DIARY - UK and Irish Corporate events from Sep 11 2013

Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:00pm EDT

THOMSON REUTERS , Diary of UK and Irish Corporate events 
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   --- -----    ----   ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       DATE     GMT    COMPANY NAME                         EVENT         RIC 
   --- -----    ----   ---------------------------          ----------    ---------- 
       11/Sep          AFRICAN BARRICK GOLD PLC             INVESTOR      
       11/Sep  10:00   ALLIANCE PHARMA PLC                  ANALYST       
       11/Sep          ALLIANCE PHARMA PLC                  H1            
       11/Sep          ALKANE ENERGY PLC                    H1            
       11/Sep  BMO     ADVANCED MEDICAL SOLUTIONS GROUP PLC H1            
       11/Sep  BMO     BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC             PRELIM        
       11/Sep  08:00   BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC             CONFCALL      
       11/Sep          BROOKS MACDONALD GROUP PLC           ANALYST       
       11/Sep          BROOKS MACDONALD GROUP PLC           PRELIM        
       11/Sep          HEATHROW AIRPORT HOLDINGS LTD        TRAFFIC       
       11/Sep  10:00   ITM POWER PLC                        AGM           
       11/Sep  06:00   KINGFISHER PLC                       H1            
       11/Sep  08:30   KINGFISHER PLC                       ANALYST       
       11/Sep  10:00   PETRONEFT RESOURCES PLC              S/HOLDERS     
       11/Sep  09:00   PV CRYSTALOX SOLAR PLC               MEET          
       11/Sep  11:00   SEVERFIELD-ROWEN PLC                 AGM           
       11/Sep  11:00   SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLC              Smurfit Kappa 
       11/Sep          SPORTS DIRECT INTERNATIONAL PLC      TRADING       
       11/Sep  14:00   SPORTS DIRECT INTERNATIONAL PLC      AGM           
       11/Sep          SERVICEPOWER TECHNOLOGIES PLC        H1            
       11/Sep          THORNTONS PLC                        PRELIM        
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       12/Sep  BMO     CENTAUR MEDIA PLC                    PRELIM        
       12/Sep  08:30   CENTAUR MEDIA PLC                    ANALYST       
       12/Sep  14:00   COVIDIEN PLC                         INVESTOR      
       12/Sep  BMO     DUNELM GROUP PLC                     PRELIM        
       12/Sep  09:00   DUNELM GROUP PLC                     ANALYST       
       12/Sep  10:00   DARTY PLC                            S/HOLDERS     
       12/Sep          DARTY PLC                            TRADING       
       12/Sep  BMO     FAIRPOINT GROUP PLC                  H1            
   *   12/Sep  08:30   FAIRPOINT GROUP PLC                  ANALYST       
       12/Sep  BMO     FUTURA MEDICAL PLC                   H1            
       12/Sep  09:00   FUTURA MEDICAL PLC                   ANALYST       
       12/Sep          HOME RETAIL GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       12/Sep  06:30   HOME RETAIL GROUP PLC                CONFCALL      
       12/Sep  BMO     KIER GROUP PLC                       PRELIM        
   *   12/Sep  08:00   KIER GROUP PLC                       ANALYST       
       12/Sep  BMO     M P EVANS GROUP PLC                  H1            
       12/Sep  08:30   M P EVANS GROUP PLC                  ANALYST       
       12/Sep          WM MORRISON SUPERMARKETS P L C       H1            
       12/Sep  10:00   NCC GROUP PLC                        AGM           
       12/Sep          NEXT PLC                             ANALYST       
       12/Sep  06:00   NEXT PLC                             H1            
       12/Sep          OCADO GROUP PLC                      Q3 TRADE      
       12/Sep          OPG POWER VENTURES PLC               INVESTOR      
       12/Sep  11:30   PHOTO-ME INTERNATIONAL PLC           AGM           
       12/Sep  10:00   REAL GOOD FOOD COMPANY PLC           S/HOLDERS     
       12/Sep  09:00   SCHRODER REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT      AGM           
       12/Sep  13:00   VODAFONE GROUP PLC                   Vodafone Group 
