CORRECTED-TABLE-Dreamvisor HD -9-MTH group results

Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:40am EST

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(Corrects previous period as follows because of accounting period change)
Feb 14 (Reuters)- 
             Dreamvisor Holdings Inc 
     (in billions of yen unless specified)                
                 9 months ended      9 months ended       Year to 
                Dec 31, 2013        Mar 31, 2013     Mar 31, 2014 
                   LATEST             YEAR-AGO          LATEST    
                   RESULTS             RESULTS         FORECAST   
  Sales            500 mln                              850 mln   
  Operating     loss 101 mln                            19 mln    
  Recurring     loss 108 mln                             9 mln    
  Net           loss 110 mln                             2 mln    
  EPS         loss 3,851.36 yen                        62.73 yen  
  Ann Div                                nil                      
  -Q2 div            nil                 nil                      
  -Q4 div                                nil                      
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