TAKE-A-LOOK-Ukraine in crisis

Wed Feb 5, 2014 2:54am EST

> Ukrainian opposition seeks to cut president's powers         
> German foreign minister threatens sanctions against Ukraine  
> Ukraine leader said to rule out force, eye early elections   
> Ally of Ukraine leader says force won't be used -report      
> US in early talks with EU on Ukraine financial support       
> EU plays down reports of large-scale aid for Ukraine         
> Ukraine's Yanukovich returns to work, street protests go on  
> Ukraine activist vows to fight for democracy after "torture" 
> Ukraine frees tortured activist as president returns to work 
> Ukrainian opposition buoyed by wave of Western support       
> West and Russia accuse each other of "coercing" Ukraine      
> Ukraine president signs conditional amnesty, currency slumps 
> UN urges Ukraine to scrap curbs on freedom of speech         
> Russia to await new Ukraine government before giving credit  
> Options narrow for Yanukovich as Kiev heaves with violence    
> Ukraine current account deficit widens in 2013                
> Ukraine hryvnia's steady slide may spook household depositors 
> Ukraine's dollar bonds rise on talk of Western support       
> Ukraine's Naftogas says may fail to pay Gazprom on time      
> Moody's downgrades Ukraine's sovereign rating                
> Ukraine hryvnia tumbles 2.5 pct vs dollar                    
> S&P lowers ratings on Ukraine due political turmoil          
> Ukraine expects $2 billion tranche of Russian aid soon       
> Ukraine's economy cushioned so far against unrest             
> Barricades tell of stalemate in Kiev                          
> First stirrings of dissent in Ukraine's eastern heartlands   
> Who is that masked man? Kiev's Pianist-Extremist             
> Violent far-right group drives agenda on Kiev streets
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StanleyFox wrote:
Western sanctions against Ukrainian top bandits
State Banditism in Ukraine. It all started in Donbass in the 90-ies. Killing not only the competitors, common witnesses, but also the state officials (covered by the same procurator, then not yet procurator-general of Ukraine). The people in Ukraine hoped it would not spread outside Donbass but it did. Now that the tumor of the bandit system is spread, little can be done if anything. Is EU similarly confident it will not spread outside Ukraine? With the Gremlin in the Kremlin masterminding the process and not caring a fig about his own people, not to mention the “damn” Ukrainians. Russian “international” troops would aid the UA bandits the next day after the Olympiad. Why not the same day? Because of the distance. The gremlin will demonstrate how to implement the famine (Holodomor-2) in Ukraine, this time in his “proper” way. Actually, if EU goes on doubting his James Bondian image and not asking for his royal permission for any sanctions, then the Russian tanks will be in Brussels with the same ease as in Kyiv, and the Ukrainian high bandits will teach the citizens of Bruxelles their “proper” democracy, intimidation, kidnapping and tortures inclusive? Dear EU delegates, please, decide something, your time is till the end of the Olympiad maximum, otherwise it may become too late.
Mass media. It’s useless to discuss Putin’s mass media when Herr Dmitri Kisselioff on Russian TV names over million of peaceful Ukrainian protesters (in November) i.e., the crow stretching to the horizon, A HANDFUL OF STINKY EXTREMISTS (documented). Naturally, his opponents should be de-humanized (call them “beasts” in order to intimidate & kidnap with perfect impunity). What was the frost in Kyiv the last weekend? Lower than -25oC (-15oF), and people still protesting outdoors!
The buildings occupied by the protesters are not all administrative. Ukrainian House, from the roof of which the snipers were killing people, has nothing to do with the administration. The House of trade unions is the unions’ property, not admin. The municipal administration building is the property of the city community, not the government. When the protesters occupied the Justice Ministry, it was because the fascists laws (cancelled later) were being generates in that building. And so on.
Some departments of FSB (Russian secret service) sit in full force in Ukraine now. Russian death squadron is operating in Ukraine after Chechnya training their raw rookies on the unarmed protesters, giving a hand to multiple local thugs under the police “umbrella”. The Gremlin from the Kremlin is striving for war, the UA gremlin is merely his puppet.
Stanley Fox
consultant on Ukraine
PS: Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his political and economic allies use Austria as a harbor of their multi-million dollar finance and property deals. http://censor.net.ua/photo_news/191407/pomeste_semeyistva_azarova_v_avstrii_fotoreportaj Protests near Azarov’s building in Vienna. http://www.format.at/articles/1405/931/372187/millionen-gruesse-kiew
http://censor.net.ua/photo_news/269181/avstriya_vygoni_ubiyitsu_i_azarov_ty_ot_nas_ne_spryacheshsya_v_vene_piketirovali_imenie_semi_azarova Address of Azarov’s son Alexej: Pötzleinsdörfer Straße, 152-156, build. 3. Source: http://censor.net.ua/p191407
Austrian bank confirmed that Klyuev brothers lied about their non-political status
http://censor.net.ua/photo_news/264996/biznesimperiya_palacha_mayidana_klyueva_ofshory_i_banki_v_evrope_zavody_v_ukraine_foto Business-Empire of the ” torturer of Maidan” Herr Klyuev: offshores and banks in Europe, enterprises in Ukraine
http://batkivshchyna.com.ua/news/open/531 Office of Herr Zaharchenko (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) received grenades from Russia with blunt violation of Ukrainian laws, no certification, no Ministry of Health resolution. Such grenades are NOT used by Russian against the crowd, say, Bolotnaya square, but in military operations, say, Dagestan, Caucasus. http://espreso.tv/new/2014/01/22/novi_hranaty_berkut_pryhotuvav_dlya_zachystky_kmda_ta_budynku_profspilok
Blackmail of Elmar Brok by the prostitutes http://www.versii.com/news/296306/ Including a threat of his future detention and DNA test) The usual KGB style…

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