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       13/Sep          ASOS PLC                             INVESTOR      
       13/Sep          CARPHONE WAREHOUSE GROUP PLC         INVESTOR      
       13/Sep          DIXONS RETAIL PLC                    INVESTOR      
       13/Sep          HALFORDS GROUP PLC                   INVESTOR      
       13/Sep          HOME RETAIL GROUP PLC                INVESTOR      
       13/Sep          INCHCAPE PLC                         INVESTOR      
       13/Sep          J D WETHERSPOON PLC                  PRELIM        
       13/Sep          KINGFISHER PLC                       INVESTOR      
       13/Sep          MARKS AND SPENCER GROUP PLC          INVESTOR      
       13/Sep  09:00   RENEURON GROUP PLC                   AGM           
       13/Sep          SONGBIRD ESTATES PLC                 H1            
       13/Sep          J SAINSBURY PLC                      INVESTOR      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       16/Sep          ALLERGY THERAPEUTICS PLC             PRELIM        
       16/Sep  BMO     CORAC GROUP PLC                      H1            
       16/Sep          EKF DIAGNOSTICS HOLDINGS PLC         H1            
       16/Sep  11:00   MEDIA CORPORATION PLC                MEET          
       16/Sep  10:00   RUGBY ESTATES PLC                    MEET          
       16/Sep  11:00   SCIENTIFIC DIGITAL IMAGING PLC       AGM           
       16/Sep          SHORE CAPITAL GROUP LTD              H1            
       16/Sep  10:00   THEO FENNELL PLC                     MEET          
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       17/Sep  BMO     BOND INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE PLC      H1            
       17/Sep  08:30   BOND INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE PLC      ANALYST       
       17/Sep          CHARLEMAGNE CAPITAL LTD              H1            
       17/Sep  BMO     CORERO NETWORK SECURITY PLC          H1            
       17/Sep  08:30   CORERO NETWORK SECURITY PLC          ANALYST       
       17/Sep  10:00   DAISY GROUP PLC                      AGM           
       17/Sep          DEBENHAMS PLC                        FINAL         
       17/Sep  14:00   DIAGEO PLC                           CONFCALL      
       17/Sep  09:00   DIAGEO PLC                           Diageo PLC Rou 
       17/Sep          GALLIFORD TRY PLC                    PRELIM        
       17/Sep  BMO     IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC                TRADING       
       17/Sep          INVESTEC PLC                         Investec PLC P 
       17/Sep          K3 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC     PRELIM        
       17/Sep  11:00   TRIFAST PLC                          AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       18/Sep  09:00   MERRION PHARMACEUTICALS PLC          AGM           
       18/Sep          CELLO GROUP PLC                      H1            
       18/Sep  BMO     FRENCH CONNECTION GROUP PLC          H1            
       18/Sep  09:00   GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP PLC             AGM           
       18/Sep  10:00   IMAGINATIK PLC                       AGM           
       18/Sep          JD SPORTS FASHION PLC                H1            
       18/Sep          PROVIDENCE RESOURCES PLC             INVESTOR      
       18/Sep          REDROW PLC                           PRELIM        
       18/Sep          M&C SAATCHI PLC                      H1            
       18/Sep          SMITHS GROUP PLC                     PRELIM        
       18/Sep          SMITHS GROUP PLC                     TRADING       
       18/Sep  08:00   SMITHS GROUP PLC                     CONFCALL      
       18/Sep          TOWN CENTRE SECURITIES PLC           PRELIM        
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       19/Sep  13:00   ACCSYS TECHNOLOGIES PLC              S/HOLDERS     
       19/Sep  09:00   ASSURA GROUP LTD                     AGM           
       19/Sep          ANPARIO PLC                          H1            
       19/Sep          ASOS PLC                             TRADING       
