Catch the Current Trend of House, Architecture and Interior Design at '2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair'

Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:47am EDT

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Catch the Current Trend of House, Architecture and Interior Design at '2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair'

2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair opens at BEXCO from 26th to 29th

‘2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair’, the biggest architecture exhibition in the Busan and Yeongnam area, Korea, is held from September 26th (Thursday) to 29th (Sunday) at BEXCO.

2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair (Photo: Business Wire)

2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair (Photo: Business Wire)

‘2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair’ is going to display building materials and interior designs featured in the Busan and Yeongnam area. The fair is now drawing people’s attention as it is poised to become the best business hub for the architecture and construction companies in the latter half of 2013.

Leading businesses in the building material and housing construction & interior industries at home and abroad are going to participate in the event. The fair features 50 sectors related to architecture, interior and housing including ▲pastoral house, ▲structural material/ roofing material/ building stone/ flooring material/ finishing material, ▲air conditioning and heating system, ▲constriction tools, ▲coating material, ▲waterproof material, ▲insulator, ▲landscaping facility, ▲public facility, ▲lighting, and ▲electrical installation.

A variety of seminars and sidebar events are fully ready, too. At ‘Three architects, stories about wooden houses’, prepared by Canadawood Korea Branch, three architects specialized in wooden buildings will talk about houses made of wood for anyone interested.

Furthermore, ‘Canadawood Wooden Building Design Workshop’ will be available for architects and wooden building specialists in Busan area.

Other useful programs include ‘2013/2014 KCC Design Trend Seminar’ on the trend of housing culture, interior design, color of apartment, and exterior designs and ‘2013 Busan KOVI Archi 3 Education Seminar’ in which participants can learn about interior-dedicated design program using a virtual reality technology. Meanwhile, after ‘2013 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair’ ends, the registration process for businesses wanting to join ‘2014 Kyunghyang Housing Fair’ will be started.

Kyunghyang Housing Fair is Korea’s biggest fair being held in the metropolitan area in February of every year. It also opens in Gwangju, Daegu, Busan and Jeju.

For 5 days from February 19th (Wednesday) of 2014 to 23rd (Sunday), ‘2014 Kyunghyang Housing Fair’ opens at KINTEX. With a slogan “We wish Mr. Architecture would do ○○○○ for us,” the fair will deliver everything related to “house, architecture and interior’ to participants.

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