MWV Introduces VersaPlast All-Plastic Trigger Sprayer for the North America Home & Garden Market

Mon May 20, 2013 8:30am EDT

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MWV Introduces VersaPlast All-Plastic Trigger Sprayer for the North America Home & Garden Market

MeadWestvaco Corporation (NYSE: MWV), a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions, today announced the launch of VersaPlast™, MWV’s first all-plastic trigger sprayer for the North America Home & Garden industry.

MWV's all-plastic VersaPlast. Lighter in weight compared to other sprayers in the market. (Photo: Me ...

MWV's all-plastic VersaPlast. Lighter in weight compared to other sprayers in the market. (Photo: MeadWestvaco Corporation)

The all-plastic VersaPlast is lighter in weight compared to other sprayers on the market, which over time equates to lighter shipping weights and reduced costs and carbon footprint for brands. The versatile trigger sprayer’s unique design includes a door foamer nozzle option allowing the user to choose either foam or spray dispensing, depending on their application needs and preferences. Additionally, the ergonomic design with the easy-grip Ergo Trigger provides more comfort for the user.

“In listening to our customer’s needs and our research insights, MWV identified a need for an all-plastic trigger in the North American market,” said Bill Riley, president, MWV Home & Garden. “By providing an enhanced consumer experience each time they use this versatile trigger sprayer, we’re helping to reinforce a positive consumer interaction with the cleaning brands they trust and frequently use.”

Sunshine Makers, Inc., the makers of Simple Green® cleaners, is the first company in the United States to use VersaPlast on its cleaning products. Jeff Hyder, senior vice president of Operations, Simple Green, commented, “As a part of our company’s USA-sourced policy and our desire to improve our packaging sustainability, we did a complete restaging of our packaging and delivery systems. MWV’s VersaPlast achieves our goals by providing an American-made trigger that helps us address our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Simple Green’s packaging restage initiative was recently recognized at the National Hardware Show with the Gold 2013 NRHA Packaging Award in early May. The selection of MWV’s lightweight VersaPlast as a part of that packaging restage supports Simple Green’s socially responsible mission. Produced in North America, VersaPlast fits into Simple Green’s local supply chain strategy, minimizing transportation emissions. Additionally, the innovative, all-plastic trigger design will reduce Simple Green’s resource consumption, eliminating an estimated 19.6 tons of resin and 10.2 tons of metal per year.

VersaPlast is based on the all-plastic VersaPlast SP05 currently available in other markets around the world, but features a slightly different aesthetic unique to North America. Please visit for more information on VersaPlast and MWV Home & Garden.

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