DIARY - Western European Corporate events from August 23

Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:55am EDT

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    Major European Co.'s earnings   Monthly S&P 500 earnings       
    Weekly non-S&P 500 earnings      Day ahead S&P 500 earnings     
    Weekly conference call/webcast   Weekly meetings                
    Global Company News Preview     Day ahead conference call      
    Weekly S&P 500 earnings              Central & East Europe earnings  
 ***PLEASE NOTE - We have split this diary into two separate diaries;
    Earnings, which will contain the following event types; Earnings, Trading, Sales, Traffic 
Figures, New Business, KPI's and others on merit. 
    Meetings, which will contain the following event types; Conference Calls, Meetings, 
Presentations, Analysts, Investor Conferences and others on merit. 
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      DATE   CO   GMT   COMPANY NAME                         EVENT          RIC 
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                 ---------     --------
     23-Aug  NO         AF GRUPPEN ASA                       Q2            
     23-Aug  GB         AFREN PLC                            INTERIM       
     23-Aug  NL   BMO   STERN GROEP NV                       Q2            
     23-Aug  GB         ATRIUM EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE LTD      Q2            
     23-Aug  DE         BIOFRONTERA AG                       Q2            
     23-Aug  CH         BACHEM AG                            INTERIM       
     23-Aug  CH         BERNER KANTONALBANK AG               H1            
     23-Aug  GB   6:00  HENRY BOOT PLC                       INTERIM       
     23-Aug  NO         BIONOR PHARMA ASA                    Q2            
     23-Aug  GB         BERENDSEN PLC                        INTERIM       
     23-Aug  SE   5:00  CATELLA AB                           Q2            
     23-Aug  CH   5:00  CHAM PAPER GROUP HOLDING AG          H1            
     23-Aug  SE         CHRONTECH PHARMA AB                  Q2            
     23-Aug  SE   6:30  CTT SYSTEMS AB                       Q2            
     23-Aug  NL         DE MASTER BLENDERS 1753 NV           FINAL         
     23-Aug  NO   6:00  DIAGENIC ASA                         Q2            
     23-Aug  DE         DUERKOPP ADLER AG                    Q2            
     23-Aug  NO         EITZEN CHEMICAL ASA                  Q2            
     23-Aug  DK   6:00  FLSMIDTH & CO A/S                    Q2            
     23-Aug  LU         FOYER SA                             Q2            
     23-Aug  NO         GOODTECH ASA                         Q2            
     23-Aug  NL   AMC   GROOTHANDELSGEBOUWEN NV              Q2            
     23-Aug  CH   5:00  GURIT HOLDING AG                     H1            
     23-Aug  DE         DR HOENLE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT         Q3            
     23-Aug  AT         BKS BANK AG                          Q2            
     23-Aug  SE         LAMMHULTS DESIGN GROUP AB            Q2            
     23-Aug  SE         MIDWAY HOLDING AB                    Q2            
     23-Aug  CH         MOBILEZONE AG                        H1            
     23-Aug  NO         NORTH ENERGY ASA                     Q2            
     23-Aug  AT         OBERBANK AG                          Q2            
     23-Aug  NO         ODFJELL SE                           Q2            
     23-Aug  SE         OPCON AB                             Q2            
     23-Aug  FI         ORAL HAMMASLAAKARIT OYJ              Q2            
     23-Aug  SE         ORASOLV AB                           Q2            
     23-Aug  SE         PRICER AB                            Q2            
     23-Aug  BE         PUNCH INTERNATIONAL NV               Q2            
     23-Aug  DK         RTX A/S                              Q3            
     23-Aug  AT         SANOCHEMIA PHARMAZEUTIKA AG          Q3            
     23-Aug  DE         SOFTSHIP AG                          Q2            
     23-Aug  DK         SKAKO A/S                            Q2            
     23-Aug  AT         BANK FUER TIROL UND VORARLBERG AG    Q2            
     23-Aug  NL   5:00  KONINKLIJKE VOPAK NV                 INTERIM       
     23-Aug  FI         VAAHTO GROUP PLC OYJ                 Q2            
     23-Aug  NL         XEIKON NV                            INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     25-Aug  DK         JENSEN OG MOELLER INVEST A/S         Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     26-Aug  CH         ALPIQ HOLDING AG                     H1            
     26-Aug  NL   AMC   BATENBURG TECHNIEK NV                Q2            
     26-Aug  NO         BYGGMA ASA                           Q2            
     26-Aug  AT         C QUADRAT INVESTMENT AG              Q2            
     26-Aug  IT         CREDITO BERGAMASCO SPA               Q2            
     26-Aug  FR   AMC   COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE TRADITION SA    H1            
     26-Aug  PT         CIMPOR CIMENTOS DE PORTUGAL SGPS SA  Q2            
     26-Aug  CH         FLUGHAFEN ZUERICH AG                 H1            
     26-Aug  FR   AMC   HIGH CO SA                           Q2            
     26-Aug  DE         IVG IMMOBILIEN AG                    Q2            
     26-Aug  GB   BMO   KNOT OFFSHORE PARTNERS LP            Q2            
     26-Aug  DE         LANDESBANK BADEN-WURTTEMBERG         Q2            