       19/Sep  BMO     BOOKER GROUP PLC                     TRADING       
       19/Sep          DIAGEO PLC                           S/HOLDERS     
       19/Sep          GLOBAL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT PLC        H1            
       19/Sep  BMO     IQE PLC                              H1            
       19/Sep  08:30   IQE PLC                              ANALYST       
       19/Sep          KBC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES PLC        H1            
       19/Sep  10:30   NORTHGATE PLC                        AGM           
       19/Sep  BMO     NORTHGATE PLC                        TRADING       
       19/Sep  08:00   OPSEC SECURITY GROUP PLC             AGM           
       19/Sep  13:30   PICTON PROPERTY INCOME LTD           AGM           
       19/Sep          PREMIER FARNELL PLC                  H1            
       19/Sep          SINCLAIR IS PHARMA PLC               PRELIM        
       19/Sep          MISSION MARKETING GROUP PLC          H1            
       19/Sep          UNITED UTILITIES GROUP PLC           TRADING       
       19/Sep  BMO     WILMINGTON GROUP PLC                 PRELIM        
       19/Sep  08:30   WILMINGTON GROUP PLC                 ANALYST       
       19/Sep  09:00   WARNER ESTATE HOLDINGS PLC           AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       20/Sep          BRAINJUICER GROUP PLC                H1            
       20/Sep  10:00   IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES GROUP PLC   AGM           
       20/Sep          LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC            INVESTOR      
       20/Sep  08:00   RYANAIR HOLDINGS PLC                 AGM           
       20/Sep          TAWA PLC                             H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       23/Sep          A.G.BARR PLC                         H1            
       23/Sep          DAIRY CREST GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       23/Sep  BMO     FINSBURY FOOD GROUP PLC              PRELIM        
       23/Sep  08:30   FINSBURY FOOD GROUP PLC              ANALYST       
       23/Sep          HAYNES PUBLISHING GROUP PLC          PRELIM        
       23/Sep  13:30   INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC PARTNERSHIPS    EGM           
       23/Sep  11:00   INVESCO PROPERTY INCOME TRUST LTD    AGM           
       23/Sep  11:00   PARK GROUP PLC                       AGM           
       23/Sep  BMO     TOUMAZ LTD                           H1            
       23/Sep  08:30   TOUMAZ LTD                           ANALYST       
       23/Sep  09:00   UTILICO EMERGING MARKETS LTD         AGM           
       23/Sep  11:00   VECTURA GROUP PLC                    AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       24/Sep          ALBEMARLE & BOND HOLDINGS PLC        PRELIM        
       24/Sep          AUGEAN PLC                           H1            
       24/Sep          CLOSE BROTHERS GROUP PLC             PRELIM        
       24/Sep  BMO     CUPID PLC                            H1            
       24/Sep  08:30   CUPID PLC                            ANALYST       
       24/Sep          CVS GROUP PLC                        PRELIM        
       24/Sep  BMO     DOLPHIN CAPITAL INVESTORS LTD        TRADING       
       24/Sep  BMO     DOLPHIN CAPITAL INVESTORS LTD        H1            
       24/Sep          HARGREAVES SERVICES PLC              PRELIM        
       24/Sep          1SPATIAL PLC                         H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       25/Sep          ACTA SPA                             H1            
       25/Sep  11:00   BIOME TECHNOLOGIES PLC               MEET          
       25/Sep  06:00   DAILY MAIL AND GENERAL TRUST PLC     TRADING       
       25/Sep  10:00   FORTUNE OIL PLC                      MEET          
       25/Sep          GRAPHITE ENTERPRISE TRUST PLC        H1            
       25/Sep          HAVELOCK EUROPA PLC                  H1            
       25/Sep  10:00   INTERCEDE GROUP PLC                  AGM           
       25/Sep  10:00   INSTEM PLC                           ANALYST       
       25/Sep  BMO     INSTEM PLC                           H1            
