVENSYS PLC                         FINAL         
     16-May  SE         KABE HUSVAGNAR AB                    Q1            
     16-May  BE   5:00  KBC GROUPE SA                        Q1            
     16-May  GB         KIER GROUP PLC                       TRADING       
     16-May  BE         KINEPOLIS GROUP NV                   Q1 NEWBIZ     
     16-May  DE         MEVIS MEDICAL SOLUTIONS AG           Q1            
     16-May  GB         NATIONAL GRID PLC                    FINAL         
     16-May  NL         NEW WORLD RESOURCES PLC              Q1            
     16-May  NO         OLAV THON EIENDOMSSELSKAP ASA        Q1            
     16-May  DK         THE EAST ASIATIC COMPANY LTD. A/S    Q1            
     16-May  FR   BMO   PARROT SA                            Q1            
     16-May  NL         PHARMING GROUP NV                    Q1            
     16-May  GB         PREMIER OIL PLC                      TRADING       
     16-May  SE         RAYSEARCH LABORATORIES AB PUBL       Q1            
     16-May  PT         REDES ENERGETICAS NACIONAIS SGPS     Q1            
     16-May  BE         RHJ INTERNATIONAL SA                 TRADING       
     16-May  NO         GC RIEBER SHIPPING ASA               Q1            
     16-May  GB         RANK GROUP PLC                       TRADING       
     16-May  GB         SIG PLC                              TRADING       
     16-May  NO         SINOCEANIC SHIPPING ASA              Q1            
     16-May  GB         SHANKS GROUP PLC                     PRELIM        
     16-May  DE         SMARTRAC NV                          Q1            
     16-May  NO         SONGA OFFSHORE SE                    Q1            
     16-May  CH         SWISS PRIME SITE AG                  Q1            
     16-May  NL         SNS REAAL NV                         Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  GB   BMO   STOBART GROUP LTD                    PRELIM        
     16-May  GB   6:00  SUBSEA 7 SA                          Q1            
     16-May  GB         SYNTHOMER PLC                        TRADING       
     16-May  GB         TALKTALK TELECOM GROUP PLC           PRELIM        
     16-May  BE         TESSENDERLO CHEMIE NV                Q1            
     16-May  BE         THROMBOGENICS NV                     Q1 NEWBIZ     
     16-May  GB         TRINITY MIRROR PLC                   TRADING       
     16-May  GB         TRAVIS PERKINS PLC                   TRADING       
     16-May  GB         UTV MEDIA PLC                        TRADING       
     16-May  GB   6:00  VEDANTA RESOURCES PLC                PRELIM        
     16-May  DE         VTG AG                               Q1            
     16-May  FI         VAAHTO GROUP PLC OYJ                 Q1 TRADE      
     16-May  DE         WIRECARD AG                          Q1            
     16-May  DE         EVALUE EUROPE AG                     Q1            
     16-May  CH   5:00  ZUEBLIN IMMOBILIEN HOLDING AG        FINAL         
     16-May  CH   4:45  ZURICH INSURANCE GROUP AG            Q1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     17-May  GB         ALENT PLC                            Q1 TRADE      
     17-May  GB         ALPHA PYRENEES TRUST LTD             Q1 TRADE      
     17-May  GB         BRAMMER PLC                          TRADING       
     17-May  GB         CENTAUR MEDIA PLC                    TRADING       
     17-May  GB   6:00  CHESNARA PLC                         Q1 TRADE      
     17-May  BE         FLORIDIENNE NV                       Q1 TRADE      
     17-May  DK         FLSMIDTH & CO A/S                    Q1            
     17-May  LU         FOYER SA                             Q1 TRADE      
     17-May  BE         GALAPAGOS NV                         Q1 NEWBIZ     
     17-May  GB         HEADLAM GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
     17-May  GB         HUNTSWORTH PLC                       TRADING       
     17-May  GB   6:00  INTERTEK GROUP PLC                   TRADING       
     17-May  DK         AP MOELLER - MAERSK A/S              Q1            
     17-May  GB         MYRONIVS'KYI KHLIBOPRODUKT PAT       Q1            
     17-May  GB         JOHN MENZIES PLC                     TRADING       
     17-May  NL         NSI NV                               Q1            
     17-May  GB         PREMIER FARNELL PLC                  Q1            
     17-May  AT   5:30  OESTERREICHISCHE POST AG             Q1            
     17-May  GB         RUGBY ESTATES PLC                    PRELIM        
     17-May  LU   BMO   SES SA                               Q1 TRADE      
     17-May  SE         TIGRAN TECHNOLOGIES AB               Q1            
     17-May  AT         UNIQA VERSICHERUNGEN AG              Q1            
     17-May  SE         AB VOLVO                             TRAFFIC       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     20-May  GB   BMO   BTG PLC                              PRELIM        
     20-May  GB         CRANSWICK PLC                        PRELIM        
     20-May  GB         E2V TECHNOLOGIES PLC                 PRELIM        
     20-May  GB         ITE GROUP PLC                        INTERIM       
     20-May  PT         MOTA ENGIL SGPS SA                   Q1            
     20-May  GB         MITIE GROUP PLC                      PRELIM        
     20-May  IE         RYANAIR HOLDINGS PLC                 FINAL         
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     21-May  GB         BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING PLC            PRELIM        
     21-May  GB         BURBERRY GROUP PLC                   PRELIM        
     21-May  GB         BIG YELLOW GROUP PLC                 PRELIM        
     21-May  GR   BMO   DIANA CONTAINERSHIPS INC             Q1            
     21-May  GB         DARTY PLC                            TRADING       
     21-May  AT         FRAUENTHAL HOLDING AG                Q1            
     21-May  GB         GW PHARMACEUTICALS PLC               INTERIM       
     21-May  GB         HIBU PLC                             FINAL         
     21-May  GB         HOMESERVE PLC                        PRELIM        
     21-May  SE         HUFVUDSTADEN AB                      Q1            
     21-May  FI         KESKISUOMALAINEN OYJ                 Q1            
     21-May  GB         MARKS AND SPENCER GROUP PLC          PRELIM        
     21-May  IT         SEAT PAGINE GIALLE SPA               Q1 AND FINAL  
     21-May  BE   5:30  ROULARTA MEDIA GROUP NV              Q1            
     21-May  CH   5:00  SONOVA HOLDING AG                    FINAL         
     21-May  GB         TELECOM PLUS PLC                     PRELIM        
     21-May  DK         TOPDANMARK A/S                       Q1            
     21-May  DE         UNITED INTERNET AG                   Q1            
     21-May  GB   BMO   VECTURA GROUP PLC                    PRELIM        
     21-May  AT         FLUGHAFEN WIEN AG                    Q1            
     21-May  AT         FLUGHAFEN WIEN AG                    TRAFFIC       
     21-May  GB   BMO   VODAFONE GROUP PLC                   PRELIM        
     21-May  GB   BMO   ZYTRONIC PLC                         INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------