     26-Aug  BE         LEASINVEST REAL ESTATE CVA           Q2            
     26-Aug  BE         LOTUS BAKERIES NV                    Q2            
     26-Aug  DE         MEVIS MEDICAL SOLUTIONS AG           Q2            
     26-Aug  IT         MARCOLIN SPA                         Q2            
     26-Aug  CH         METALL ZUG LTD                       H1            
     26-Aug  DK         NEWCAP HOLDING A/S                   Q2            
     26-Aug  DK         PARKEN SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT A/S     Q2            
     26-Aug  AT         PANKL RACING SYSTEMS AG              Q2            
     26-Aug  IT         BANCA POPOLARE DELL ETRURIA E DEL    Q2            
     26-Aug  CH   5:00  PUBLIGROUPE SA                       H1            
     26-Aug  IT         BANCO DI SARDEGNA SPA                Q2            
     26-Aug  CH         SIEGFRIED HOLDING LTD                H1            
     26-Aug  NO         SOLSTAD OFFSHORE ASA                 Q2            
     26-Aug  NO   BMO   SONGA OFFSHORE SE                    Q2            
     26-Aug  IT         UNIONE DI BANCHE ITALIANE SCPA       Q2            
     26-Aug  CH         VETROPACK HOLDING SA                 H1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     27-Aug  IT         ACEGAS APS SPA                       Q2            
     27-Aug  NO   5:00  AKER SOLUTIONS ASA                   Q2            
     27-Aug  GB         ANTOFAGASTA PLC                      INTERIM       
     27-Aug  BE         ATENOR GROUP SA                      Q2            
     27-Aug  IT         BANCO POPOLARE SC                    Q2            
     27-Aug  GB         BUNZL PLC                            INTERIM       
     27-Aug  CH         BOSSARD HOLDING AG                   H1            
     27-Aug  IT         BANCA POPOLARE DI SPOLETO SPA        Q2            
     27-Aug  IT         CAD IT SPA                           Q2            
     27-Aug  NO   4:30  CERMAQ ASA                           Q2            
     27-Aug  BE   AMC   COMPAGNIE D'ENTREPRISES CFE SA       Q2            
     27-Aug  BE         COMPAGNIE MARITIME BELGE SA          H1            
     27-Aug  CH   15:30 CPH CHEMIE PAPIER HOLDING AG         H1            
     27-Aug  AT         ECO BUSINESS IMMOBILIEN AG           Q2            
     27-Aug  IT         BANCA POPOLARE DELL EMILIA ROMAGNA   H1            
     27-Aug  BE   BMO   EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC SE               Q2            
     27-Aug  IE   6:00  FBD HOLDINGS PLC                     H1            
     27-Aug  GR   AMC   FOURLIS SA                           Q2            
     27-Aug  DK         GYLDENDAL A/S                        Q2            
     27-Aug  NL         ROYAL IMTECH NV                      INTERIM       
     27-Aug  SE         L E LUNDBERGFORETAGEN PUBL AB        Q2            
     27-Aug  IT         LVENTURE GROUP SPA                   Q2            
     27-Aug  SE   5:30  MEKONOMEN AB                         Q2            
     27-Aug  DK         MOENS BANK A/S                       Q2            
     27-Aug  NL   BMO   NEDSENSE ENTERPRISES NV              INTERIM       
     27-Aug  DK         NOERRESUNDBY BANK A/S                Q2            
     27-Aug  DK         NTR HOLDING A/S                      Q2            
     27-Aug  CH         ORASCOM DEVELOPMENT HOLDING AG       Q2            
     27-Aug  NL         ORDINA NV                            INTERIM       
     27-Aug  GB         PETROFAC LTD                         INTERIM       
     27-Aug  FR         PHARMAGEST INTERACTIVE SA            Q2            
     27-Aug  CH         REPOWER AG                           INTERIM       
     27-Aug  NO         ROCKSOURCE ASA                       Q2            
     27-Aug  GB   BMO   REGUS PLC                            INTERIM       
     27-Aug  DK   BMO   ROCKWOOL INTERNATIONAL A/S           Q2            
     27-Aug  AT         S IMMO AG                            Q2            
     27-Aug  DK   15:00 SIMCORP A/S                          Q2            
     27-Aug  DK         STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS A/S            Q2            
     27-Aug  DK         TOPSIL SEMICONDUCTOR MATERIALS A/S   Q2            
     27-Aug  AT         UNIQA INSURANCE GROUP AG             H1            
     27-Aug  GB         UTV MEDIA PLC                        INTERIM       
     27-Aug  CH         VALARTIS GROUP AG                    H1            
     27-Aug  LI         VERWALTUNGS UND PRIVAT BANK AG       H1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     28-Aug  CH         NVC LIGHTING HOLDING LTD             INTERIM       
     28-Aug  GI         888 HOLDINGS PLC                     INTERIM       
     28-Aug  ES   AMC   ABENGOA SA                           Q2            
     28-Aug  FR   5:00  ACCOR SA                             H1            
     28-Aug  BE         ACKERMANS EN VAN HAAREN NV           Q2            
     28-Aug  FR   BMO   ANF IMMOBILIER SA                    Q2            
     28-Aug  DE         ADESSO AG                            Q2            
     28-Aug  BE   5:45  AGFA-GEVAERT NV                      Q2            
     28-Aug  NO   5:00  ALGETA ASA                           Q2            
     28-Aug  GB   BMO   APR ENERGY PLC                       INTERIM       
     28-Aug  FR   AMC   BASTIDE LE CONFORT MEDICAL SA        Q4 SALES      
     28-Aug  GR         PIRAEUS BANK SA                      Q2            
     28-Aug  FR   5:00  BOUYGUES SA                          H1            
