Bombs across Iraq kill at least 42 people: police and medics

BAGHDAD Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:31pm EDT

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Car and roadside bombs killed at least 42 people across Iraq on Sunday, police and medical sources said.

The single deadliest attack took place in central Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) northeast of Baghdad, when a car bomb blew up near a housing complex killing 11 people, police said.

(Reporting by Baghdad newsroom; Writing by Suadad al-Salhy; Editing by Louise Ireland)

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BanglaFirst wrote:
Killing in the name of Shia or Sunni or any others sects is simply bizarre since they do not exist in the Holy Quran! Look up Dr. Zakir Naiks lectures on U tube lectures on this!

Aug 25, 2013 3:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Reuters1945 wrote:
Yes, the USA definitely turned Iraq into God’s Heaven on Planet Earth with “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

“Mission Accomplished” ! ? !

1,500,000 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand) innocent civilians killed in Iraq.
Almost 5,000 American soldiers killed and 100,000, maimed permanently, physically and psychologically.

And the death toll is still rising in Iraq and will continue to rise for the next 50 years and counting, on a daily basis.

So now, time to move on. Still a lot of countries eagerly waiting for the United States of America to turn them into failed States also.

Looks like the recent chemical attacks in Syria now have that nation squarely positioned in the “Cross Hairs” of America’s big guns. Of course Britain and France will want to get in on the action also.

We will quite possibly never know with absolute certainty, who was behind the latest chemical atrocity visited upon the people of Syria.

Hey- but that’s all part of the inevitable “Fog of War”, all wars, so deal with it and accept it.

And after Assad is toppled, the world powers will move on to their next “patient” just waiting for America and the EU to lay on them their “healing hands” of “Peace and Democracy” .

They will leave the remains of all the smoking, flattened cities for the various Syrian groups to deal with when they are not busy continuing to kill one another off after the US makes its exit and moves on to the next killing fields.

This time around most of the American people see through all the “smoke and mirrors” with eyes wide open.

And the people in Washington absolutely understand and totally know that most Americans finally get it.

But that and fifty cents will buy you a cup of watered down coffee.

The “Puppet Masters” who control Washington, The White House and just about everything else you can shake a stick at, could not give an Owl’s Hoot in Hell, if everyone in America or the entire world, for that matter, gets it.

The Puppet Masters really do not give a damn who knows who they are and what they do. The Puppet Masters have not cared for a long, long time. They have their own agenda which has zero to do with the spread of Democracy, or cleaning up the planet- just “cleaning up” is all that interests the Puppet Masters.

Can they be stopped or slowed down? Not likely in a country where it is irrelevant who you vote for. Democrat, Republican, Independent, green Spaceman. It is all the same in the end.

The Puppet Masters will continue to run the show.

The Founding Fathers had a vision and none of them needed someone else to pen their words for them. They were Men of Integrity, steel like Courage and were unswervingly Honest, prepared to risk and sacrifice, if necessary, “their Lives, their Sacred Honor and their worldly Fortunes”, for what they believed possessed human value.

Look at what we see in Washington today- if you can force yourself to do so without puking on your Sunday ‘Best’.

Grifters, professional ‘Lobbyists’, assorted crooks of every stripe and color, and swaggering knaves and fools, always with their hands out or worse still, in someone else’s pocket.

How did the United States of America manage to sink so low as to betray the grandiose Hopes and Dreams and Spirit of the Founding Fathers, and all the brave men who gave their lives during the American Revolution. And all those brave Americans who drew they last precious breath of life on the Beaches of Normandy and all the countless little villages all over Europe whose names are already long forgotten by all save for the few old men still left among us who fought there and saw their best friends die there.

How is it that whilst America slept, the Puppet Masters were able to slink in, during dead of night, unseen, and seize the “strings of power” in a nation of 300,000,000 (Three Hundred Million) people.

We will now, most likely, be facing wars after wars after wars, as far as the eye can see.

And it will all be even worse and even darker than either George Orwell or Aldous Huxley, imagined it would be or could be.

Welcome to our Founding Father’s worst nightmare.

Welcome to the world’s Descent into Hell in the 21rst Century.

Aug 25, 2013 5:04pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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