Russia's cbank shifts boundaries of rouble's floating corridor

MOSCOW Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:13am EST

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MOSCOW Feb 24 (Reuters) - Russia's central bank has shifted its target exchange-rate corridor for the rouble by 10 kopecks, following market interventions to curb the pace of the currency's decline.

The new corridor extends from 35.00-42.00 roubles to the dollar-euro currency basket as of Feb. 21, compared to 34.90-41.90 previously.

Under its managed float, the central bank increases its interventions as the rouble approaches the boundary of the corridor. Once an intervention allotment of $350 million is exhausted it automatically shifts the corridor.

The rouble was trading at 41.51 against the basket at 0610 GMT. (Reporting by Lidia Kelly, editing by Elizabeth Piper)