     28-Aug  IT         BRIOSCHI SVILUPPO IMMOBILIARE SPA    Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         BASTOGI SPA                          Q2            
     28-Aug  AT         CA IMMOBILIEN ANLAGEN AKTIENGESELLSC Q2            
     28-Aug  GB         CANDOVER INVESTMENTS PLC             INTERIM       
     28-Aug  GB         CHEMRING GROUP PLC                   TRADING       
     28-Aug  SE         CONSILIUM AB                         Q2            
     28-Aug  AT   6:00  CONWERT IMMOBILIEN INVEST SE         Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         DE LONGHI SPA                        Q2            
     28-Aug  NO         DOMSTEIN ASA                         Q2            
     28-Aug  FR   BMO   EDAP TMS SA                          Q2            
     28-Aug  CH   5:00  EMMI AG                              H1            
     28-Aug  FR   AMC   INFOTEL SA                           Q2            
     28-Aug  BE         EURONAV NV                           H1            
     28-Aug  FR   BMO   EURAZEO SA                           Q2            
     28-Aug  DK         EXPEDIT A/S                          Q2            
     28-Aug  DE         F24 AG                               H1            
     28-Aug  BE         FLUXYS BELGIUM NV                    Q2            
     28-Aug  FR   AMC   EIFFAGE SA                           H1            
     28-Aug  GB         G4S PLC                              H1            
     28-Aug  FR   BMO   BOURBON SA                           Q2            
     28-Aug  IE   6:00  GRAFTON GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     28-Aug  DK   13:00 HOEJGAARD HOLDING A/S                Q2            
     28-Aug  NO         HOFSETH BIOCARE ASA                  Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         HERA SPA                             H1            
     28-Aug  IT         IMMSI SPA                            Q2            
     28-Aug  NO         INTEROIL EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION  Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         IREN SPA                             H1            
     28-Aug  IT         ITWAY SPA                            Q3            
     28-Aug  IE   BMO   KENMARE RESOURCES PLC                INTERIM       
     28-Aug  GB   BMO   JOHNSTON PRESS PLC                   INTERIM       
     28-Aug  FR   AMC   MANITOU BF SA                        Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         MEDIACONTECH SPA                     Q2            
     28-Aug  DK   13:00 MONBERG & THORSEN A/S                Q2            
     28-Aug  GB   BMO   MATTIOLI WOODS PLC                   PRELIM        
     28-Aug  NO         NAMSOS TRAFIKKSELSKAP ASA            Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         NICE SPA                             H1            
     28-Aug  GR         GREEK ORGANISATION OF FOOTBALL       Q2            
     28-Aug  DK         PER AARSLEFF A/S                     Q3            
     28-Aug  IE   6:00  PADDY POWER PLC                      INTERIM       
     28-Aug  IT         BANCA POPOLARE DI MILANO SCARL       H1            
     28-Aug  IT         PRIMA INDUSTRIE SPA                  Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         PREMUDA SPA                          Q2            
     28-Aug  DE         POWERLAND AG                         Q2            
     28-Aug  SE         RAYSEARCH LABORATORIES PUBL AB       Q2            
     28-Aug  DK         ROYAL UNIBREW A/S                    Q2            
     28-Aug  DK         RELLA HOLDING A/S                    Q2            
     28-Aug  NL         PROSENSA HOLDING NV                  Q2            
     28-Aug  NO   5:00  SALMAR ASA                           Q2            
     28-Aug  GB         SEADRILL PARTNERS LLC                Q2            
     28-Aug  NO         SEADRILL LTD                         Q2            
     28-Aug  NO   6:00  SEVAN MARINE ASA                     Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         SOL SPA                              Q2            
     28-Aug  IT         TREVI FINANZIARIA INDUSTRIALE SPA    H1            
     28-Aug  IT   13:00 TISCALI SPA                          Q2            
     28-Aug  DE         TRANSTEC AG                          Q2            
     28-Aug  DK         VICTORIA PROPERTIES A/S              Q2            
     28-Aug  CH         ZHONGDE WASTE TECHNOLOGY AG          Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     29-Aug  IT         B & C SPEAKERS SPA                   Q2            
     29-Aug  SE         ACCELERATOR NORDIC AB                Q2            
     29-Aug  ES         ACS ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCION      Q2            
     29-Aug  GB   6:00  ADMIRAL GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     29-Aug  FR   5:30  AEROPORTS DE PARIS SA                H1            
     29-Aug  CH         ADVAL TECH HOLDING AG                H1            
     29-Aug  NO         AGR GROUP ASA                        Q2            
     29-Aug  GB   BMO   ARK THERAPEUTICS GROUP PLC           INTERIM       
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   ADLPARTNER SA                        Q2            
     29-Aug  NL         KONINKLIJKE REESINK NV               INTERIM       
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   APRIL SA                             Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         ASCOPIAVE SPA                        H1            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   AVENIR TELECOM SA                    Q1 SALES      
