U.S. municipal bond market indicators

Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:53am EST

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DAILY INDICATORS                      LATEST           PREVIOUS            Last Date
 Bond Buyer 30-Day Visible Supply      10.763  Bln          8.609  Bln        11/08/13
 Bond Buyer Competitive Supply          2.390  Bln          1.959  Bln        11/08/13
 Bond Buyer Negotiated Supply           8.372  Bln          6.653  Bln        11/08/13
 Bond Buyer 40-Bond Index (YTM)          5.11                5.06             11/08/13
 Lipper Municipal Debt Index          1069.96             1073.85             11/08/13
 CRB Index                             274.39              273.16             11/08/13
 Weekly Indicators                     LATEST           PREVIOUS            Last Date
 Bond Buyer 20 Bond Index                4.56                4.48             11/07/13
 Bond Buyer 11 Bond Index                4.27                4.20             11/07/13
 Bond Buyer Revenue Bond Index           5.18                5.14             11/07/13
 SIFMA Swap Index                        0.06                0.08             11/06/13
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