TABLE-Japan's new coal-fired power plant pipeline

Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:03pm EDT

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Oct 16 (Reuters) - The following is a list of coal-fired
power generation units that Japan's regional utilities and
biggest wholesale power supplier plan to start commercially
operating in the coming years.
               Company               Unit      MW     Ops start
                 Tepco   Hitachinaka No.2  1,000         Dec-13
                 Tepco        Hirono No.6    600         Dec-13
          Tepco, Chubu        Hitachinaka    600        2020/21
 Nippon Steel, J-Power            Kashima    600        2020/21
               J-Power  Takehara New No.1    600        2020/21
                Kyushu      Matsuura No.2  1,000   from 2023/24
               Chugoku        Misumi No.2    400   from 2027/28
                Tohoku       Noshiro No.3    600   from 2028/29
                 Total            8 units  5,400               
 Source: the trade ministry, regional utilities, Electric Power
Development (J-Power)