     29-Aug  CH   5:00  BALOISE HOLDING AG                   H1            
     29-Aug  IT         BEGHELLI SPA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  DE         BIJOU BRIGITTE MODISCHE ACCESSOIRES  Q2            
     29-Aug  CH   5:30  BOBST SA                             H1            
     29-Aug  DK         BOCONCEPT HOLDING A/S                Q1            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   BOIRON SA                            Q2            
     29-Aug  CH   AMC   BONA FILM GROUP LTD                  Q2            
     29-Aug  FR         BONGRAIN SA                          Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         BUMI PLC                             INTERIM       
     29-Aug  NO   BMO   BW OFFSHORE LTD                      Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   15:35 BUSINESS & DECISION SA               Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         CAMELLIA PLC                         INTERIM       
     29-Aug  IT         CAMFIN SPA                           Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   CARREFOUR SA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   MERSEN SA                            Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         CEMBRE SPA                           Q2            
     29-Aug  GB   BMO   CHURCHILL CHINA PLC                  INTERIM       
     29-Aug  IT         CLASS EDITORI SPA                    Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   CHARGEURS SA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  NL         CONSTELLIUM NV                       Q2            
     29-Aug  NL         CTAC NV                              Q2            
     29-Aug  FR         DALET SA                             Q2            
     29-Aug  FR         SOMFY SA                             Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         DEA CAPITAL SPA                      Q2            
     29-Aug  GR   BMO   PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION SA          Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         EUROTECH SPA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  SE   BMO   EAST CAPITAL EXPLORER AB             Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         EEMS ITALIA SPA                      Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         EL EN SPA                            Q2            
     29-Aug  BE         ELIA SYSTEM OPERATOR SA              Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         CREDITO EMILIANO SPA                 H1            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   ESSILOR INTERNATIONAL SA             Q2            
     29-Aug  DE         ENVITEC BIOGAS AG                    Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         EUKEDOS SPA                          Q2            
     29-Aug  DE         EUROKAI KGAA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  AT   6:00  EVN AG                               Q3            
     29-Aug  GB         EVRAZ PLC                            H1            
     29-Aug  BE         EVS BROADCAST EQUIPMENT SA           Q2            
     29-Aug  BE         EXMAR NV                             Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         EXOR SPA                             Q2            
     29-Aug  AT         FABASOFT AG                          Q1            
     29-Aug  IT   8:00  FIDIA SPA                            Q2            
     29-Aug  DE         FIELMANN AG                          Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   FLEURY MICHON SA                     Q2            
     29-Aug  GR         FOLLI FOLLIE SA                      Q2            
     29-Aug  DK         GLUNZ AND JENSEN A/S                 Q4            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   GUILLEMOT CORPORATION SA             Q2            
     29-Aug  FR         GEMALTO NV                           H1            
     29-Aug  GB         HARDY OIL AND GAS PLC                INTERIM       
     29-Aug  GB         HAYS PLC                             PRELIM        
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   HUBWOO SA                            Q2            
     29-Aug  GR         HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA                Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   HI MEDIA SA                          Q2            
     29-Aug  GB   BMO   HANSTEEN HOLDINGS PLC                INTERIM       
     29-Aug  GB         HUNTING PLC                          INTERIM       
     29-Aug  DE         ITN NANOVATION AG                    Q2            
     29-Aug  BE   5:00  ION BEAM APPLICATIONS SA             Q2            
     29-Aug  IE         IRISH CONTINENTAL GROUP PLC          INTERIM       
     29-Aug  BE   AMC   D'IETEREN SA                         H1            
     29-Aug  IT   9:00  BANCA IFIS SPA                       Q2            
     29-Aug  IE   6:00  IFG GROUP PLC                        INTERIM       
     29-Aug  CH         IMPLENIA AG                          INTERIM       
     29-Aug  IT         IRCE SPA                             Q2            
     29-Aug  CH         INTERSHOP HOLDING AG                 H1            
     29-Aug  NL         KARDAN NV                            Q2            
     29-Aug  NL   BMO   KAS BANK NV                          Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         KINEXIA SPA                          Q2            
