REFILE-TABLE-Kozo Keikaku Engineering -2013/14 div forecast

Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:43am EDT

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(Adds previous dividend forecast)
Aug 14 (Reuters) -
              Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc     
     (in billions of yen unless specified)                    
                  Full year to        Full year to 
                Jun 30, 2014        Jun 30, 2014   
                   LATEST             PREVIOUS     
                  FORECAST            FORECAST     
  Annual Div      35.00 yen     20.00 yen - 30.00 yen
  -Q2 Div                                nil       
  -Q4 Div         35.00 yen     20.00 yen - 30.00 yen
  NOTE - Kozo Keikaku Engineering Incdevelops computer software.    
  If there is no Q1 or Q3 dividend, Q2 will in most cases correspond to the first-half 
  dividend and Q4 to the second-half dividend announced before a new corporate law in 2006 
  allowed companies to pay and report dividends on a quarterly basis.
  For latest earnings estimates made by Toyo Keizai, please double click on.