TABLE-Kubota -2013/14 div forecast

Fri Feb 7, 2014 1:04am EST

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Feb 7 (Reuters) -
              Kubota Corp     

                  Full year to      Full year to 
                Mar 31, 2014      Mar 31, 2014   
                   LATEST           PREVIOUS     
                  FORECAST          FORECAST     
  Annual Div      28.00 yen                      
  -Q4 Div         18.00 yen                      
  NOTE - Kubota Corpis a major maker of farm equipment and machinery.    
  If there is no Q1 or Q3 dividend, Q2 will in most cases correspond to the first-half 
  dividend and Q4 to the second-half dividend announced before a new corporate law in 2006 
  allowed companies to pay and report dividends on a quarterly basis.
  For latest earnings estimates made by Toyo Keizai, please double click on.