     29-Aug  BE         KINEPOLIS GROUP NV                   Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   15:45 LAGARDERE SCA                        Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   LANSON BCC SA                        H1 SALES      
     29-Aug  IT         LA DORIA SPA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  CH   5:00  LIECHTENSTEINISCHE LANDESBANK AG     H1            
     29-Aug  GR         LAMDA DEVELOPMENT SA                 Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         MACFARLANE GROUP PLC                 INTERIM       
     29-Aug  FR         ETABLISSEMENTS MAUREL ET PROM SA     Q2            
     29-Aug  GB   6:00  MYRONIVS'KYI KHLIBOPRODUKT PAT       Q2/H1         
     29-Aug  GR         MOTOR OIL HELLAS CORINTH REFINERIES  Q2            
     29-Aug  PT         MOTA ENGIL SGPS SA                   Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   WENDEL SA                            H1            
     29-Aug  DK         NEUROSEARCH A/S                      Q2            
     29-Aug  DK         NORDICOM A/S                         Q2            
     29-Aug  GB   BMO   OFFICE2OFFICE PLC                    INTERIM       
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   AUFEMININ COM SA                     Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         OLIDATA SPA                          Q2            
     29-Aug  DE         ONVISTA AG                           Q2            
     29-Aug  LU         ORCO PROPERTY GROUP SA               Q2            
     29-Aug  FR         L'OREAL SA                           H1            
     29-Aug  GB   BMO   OXFORD BIOMEDICA PLC                 INTERIM       
     29-Aug  IT         PRELIOS SPA                          H1            
     29-Aug  NO         PETROLIA ASA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  CH         PERROT DUVAL HOLDING SA              FINAL         
     29-Aug  FR   5:30  PERNOD RICARD SA                     FINAL         
     29-Aug  GB         PETROPAVLOVSK PLC                    INTERIM       
     29-Aug  NO         POLARIS MEDIA ASA                    Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         ESPRINET SPA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         POLIGRAFICA S FAUSTINO SPA           Q2            
     29-Aug  BE   BMO   RHJ INTERNATIONAL SA                 Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         GRUPPO CERAMICHE RICCHETTI SPA       Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   RUBIS SCA                            H1            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   RECYLEX SA                           Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         SALVATORE FERRAGAMO SPA              Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         STAGECOACH GROUP PLC                 TRADING       
     29-Aug  GB   BMO   SOCO INTERNATIONAL PLC               INTERIM       
     29-Aug  DE         FIRST SENSOR AG                      Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         SALAMANDER ENERGY PLC                INTERIM       
     29-Aug  BE         SOFINA SA                            H1            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   NRJ GROUP SA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  DE         SPLENDID MEDIEN AG                   Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         SERCO GROUP PLC                      Q2            
     29-Aug  NO         SCOTTISH SALMON CO PLC               Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   STENTYS SA                           Q2            
     29-Aug  IT         STEFANEL SPA                         Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   STEF SA                              Q2            
     29-Aug  SE         STILLE AB                            Q2            
     29-Aug  SE         STARBREEZE AB                        Q4            
     29-Aug  SE   6:00  SYSTEMAIR AB                         Q1            
     29-Aug  FR   AMC   ETAM DEVELOPPEMENT SCA               Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   THEOLIA SA                           H1            
     29-Aug  BE   BMO   TER BEKE NV                          Q2            
     29-Aug  BE         TESSENDERLO CHEMIE NV                Q2            
     29-Aug  FR         TOUAX SCA                            Q2            
     29-Aug  BE         THROMBOGENICS NV                     H1            
     29-Aug  SE         TIGRAN TECHNOLOGIES AB               Q2            
     29-Aug  AT         UBM REALITAETENENTWICKLUNG AG        Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         THE UNITE GROUP PLC                  INTERIM       
     29-Aug  CH   5:00  VALORA HOLDING AG                    H1            
     29-Aug  CH         IVF HARTMANN HOLDING AG              H1            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   VIEL ET CIE SA                       Q2            
     29-Aug  FR         VETOQUINOL SA                        Q2            
     29-Aug  FR   BMO   VIVENDI SA                           H1            
     29-Aug  DK         VESTJYSK BANK A/S                    Q2            
     29-Aug  GB         VISLINK PLC                          INTERIM       
     29-Aug  CH         WARTECK INVEST LTD                   H1            
     29-Aug  GB         WPP PLC                              H1            
