DIARY - UK and Irish Corporate events from Dec 30,2013

Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:00pm EST

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THOMSON REUTERS , Diary of UK and Irish Corporate events 
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   --- -----    ----   ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       DATE     GMT    COMPANY NAME                         EVENT         RIC 
   --- -----    ----   ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       30/Dec  BMO     MAX PETROLEUM PLC                    H1            
       30/Dec  09:30   SEADRILL PARTNERS LLC                S/HOLDERS     
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       31/Dec          WEST AFRICAN MINERALS CORP           H1            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       03/Jan  BMO     JOHNSON SERVICE GROUP PLC            TRADING       
       03/Jan  BMO     NEXT PLC                             TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       06/Jan          CALEDONIA INVESTMENTS PLC            Q3 TRADE      
       06/Jan  10:00   GW PHARMACEUTICALS PLC               AGM           
       06/Jan  10:00   OXFORD BIOMEDICA PLC                 MEET          
       06/Jan  09:30   PACE PLC                             MEET          
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       07/Jan          AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 TRAFFIC       
       07/Jan  BMO     COSTAIN GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
       07/Jan  BMO     DUNELM GROUP PLC                     TRADING       
       07/Jan          EASYJET PLC                          TRAFFIC       
       07/Jan  09:00   KAZAKHMYS PLC                        MEET          
       07/Jan          TOPPS TILES PLC                      Q1 TRADE      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       08/Jan          DOMINO'S PIZZA GROUP PLC             Q4 TRADE      
       08/Jan  BMO     GALLIFORD TRY PLC                    TRADING       
       08/Jan          PERSIMMON PLC                        TRADING       
       08/Jan  BMO     ROBERT WALTERS PLC                   TRADING       
       08/Jan  07:00   J SAINSBURY PLC                      Q3 TRADE      
       08/Jan  11:00   TOROTRAK PLC                         MEET          
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       09/Jan          GREGGS PLC                           TRADING       
       09/Jan          HAYS PLC                             TRADING       
       09/Jan  BMO     MCBRIDE PLC                          TRADING       
       09/Jan  BMO     MARKS AND SPENCER GROUP PLC          Q3 TRADE      
       09/Jan          RATHBONE BROTHERS PLC                TRADING       
       09/Jan          RESTAURANT GROUP PLC                 TRADING       
       09/Jan  BMO     SIG PLC                              TRADING       
       09/Jan          TESCO PLC                            TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       10/Jan  BMO     HILTON FOOD GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       10/Jan  11:00   SAROSSA CAPITAL PLC                  MEET          
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       13/Jan          HEATHROW AIRPORT HOLDINGS LTD        TRAFFIC       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       14/Jan  BMO     ASOS PLC                             TRADING       
       14/Jan          BALFOUR BEATTY PLC                   TRADING       
       14/Jan  BMO     BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC             TRADING       
       14/Jan          BARING EMERGING EUROPE PLC           AGM           
       14/Jan  11:30   CARRS MILLING INDUSTRIES PLC         AGM           
       14/Jan  BMO     CARRS MILLING INDUSTRIES PLC         TRADING       
       14/Jan          COUNTRYWIDE PLC                      TRADING       
       14/Jan  BMO     DRAGON OIL PLC                       TRADING       
       14/Jan  11:00   EUROPEAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC        AGM           
       14/Jan  BMO     IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC                H1            
       14/Jan  09:30   IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC                CONFCALL      
       14/Jan          MECOM GROUP PLC                      TRADING       
       14/Jan  10:00   QUINDELL PLC                         INVESTOR      
       14/Jan  15:00   SPIRIT PUB COMPANY PLC               AGM           
       14/Jan  BMO     SPIRIT PUB COMPANY PLC               Q1 TRADE      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       15/Jan          BURBERRY GROUP PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       15/Jan  11:15   DELCAM PLC                           MEET          
       15/Jan  12:00   DIPLOMA PLC                          AGM           
       15/Jan  BMO     DIPLOMA PLC                          TRADING       
       15/Jan  10:30   FENNER PLC                           AGM           
       15/Jan  BMO     FENNER PLC                           TRADING       
       15/Jan          GENEL ENERGY PLC                     TRADING       
       15/Jan          JUPITER FUND MANAGEMENT PLC          TRADING       
       15/Jan  12:00   MAJEDIE INVESTMENTS PLC              AGM           
       15/Jan          TULLOW OIL PLC                       TRADING       
       15/Jan          TAYLOR WIMPEY PLC                    TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       16/Jan  BMO     ASSOCIATED BRITISH FOODS PLC         Q1 TRADE      
       16/Jan  12:00   ABERDEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC        S/HOLDERS     
       16/Jan          ABERDEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC        Q1 TRADE      
