CORRECTED-TABLE-KLab -2013 group results

Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:00am EST

(Corrects current period as follows because of accounting period change)
Feb 14 (Reuters)- 
          KLab Inc 
     (in billions of yen unless specified)
             16months ended    Year ended     Year to       NEXT   
              Dec 31, 2013     Aug 31, 2012   Dec 31, 2014     YEAR     
                 LATEST          YEAR-AGOOMPANY      COMPANY   
                 RESULTS         RESULTS       FORECAST    H1 FORECAST 
  Sales           20.99                                      4.05 
  Operating     loss 1.22                                    loss 90 mln        
  Recurring   loss 941 mln                                   loss 86 mln         
  Net           loss 2.56                                    loss 86 mln         
  EPS        loss 93.58 yen                                  loss 2.61 yen          
  Ann Div          nil             nil            nil                  
  -Q2 Div          nil             nil            nil                  
  -Q4 Div          nil             nil            nil                  
  NOTE - KLab Inc . 
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