     29-Aug  GB         XAAR PLC                             INTERIM       
     29-Aug  DK         ZEALAND PHARMA A/S                   Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     30-Aug  AT         PORR AG                              Q2            
     30-Aug  FR   AMC   AB SCIENCE SA                        Q2            
     30-Aug  GR         ALPHA BANK SA                        Q2            
     30-Aug  FR   AMC   CAMELEON SOFTWARE SA                 Q2            
     30-Aug  NO   6:00  AKER ASA                             Q2            
     30-Aug  ES         CORPORACION FINANCIERA ALBA SA       Q2            
     30-Aug  DK         ANDERSEN & MARTINI A/S               Q2            
     30-Aug  NL         AMSTERDAM COMMODITIES NV             INTERIM       
     30-Aug  NL         BETER BED HOLDING NV                 Q2            
     30-Aug  DE         BIEN ZENKER AG                       Q2            
     30-Aug  GI   6:00  BWIN.PARTY DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT PLC H1            
     30-Aug  NL   AMC   KONINKLIJKE BRILL NV                 INTERIM       
     30-Aug  DE         CENTROSOLAR GROUP AG                 Q2            
     30-Aug  BE   15:35 COMPAGNIE DU BOIS SAUVAGE SA         Q2            
     30-Aug  FR         UNIBEL SA                            Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         COMPUTACENTER PLC                    H1            
     30-Aug  IT         CDC POINT SPA                        Q2            
     30-Aug  ES   BMO   CODERE SA                            Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         CHARLES TAYLOR PLC                   INTERIM       
     30-Aug  NO         CLAVIS PHARMA ASA                    Q2            
     30-Aug  FR         SOCIETE D'EDITION DE CANAL PLUS SA   Q2            
     30-Aug  DE         CO DON AG                            Q2            
     30-Aug  SE         C-RAD AB                             Q2            
     30-Aug  GB   6:00  CHESNARA PLC                         INTERIM       
     30-Aug  FR         DIGIGRAM SA                          Q2            
     30-Aug  IE   6:00  DATALEX PLC                          INTERIM       
     30-Aug  BE   AMC   ECONOCOM GROUP SA                    Q2            
     30-Aug  DK         EGETAEPPER A/S                       Q1            
     30-Aug  DE   6:00  EIFELHOEHEN KLINIK AG                INTERIM       
     30-Aug  DE         EQS GROUP AG                         Q2            
     30-Aug  FR   15:45 HAVAS SA                             Q2            
     30-Aug  FR   AMC   FFP S.A.                             H1            
     30-Aug  ES   BMO   FLUIDRA SA                           Q2            
     30-Aug  FR         FROMAGERIES BEL SA                   Q2            
     30-Aug  NO   6:00  FUNCOM NV                            Q2            
     30-Aug  FI         GEOSENTRIC OYJ                       Q2            
     30-Aug  NO         GOLDEN OCEAN GROUP LTD               Q2            
     30-Aug  GR         GOLDENPORT HOLDINGS INC              INTERIM       
     30-Aug  GB         HEADLAM GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     30-Aug  FR   BMO   HERMES INTERNATIONAL SCA             Q2            
     30-Aug  AT         HTI HIGH TECH INDUSTRIES AG          Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         HAYNES PUBLISHING GROUP PLC          PRELIM        
     30-Aug  SE         IGE RESOURCES PUBL AB                Q2            
     30-Aug  IE   6:00  INDEPENDENT NEWS & MEDIA PLC         INTERIM       
     30-Aug  FR         IPSEN SA                             Q2            
     30-Aug  FR         IT LINK SA                           Q2            
     30-Aug  BE   15:40 KBC ANCORA CVA                       Q4            
     30-Aug  AT         KTM AG                               INTERIM       
     30-Aug  FR         LATECOERE SA                         Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         LAVENDON GROUP PLC                   INTERIM       
     30-Aug  FR         MEMSCAP SA                           H1            
     30-Aug  GB         MARSHALLS PLC                        INTERIM       
     30-Aug  DE         ALBIS LEASING AG                     Q2            
     30-Aug  SE         MULTIQ INTERNATIONAL AB              Q2            
     30-Aug  FR   AMC   NATUREX SA                           Q2            
     30-Aug  NO         NAVAMEDIC ASA                        Q2            
     30-Aug  ES         NICOLAS CORREA SA                    H1            
     30-Aug  NO         NETCONNECT ASA                       Q2            
     30-Aug  ES   AMC   NH HOTELES SA                        H1            
     30-Aug  DE         NUERNBERGER BETEILIGUNGS AG          Q2            
     30-Aug  NO   BMO   NORWEGIAN CAR CARRIERS ASA           Q2            
     30-Aug  DE         NORCOM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AG     Q2            
     30-Aug  AT         CAT OIL AG                           Q2            
     30-Aug  DE         ORBIS AG                             Q2            
     30-Aug  BE   BMO   OPTION NV                            H1            
     30-Aug  NL   AMC   ORANJEWOUD NV                        Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         PERFORM GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     30-Aug  GB         POLYUS GOLD INTERNATIONAL LTD        H1            
     30-Aug  BE         REALDOLMEN NV                        Q1 TRADE      
