REFILE-TABLE-Hoya -Q1 group results (IFRS)

Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:30am EDT

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Jul 31 (Reuters)- 
              Hoya Corp 
     (in billions of yen unless specified) 
                   3 months ended      3 months ended       Next
                  Jun 30, 2013        Jun 30, 2012          Year 
                     LATEST             YEAR-AGO         COMPANY H1   
                     RESULTS             RESULT          FORECAST   
  Sales              100.43               92.62           200.00          
                   (+8.4 pct)                             (+7.7 pct)          
  Pretax              20.12               25.88            34.00           
                   (-22.2 pct)                            (-18.8 pct)          
  Net                 12.30               23.22            23.50         
                   (-47.0 pct)                            (-37.6 pct)          
  EPS Basic         28.51 yen           53.81 yen          54.46 yen         
  EPS Diluted       28.49 yen           53.79 yen                   
  Ann Div                               65.00 yen                   
  -Q2 Div                               30.00 yen                   
  -Q4 Div                               35.00 yen                   
  NOTE - Hoya Corp makes optical glasses and photomask blanks, 
 a key component in chip-making equipment. 
  (Figures are reported based on international accounting rules (IFRS).) 
  If there is no Q1 or Q3 dividend, Q2 will in most cases correspond to the first-half 
  dividend and Q4 to the second-half dividend announced before a new corporate law in 
  2006 allowed companies to pay and report dividends on a quarterly basis.
  *Net - represents Net profit attributable to owners of the parent company. 
  For latest earnings estimates made by Toyo Keizai, please double click on. 

 (Reporting By Kuniko Nishikubo)