Kosovo's head of university quits after violent protests

PRISTINA Sat Feb 8, 2014 3:02pm EST

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PRISTINA (Reuters) - The rector of Kosovo's state university Ibrahim Gashi resigned on Saturday following protests by students over reports their professors had forged academic works.

Some 30 police officers and dozens of other students were injured on Friday during clashes. More than 30 students and other members of civil society and opposition political parties were arrested.

The protests started when a flurry of reports in the Kosovo media accused professors at the university of publishing works in fake online journals in order to further their academic credentials.

"I hope that my resignation will start the normalization of work at UP (University of Pristina)," Gashi said. "I am aware that this situation is created from a group of students instrumented and politicized by some NGOs and political parties."

The controversy has struck a nerve in Kosovo, where corruption is rife and the education system is widely regarded as politicized and of poor quality.

(Reporting by Fatos Bytyci)

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gmbooks wrote:
WHAT? “NGO’s are politicizing in Kosovo.”
Alert Hillary Clinton to the rescue … if she and her daughter can get past the Serbian snipers at Pristina airport.

For two decades we have heard about the “Oppression” of Albanians by their Serbian government, what a lie. For 5 decades Albanians were provided a form of welfare from Tito’s communist state that was unheard of in any communist nation. Tito created this welfare mentality and tolerated men having multiple wives and 15 children per husband—but the facts remain, for 5 decades Albanians were educated in their own language, they had newspapers and radio stations in their own language. Albanians have hoodwinked the West into believing the Serbs oppressed them. In 1978 when Tito granted Kosovo an illegal “autonomy” Albanian authorities ban the Serbian alphabet and language, fired every Serbian professor, policeman, doctor and judge. They gathered books from schools and libraries and burned over 2 million copies on Serbian religion, culture and history… now Americans are suppose to feel sorry that their education system is corrupt? Albanians have converted Kosovo into the largest drug dealing, human trafficking, prostitution and weapons dealing in the world. More than 75% of the drugs entering Europe are coming through Kosovo.

Are we Americans now suppose to feel sorry for their university educations that are as corrupt as their Prime Minister, Hashim Tachi, the former head of the KLA terrorists organization that harvested the organs of their Serbian prisoners? Are we to take pity on Albanians who have succeeded in “ethnically cleansing” 80% of the Serbs from the territory where they lives for a thousand years and where they built 1,500 churches? Let’s all join hands with those who in the past 8 years have destroyed 516 Serbian Christian churches in Kosovo as 17,000 NATO troops and their corrupt NATO commanders continue to look away as these despicable Albanians create this ethnically pure Islamic state and the Genocide of the Serbian and non-Albanian minorities.

Here in America one of the hottest political topics is immigration as we deal with 11 million illegal aliens, however, Bill and Hillary Clinton created this Kosovo mess and ignore the fact that 45% of the Albanians in Kosovo are illegal aliens who crossed the border from Albanian into Serbia as easily as the Mexicans who cross our border each night in San Diego, California. These Albanians created today’s corrupt culture in Kosovo now let them live with it.

The writer is the author of the 1992 book, Kosovo. His newest book that deals with the recent Balkans Civil Wars is entitled: Memoirs of a Serbian-American Dissident, available on the Apple Store.

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