     30-Aug  BE         RESILUX NV                           Q2            
     30-Aug  NO         GC RIEBER SHIPPING ASA               Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         RESTAURANT GROUP PLC                 INTERIM       
     30-Aug  NO         SAGA TANKERS ASA                     Q2            
     30-Aug  FR   BMO   SAMSE SA                             Q2            
     30-Aug  PT         SEMAPA SOCIEDADE DE INVESTIMENTO     Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         SHAFT SINKERS HOLDINGS PLC           INTERIM       
     30-Aug  FR   AMC   CS COMMUNICATION & SYSTEMES SA       Q2            
     30-Aug  BE         SIOEN INDUSTRIES NV                  Q2            
     30-Aug  NL   6:00  EUROCOMMERCIAL PROPERTIES NV         Q4            
     30-Aug  FR         SOCIETE INTERNATIONALE DE PLANTATION Q2            
     30-Aug  NO         SOLVANG ASA                          Q2            
     30-Aug  AT   5:30  STRABAG SE                           Q2            
     30-Aug  FR   AMC   SWORD GROUP SE                       Q2            
     30-Aug  PT         TEIXEIRA DUARTE SA                   Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         TYMAN PLC                            INTERIM       
     30-Aug  AT         UNTERNEHMENS INVEST AG               Q3            
     30-Aug  BE   AMC   VAN DE VELDE NV                      Q2            
     30-Aug  SE         VOLVO AB                             TRAFFIC       
     30-Aug  FR         VRANKEN POMMERY MONOPOLE SA          Q2            
     30-Aug  AT         WARIMPEX FINANZ UND BETEILIGUNGS AG  Q2            
     30-Aug  GB         XCOUNTER AB                          INTERIM       
     30-Aug  FR         CAST SA                              Q2            
     30-Aug  BE         ZETES INDUSTRIES SA                  Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     31-Aug  DE         HANSA GROUP AG                       Q2            
     31-Aug  SE         SELENA OIL & GAS HOLDING AB          Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     2-Sep   GB         BIOME TECHNOLOGIES PLC               INTERIM       
     2-Sep   GB         BERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS PLC          TRADING       
     2-Sep   FR   AMC   DEVOTEAM SA                          Q2            
     2-Sep   CH   5:00  HELVETIA HOLDING AG                  INTERIM       
     2-Sep   CH         ROMANDE ENERGIE HOLDING SA           H1            
     2-Sep   FR   BMO   ILIAD SA                             Q2            
     2-Sep   ES         TUBOS REUNIDOS SA                    Q2            
     2-Sep   FR   AMC   VALTECH SA                           Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     3-Sep   CH   AMC   AIRESIS SA                           INTERIM       
     3-Sep   FR   AMC   MASTRAD SA                           Q4 SALES      
     3-Sep   BE         AEDIFICA SA                          Q4            
     3-Sep   GB   BMO   DECHRA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC           PRELIM        
     3-Sep   SE   11:00 ELEKTA AB                            Q1            
     3-Sep   GB         GOALS SOCCER CENTRES PLC             INTERIM       
     3-Sep   DK         HARBOES BRYGGERI A/S                 Q1            
     3-Sep   GB   BMO   HYDRO INTERNATIONAL PLC              INTERIM       
     3-Sep   GB   BMO   JOHNSON SERVICE GROUP PLC            INTERIM       
     3-Sep   GB         MCBRIDE PLC                          PRELIM        
     3-Sep   FR         RADIALL SA                           Q2            
     3-Sep   GB         DS SMITH PLC                         Q1 TRADE      
     3-Sep   CH         VILLARS HOLDING SA                   H1            
     3-Sep   DE         ZAPF CREATION AG                     Q2            
     3-Sep   AT         ZUMTOBEL AG                          Q1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     4-Sep   GB         ASHTEAD GROUP PLC                    Q1            
     4-Sep   FR         SECHE ENVIRONNEMENT SA               Q2            
     4-Sep   SE   6:00  CLAS OHLSON AB                       Q1            
     4-Sep   SE   6:00  CLAS OHLSON AB                       AUG SALES     
     4-Sep   GB   BMO   HARGREAVES LANSDOWN PLC              PRELIM        
     4-Sep   DE         HCI CAPITAL AG                       INTERIM       
     4-Sep   FR   AMC   JACQUET METAL SERVICE SA             H1            
     4-Sep   GB   BMO   A & J MUCKLOW GROUP P L C            PRELIM        
     4-Sep   FR         PRODUITS CHIMIQUES AUXILIAIRES ET DE Q2            
     4-Sep   FI         PANOSTAJA OYJ                        Q3            
     4-Sep   FR         HAULOTTE GROUP SA                    Q2            
     4-Sep   GB         SAFESTORE HOLDINGS PLC               Q3 TRADE      
     4-Sep   SE   6:00  SAS AB                               Q3            
     4-Sep   DE         SQS SOFTWARE QUALITY SYSTEMS AG      INTERIM       
     4-Sep   ES         VUELING AIRLINES SA                  TRAFFIC       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     5-Sep   IE         AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 TRAFFIC       
     5-Sep   CH   AMC   AGTA RECORD AG                       Q2            
     5-Sep   FR   BMO   ALTRAN TECHNOLOGIES SA               H1            
     5-Sep   GB   BMO   BETFAIR GROUP PLC                    Q1 TRADE      
     5-Sep   IE         CPL RESOURCES PLC                    PRELIM        
     5-Sep   GB         DIXONS RETAIL PLC                    TRADING       
