REFILE-TABLE-Japan Tobacco -Q1 group results (IFRS)

Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:38am EDT

(Adds percent change for Net profit of year ago result)
Jul 30 (Reuters)- 
              Japan Tobacco Inc 
     (in billions of yen unless specified) 
                   3 months ended      3 months ended       Year to 
                  Jun 30, 2013        Jun 30, 2012     Mar 31, 2014 
                     LATEST             YEAR-AGO          COMPANY   
                     RESULTS             RESULT          FORECAST   
  Sales              547.94              512.11          2.37 trln  
                   (+7.0 pct)          (+17.2 pct)      (+11.7 pct) 
  Operating          146.48              128.57           616.00    
                   (+13.9 pct)         (+68.2 pct)      (+15.7 pct) 
  Pretax             141.59              124.35           598.00    
                   (+13.9 pct)         (+72.4 pct)      (+17.4 pct) 
  Net                 98.10               84.52           415.00    
                   (+16.1 pct)         (+83.2 pct)      (+20.8 pct) 
  EPS Basic         53.98 yen           44.38 yen       228.34 yen  
  EPS Diluted       53.95 yen           44.36 yen                   
  Ann Div                               68.00 yen        92.00 yen  
  -Q2 Div                               30.00 yen        46.00 yen  
  -Q4 Div                               38.00 yen        46.00 yen  
  NOTE - Japan Tobacco Inc was formerly Japan Monopoly Corp and 
 privatised in 1985 with tobacco production and
  sales as core business. 
  (Figures are reported based on international accounting rules (IFRS).) 
  If there is no Q1 or Q3 dividend, Q2 will in most cases correspond to the first-half 
  dividend and Q4 to the second-half dividend announced before a new corporate law in 
  2006 allowed companies to pay and report dividends on a quarterly basis.
  *Net - represents Net profit attributable to owners of the parent company. 
  For latest earnings estimates made by Toyo Keizai, please double click on. 

 (Reporting By Kuniko Nishikubo)
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