       16/Jan  BMO     BOOKER GROUP PLC                     Q3 TRADE      
       16/Jan          BOVIS HOMES GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       16/Jan          N BROWN GROUP PLC                    TRADING       
       16/Jan          COMPUTACENTER PLC                    TRADING       
       16/Jan          DIXONS RETAIL PLC                    TRADING       
       16/Jan          EXPERIAN PLC                         Q3 TRADE      
       16/Jan  BMO     HALFORDS GROUP PLC                   Q3 TRADE      
       16/Jan          HOME RETAIL GROUP PLC                TRADING       
       16/Jan          MOTHERCARE PLC                       Q3 TRADE      
       16/Jan  BMO     NCC GROUP PLC                        H1            
       16/Jan  09:30   NCC GROUP PLC                        ANALYST       
       16/Jan          OCADO GROUP PLC                      TRADING       
       16/Jan  BMO     PREMIER OIL PLC                      TRADING       
       16/Jan          RIO TINTO PLC                        Q4 OUTPUT     
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       17/Jan  11:00   CHARACTER GROUP PLC                  AGM           
       17/Jan  10:00   CATALYST MEDIA GROUP PLC             AGM           
       17/Jan  BMO     T CLARKE PLC                         TRADING       
       17/Jan          DEBENHAMS PLC                        TRADING       
       17/Jan  BMO     STOBART GROUP LTD                    TRADING       
       17/Jan  BMO     SPECTRIS PLC                         TRADING       
       17/Jan  BMO     WILLIAM HILL PLC                     TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       20/Jan  BMO     ALLOCATE SOFTWARE PLC                H1            
       20/Jan          CITY OF LONDON INVESTMENT GROUP PLC  H1            
       20/Jan          WM MORRISON SUPERMARKETS P L C       TRADING       
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       21/Jan          CARPHONE WAREHOUSE GROUP PLC         Q3 TRADE      
       21/Jan  12:00   MARSTON'S PLC                        AGM           
       21/Jan          PZ CUSSONS PLC                       H1            
       21/Jan          SABMILLER PLC                        TRADING       
       21/Jan          UNILEVER PLC                         Q4            
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       22/Jan  BMO     EMIS GROUP PLC                       TRADING       
       22/Jan  15:00   HOCHSCHILD MINING PLC                Q4 OUTPUT     
       22/Jan  08:30   LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC            CONFCALL      
       22/Jan  BMO     LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC            Q3 TRADE      
       22/Jan  14:00   PERSONAL ASSETS TRUST PLC            S/HOLDERS     
       22/Jan          THE SAGE GROUP PLC                   Q1 TRADE      
       22/Jan  11:30   WH SMITH PLC                         AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       23/Jan  BMO     CHEMRING GROUP PLC                   PRELIM        
       23/Jan  07:00   EASYJET PLC                          Q1 TRADE      
       23/Jan          FIRSTGROUP PLC                       Capital Market 
       23/Jan  BMO     FIRSTGROUP PLC                       Q3 TRADE      
       23/Jan          LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC      Q3 TRADE      
       23/Jan          ST. JAMES'S PLACE PLC                NEWBIZ        
       23/Jan  11:30   SMITHS NEWS PLC                      AGM           
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
       24/Jan  BMO     BIOME TECHNOLOGIES PLC               TRADING       
       24/Jan          CLOSE BROTHERS GROUP PLC             TRADING       
       24/Jan  BMO     COVIDIEN PLC                         Q1            
       24/Jan  13:30   COVIDIEN PLC                         CONFCALL      
       24/Jan          ROYAL MAIL PLC                       TRADING       
       24/Jan  10:00   TOPPS TILES PLC                      AGM           
       24/Jan  11:15   VODAFONE GROUP PLC                   MEET          
       24/Jan          WORKSPACE GROUP PLC                  Q3 TRADE      
       -----   ----    ---------------------------          ----------    ----------
   *   27/Jan  BMO     APR ENERGY PLC                       TRADING       
   *   27/Jan  12:00   BRITISH ASSETS TRUST PLC             AGM           
   *   27/Jan  BMO     PORVAIR PLC                          PRELIM        
           Event types: 
                    H1 - First Half                YR / = Full Year
                    Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 = Quarters         AGM  = Annual General Meeting
                    SGM = Special General Meeting  MEET = General Meeting
                    TRADING = Trading Statement    NEW BIZ = New Business
                    CONFCALL = Conference Call     TRAFFIC = Traffic Figures 
                    NEWSCONF = News Conference     INVSCONF = Investor Conference 
                    BOARD = Board Meeting          S/HOLDERS = Shareholders Meeting
                    EGM = Extraordinary General Meeting
                    ESM = Extraordinary    Shareholders Meeting
                    KPIs = Key Performance Indicators
                    ANALYST = Analyst Meeting / Presentation / Briefing
                    INVESTOR = Investor Seminar/ Investor Day / Investor Forum 
                    W/HOLDERS = Warrant Holder Meeting

       All times are listed in GMT, or AMC - 'After U.S. Market Close'- or BMO 'Before 
      U.S.Market Opens'- BMO ,or DBH- During U.S.business hours, or blank if not known.
      All releases normally expected at around 0600 GMT, unless otherwise stated.

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