     5-Sep   GB         EASYJET PLC                          TRAFFIC       
     5-Sep   GB         GO-AHEAD GROUP PLC                   PRELIM        
     5-Sep   GB         MONITISE PLC                         PRELIM        
     5-Sep   FR   AMC   NEOPOST SA                           Q2 SALES      
     5-Sep   NO   6:00  NORWEGIAN AIR SHUTTLE ASA            TRAFFIC       
     5-Sep   GB         SUPERGROUP PLC                       Q1 TRADE      
     5-Sep   GB         SPIRIT PUB COMPANY PLC               Q4 TRADE      
     5-Sep   FR   AMC   TESSI SA                             Q2            
     5-Sep   CH         U BLOX HOLDING AG                    H1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     6-Sep   DE         AIR BERLIN PLC                       TRAFFIC       
     6-Sep   FR   6:00  AIR FRANCE KLM SA                    TRAFFIC       
     6-Sep   GB         BELGRAVIUM TECHNOLOGIES PLC          INTERIM       
     6-Sep   CH         CREALOGIX HOLDING AG                 Preliminary Sa 
     6-Sep   FI   6:00  FINNAIR OYJ                          TRAFFIC       
     6-Sep   GB         STHREE PLC                           Q3 TRADE      
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     9-Sep   GB         ASSOCIATED BRITISH FOODS PLC         TRADING       
     9-Sep   FR   AMC   AKKA TECHNOLOGIES SA                 Q2            
     9-Sep   FR         ASSYSTEM SA                          Q2            
     9-Sep   GB   12:00 BG GROUP PLC                         ANALYST       
     9-Sep   GB         BRADY PLC                            INTERIM       
     9-Sep   CH         BURKHALTER HOLDING AG                H1            
     9-Sep   FR   AMC   AUDIKA GROUPE SA                     Q2            
     9-Sep   GB         HYDROGEN GROUP PLC                   INTERIM       
     9-Sep   GB         RICARDO PLC                          PRELIM        
     9-Sep   BE         SOFINA SA                            Q3 TRADE      
     9-Sep   GB         TELIT COMMUNICATIONS PLC             INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     10-Sep  AT         AUSTRIAN AIRLINES AG                 TRAFFIC       
     10-Sep  GB   BMO   ABCAM PLC                            PRELIM        
     10-Sep  GB   BMO   AMARA MINING PLC                     H1            
     10-Sep  GB   BMO   ASHMORE GROUP PLC                    PRELIM        
     10-Sep  FR   AMC   GROUPE CRIT SA                       Q2            
     10-Sep  GB   BMO   CRANEWARE PLC                        PRELIM        
     10-Sep  GB   BMO   DELTEX MEDICAL GROUP PLC             INTERIM       
     10-Sep  FR   AMC   GAMELOFT SE                          Q2            
     10-Sep  GB         HILTON FOOD GROUP PLC                INTERIM       
     10-Sep  GB         IQE PLC                              INTERIM       
     10-Sep  GB         ISG PLC                              PRELIM        
     10-Sep  CH         JUNGFRAUBAHN HOLDING AG              H1            
     10-Sep  FR         LANSON BCC SA                        H1            
     10-Sep  FR   AMC   LINEDATA SERVICES SA                 Q2            
     10-Sep  FR         COMPAGNIE LEBON SA                   INTERIM       
     10-Sep  DE         DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA AG                TRAFFIC       
     10-Sep  FR   AMC   MR BRICOLAGE SA                      Q2            
     10-Sep  FR   BMO   MEDICA SA                            Q2            
     10-Sep  FR   AMC   MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT MFC SA        Q2            
     10-Sep  GB         NETPLAY TV PLC                       INTERIM       
     10-Sep  IT         NEWRON PHARMACEUTICALS SPA           Q2            
     10-Sep  CH         PARTNERS GROUP HOLDING AG            INTERIM       
     10-Sep  SE   9:00  SAS AB                               TRAFFIC       
     10-Sep  SE   6:00  SECTRA AB                            Q1            
     10-Sep  GB         SURGICAL INNOVATIONS GROUP PLC       INTERIM       
     10-Sep  FR   AMC   TIPIAK SA                            Q2            
     10-Sep  CH         VAUDOISE ASSURANCES HOLDING SA       H1            
     10-Sep  GB         WHITBREAD PLC                        TRADING       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     11-Sep  GB         ALLIANCE PHARMA PLC                  INTERIM       
     11-Sep  GB         ALKANE ENERGY PLC                    INTERIM       
     11-Sep  GB         BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC             PRELIM        
     11-Sep  GB         BROOKS MACDONALD GROUP PLC           PRELIM        
     11-Sep  CH         FLUGHAFEN ZUERICH AG                 TRAFFIC       
     11-Sep  GB         KINGFISHER PLC                       INTERIM       
     11-Sep  FR         F MARC DE LACHARRIERE FIMALAC SA     Q2            
     11-Sep  FR   AMC   NEURONES SA                          Q2            
     11-Sep  FR   AMC   GROUPE OPEN SA                       Q2            
     11-Sep  FR   BMO   ORPEA SA                             Q2            
     11-Sep  FR   AMC   GROUPE PARTOUCHE SA                  Q3 SALES      
     11-Sep  FR         SOGECLAIR SA                         Q2            
     11-Sep  FR   AMC   SYNERGIE SA                          Q2            
     11-Sep  GB         SERVICEPOWER TECHNOLOGIES PLC        INTERIM       
     11-Sep  GB         THORNTONS PLC                        PRELIM        
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
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