       25/Sep  10:00   MAX PETROLEUM PLC                    AGM           
       25/Sep          ORIGIN ENTERPRISES PLC               PRELIM        
       25/Sep  09:30   PRIME ACTIVE CAPITAL PLC             AGM           
       25/Sep          PZ CUSSONS PLC                       TRADING       
       25/Sep  09:30   PZ CUSSONS PLC                       AGM           
       25/Sep  08:00   SCOTTY GROUP PLC                     S/HOLDERS     
       25/Sep  09:00   WYG PLC                              AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       26/Sep  09:00   ADEPT TELECOM PLC                    AGM           
       26/Sep  11:00   ANITE PLC                            AGM           
       26/Sep  10:00   AORTECH INTERNATIONAL PLC            AGM           
       26/Sep  12:00   BRAVEHEART INVESTMENT GROUP PLC      AGM           
       26/Sep  09:00   CYPROTEX PLC                         MEET          
       26/Sep          COMPASS GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
   *   26/Sep  12:00   DIAGEO PLC                           Diageo PLC bru 
       26/Sep  21:30   DODS (GROUP) PLC                     AGM           
       26/Sep  BMO     FAROE PETROLEUM PLC                  H1            
       26/Sep  13:00   FIRST PROPERTY GROUP PLC             AGM           
       26/Sep  08:00   GEONG INTERNATIONAL LTD              S/HOLDERS     
       26/Sep  06:00   INDIGOVISION GROUP PLC               PRELIM        
       26/Sep  14:00   MICRO FOCUS INTERNATIONAL PLC        AGM           
       26/Sep  14:15   MICRO FOCUS INTERNATIONAL PLC        MEET          
       26/Sep  10:00   MINCO PLC                            AGM           
       26/Sep          MOSS BROS GROUP PLC                  H1            
       26/Sep  09:30   NWF GROUP PLC                        AGM           
       26/Sep  10:00   ROCKHOPPER EXPLORATION PLC           AGM           
       26/Sep          SCISYS PLC                           H1            
       26/Sep          THOMAS COOK GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       26/Sep  BMO     TUI TRAVEL PLC                       TRADING       
       26/Sep  10:30   ZOO DIGITAL GROUP PLC                AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       27/Sep  10:00   FILTRONIC PLC                        AGM           
       27/Sep          FILTRONIC PLC                        TRADING       
   *   27/Sep          HYDER CONSULTING PLC                 TRADING       
       27/Sep          ICAP PLC                             TRADING       
       27/Sep  BMO     MOTIVE TELEVISION PLC                H1            
       27/Sep  11:00   MWANA AFRICA PLC                     AGM           
       27/Sep          PRODUCE INVESTMENTS PLC              PRELIM        
       27/Sep  09:00   UNITECH CORPORATE PARKS PLC          AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       30/Sep          FUTURE PLC                           TRADING       
       30/Sep          M J GLEESON GROUP PLC                PRELIM        
       30/Sep  08:30   M J GLEESON GROUP PLC                ANALYST       
       30/Sep  11:00   GALLEON HOLDINGS PLC                 AGM           
       30/Sep  BMO     INTERNATIONAL FERRO METALS LTD       PRELIM        
       30/Sep  08:00   INTERNATIONAL FERRO METALS LTD       ANALYST       
       30/Sep          KCOM GROUP PLC                       TRADING       
       30/Sep  09:00   MEDIAZEST PLC                        AGM           
       30/Sep          MEDITERRANEAN OIL & GAS PLC          H1            
       30/Sep  11:30   OPG POWER VENTURES PLC               AGM           
       30/Sep          PERSONAL GROUP HOLDINGS PLC          H1            
       30/Sep  09:30   PINEWOOD SHEPPERTON PLC              S/HOLDERS     
   *   30/Sep  11:00   RGI INTERNATIONAL LTD                EGM           
       30/Sep          STRAIGHT PLC                         H1            
       30/Sep  09:00   TRICOR PLC                           S/HOLDERS     
       30/Sep  09:00   UNITED CARPETS GROUP PLC             S/HOLDERS     
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       01/Oct  10:00   BEGBIES TRAYNOR GROUP PLC            AGM           
