KeyedIn™ Solutions Launches KeyedIn™ Flex Platform 3.0

Fri Nov 1, 2013 1:40pm EDT

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KeyedIn™ Solutions Launches KeyedIn™ Flex Platform 3.0

Addition of unique enterprise level features marks huge leap forward for the Rapid Application Development Platform.

KeyedIn™ Solutions has launched the latest version of its Rapid Application Development Platform, KeyedIn™ Flex Platform, adding several unique features that allow organizations to build business applications more quickly than ever before.

The tagline of the flexible cloud application platform reads 'Don't Code - Configure!', as its objective is to enable business and IT professionals to build and deploy fully functional web applications, such as CRM, HR, Workflow, Online Forms and Invoicing, without the need for coding. Instead, it makes use of a 'drag and drop' environment that helps to significantly reduce development time, costs and the risks associated with traditional software development processes.

KeyedIn Flex Platform 3.0 now boasts a range of new features that further reduces development time, including:

  • calculated fields that make complex data-bound calculations on organizations' data as simple to implement as it is in Microsoft Excel;
  • a new quick search navigation bar that lets users easily access key functions;
  • enhanced active forms which provide users the opportunity to build intricate layouts that enterprise applications require, with multiple editable grids that respond in real time;
  • a new reporting framework allowing users to create detailed dashboards with charts, multi-table reports and pivot reports;
  • application packaging that now makes it simple to package, deploy and upgrade any application built on KeyedIn Flex Platform.

All of these features come with the same user friendly drag and drop foundation of KeyedIn Flex Platform, allowing users to configure anything they need without coding.

Karen Adame, Chief Product Officer at KeyedIn Solutions, says: "The new features ensure KeyedIn Flex Platform continues to stand out from the competition and enable KeyedIn customers to be as efficient as possible when creating business critical web applications."

KeyedIn Solutions has grown from a startup to more than 50,000 users and 10 global offices in just over 12 months, largely thanks to its focus on SaaS (Software as a Service) business solutions that are cost effective in a more challenging global economic climate.

About KeyedIn™ Solutions

KeyedIn Solutions helps organizations quickly improve business results. The company’s Cloud-based software systems provide a more flexible, scalable and affordable means to simplify processes, improve performance and gain a competitive edge.

KeyedIn offers a true SaaS model making its solutions affordable for both large enterprises and small businesses. KeyedIn Flex Platform, the company’s rapid application development platform, allows new applications to be developed faster, giving KeyedIn clients the solutions they need today. The KeyedIn project portfolio management (PPM) system supports program management offices in businesses of all types, while its professional services automation (PSA) software serves professional service organizations and the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution addresses the unique needs of custom manufacturers.

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