China's mobile subscribers up 1 pct at 1.2 bln in August

Mon Sep 23, 2013 5:17am EDT

HONG KONG, Sept 23 (Reuters) - China, the world's largest
mobile phone market by subscribers, posted a 1 percent monthly
increase in the number of mobile subscribers to 1.2 billion in
August, data from the country's three telecommunications
operators showed.
    Following is the breakdown of mobile subscriber statistics
for August provided by the three carriers:
                       China Mobile  China Unicom  China Telecom
Mobile subscribers
(including 3G):
  -cumulative no.
   of users               750.42        269.47        178.64
  -net addition             5.45          3.90          2.05
  -m/m growth (pct)         0.73          1.47          1.16
3G subscribers:
  -cumulative no.
   of users               158.69        107.82         93.39
  -net addition            11.64          3.93          3.00
  -m/m growth (pct)         7.91          3.79          3.31
Note: All numbers are in millions, otherwise stated.
(Source: Companies, Reuters calculation)

 (Reporting by Twinnie Siu and Christina Lo; Editing by Lee
Chyen Yee)