TABLE-Sony -2013/14 parent results

Wed May 14, 2014 2:00am EDT

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May 14 (Reuters)- 
          Sony Corp 
     (in billions of yen unless specified)
                   Year ended      Year ended       Year to       NEXT   
                Mar 31, 2014    Mar 31, 2013   Mar 31, 2015     YEAR     
                   LATEST         YEAR-AGO        COMPANY      COMPANY   
                   RESULTS         RESULTS       FORECAST    H1 FORECAST 
  Sales           2.19 trln       2.10 trln                              
                 (+4.1 pct)      (-18.3 pct)                             
  Operating      loss 61.45      loss 173.19                             
  Recurring       loss 9.79      loss 109.55                             
  Net            loss 24.60         38.61                                
  EPS          loss 23.95 yen     38.40 yen                              
  EPS Diluted                     36.06 yen                              
  Ann Div         25.00 yen       25.00 yen                              
  -Q2 Div         12.50 yen       12.50 yen                              
  -Q4 Div         12.50 yen       12.50 yen                              
  NOTE - Sony Corp is a globally known maker of consumer 
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