       01/Oct          EVRAZ PLC                            INVESTOR      
       01/Oct          ITE GROUP PLC                        ITE Group PLC 
       01/Oct          LIDCO GROUP PLC                      H1            
       01/Oct          MYRONIVS'KYI KHLIBOPRODUKT PAT       INVESTOR      
       01/Oct          WOLSELEY PLC                         PRELIM        
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       02/Oct  BMO     ANDOR TECHNOLOGY PLC                 TRADING       
       02/Oct          DUNELM GROUP PLC                     TRADING       
       02/Oct          DOMINO'S PIZZA GROUP PLC             Q3 TRADE      
       02/Oct          LIONTRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC       TRADING       
       02/Oct          J SAINSBURY PLC                      Q2 TRADE      
       02/Oct          TESCO PLC                            H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       03/Oct          ASHMORE GROUP PLC                    Q1 TRADE      
       03/Oct  06:00   CARILLION PLC                        Q3 TRADE      
       03/Oct          EASYJET PLC                          TRAFFIC       
       03/Oct  BMO     TED BAKER PLC                        H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       04/Oct  09:30   ABBEY PLC                            AGM           
       04/Oct          AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 TRAFFIC       
       04/Oct  09:30   HENDERSON SMALLER COMPANIES          S/HOLDERS     
       04/Oct          TATE & LYLE PLC                      TRADING       
       04/Oct          JOHN WOOD GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       07/Oct  10:30   CITY OF LONDON INVESTMENT GROUP PLC  AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       08/Oct          ROBERT WALTERS PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       08/Oct          VICTREX PLC                          TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       09/Oct          N BROWN GROUP PLC                    H1            
       09/Oct          GREGGS PLC                           TRADING       
       09/Oct          HALFORDS GROUP PLC                   ANALYST       
       09/Oct          VEDANTA RESOURCES PLC                Q2            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
   *   10/Oct  BMO     AIR PARTNER PLC                      PRELIM        
   *   10/Oct          HAYS PLC                             TRADING       
   *   10/Oct          MATTIOLI WOODS PLC                   AGM           
   *   10/Oct          WH SMITH PLC                         ANALYST       
   *   10/Oct  BMO     WH SMITH PLC                         PRELIM        
   *   10/Oct          VICTREX PLC                          INVESTOR      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------

       Event types: 
                    H1 - First Half                YR / = Full Year
                    Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 = Quarters         AGM  = Annual General Meeting
                    SGM = Special General Meeting  MEET = General Meeting
                    TRADING = Trading statement    NEW BIZ = New Business
                    CONFCALL = Conference Call     TRAFFIC = Traffic Figures 
                    NEWSCONF = News Conference     INVSCONF = Investor Conference 
                    BOARD = Board Meeting          S/HOLDERS = Shareholders Meeting
                    EGM = Extraordinary General Meeting
                    ESM = Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
                    KPIs = Key Performance Indicators
                    ANALYST = Analyst Meeting / Presentation / Briefing
                    INVESTOR = Investor Seminar/ Investor Day / Investor Forum 
                    W/HOLDERS = Warrant Holder Meeting

       All times are listed in GMT, or AMC - 'After U.S. Market Close'- or BMO 'Before 
      U.S.Market Opens'- BMO ,or DBH- During U.S.business hours, or blank if not known.
      All releases normally expected at around 0600 GMT, unless otherwise stated.

    If you have any questions or comments on the diary, please contact:

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