Syria rebels quit eastern city; Russia critical

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jimtdavis666 wrote:

Let Syria Burn. Support no more Islamist revolutions. The West needs to let the Muslim world kill each other so they are not fighting us. We have no business helping these people. They hate all of us and want us to submit to Islam. I say, Submit to Bacon.

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B17 wrote:

The international community is the most impotent community on the planet. It takes over 10,000 lives before these clowns start thinking about a united front. I think a good deal of the reason for this is that America no longer takes a leadership role in world affairs – thanks to our weak apologizing president. Assad and countless other murdering dictators have killed without a real threat of retribution, economically or militarily. By apologizing and otherwise mollifying our enemies, Obama has betrayed millions of folks that are simply trying to be free from tyranny. We desperately need a heavyweight not a featherweight in the WH.

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Samaritan wrote:

The warmongering countries are causing turmoil, will the succeed, NO WAY, their agents will be killed or imprisoned by Syrians, as they have caught over 750 foriegn troops from Homs only.

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Fromkin wrote:


To the 8000 death according to the UN you are adding 2000 more. When did you kill them? Death has become a trivial event. At what treshold the dead body counting will reach “holocaust” point. Because this is the next level in your propaganda. You know, holocaust…gaz chamber…babies trown out of incubators…

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apollo1981 wrote:

No amount of guns or loudspeakers is going to keep a government in power that keeps killing its own people and forces the rest to live in a police state. Assad should step down and prevent more lives from being taken.

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apollo1981 wrote:

What about you, Fromkin? You accept all the casualties at the hands of the Syrian government without question every day. So if it benefits Russia and China, it is fine, right?

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Life1 wrote:

@apollo1981: who do you want him to step down for?

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Fromkin wrote:


So casualties at the hands of the Syrian Gov is bad but good at the hands of the US gov who is killing civilians worldwide. What about casualties at the hand of terroristes you call free syrian army that are killing innocent people and putting gruesome images on youtube. That’s good for you? When the US went on a killing spree in Irak, it called the civilian casualties(the majority of death) collateral damages. Did you question that? All I can say is you and the people you are supporting lack morality and conscience. Killing of innocent civilians is something that must be done only by western gov(US, Nato)like in libya, Irak, Vietnam,Korea, etc…Even in the case of Syria, the US and its allies are sending jihadists released from Guantanamo and young kids to whom they pay money to die at the hands of the syrian army so that they have a pretext to intervene in Syria. Those are the same people who commit suicide bombings against westerners which I am sure you condamn but when they do the same acts in Syria you applaud. What’s that, split personality? Trust me I understand the dynamics of what going in Syria better than you. As far as I am concerned no human being should die at the hands of another human being. Period. Selective condamnation and double standard treatments, that’s what you do. Sickning!

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thebruce wrote:

Fromkin, Life1: show some balls and smuggle yourself into syria and then tell us what to think and do about this situation.

personally, I’m sick and tired of the baseless, information-less, and downright tiring vitriol directed at US foreign policy. it takes time for powerful institutions to realize they’ve made mistakes – especially when they don’t have to stare them in the face like vietnamese, iraqi’s, afghani’s, libyans, etc.

stop issuing this criticism like you live your life alongside god in heaven, that you know everything you say do and idolize is absolutely correct and damn the rest for not showing your side any respect whatsoever because you are simply voicing contradiction and no solution.

shame on you for spamming this site – if you don’t like the way the news is reported by reuters GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. if you choose to stay – try and live by the standards of integrity these journalists have and provide sources of your own (and no I’m not talking about alex jones talking to somebody on the phone who knows someone in syria)

you practically threaten innocent people simply wanting to get informed. before you reply, ask yourself: who are you to dictate ANYTHING TO ANYONE???????

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Nullcorp wrote:

I am glad that the US has not intervened (yet). Hopefully this is one of the first examples of the US stepping down from its self-declared World Police role. We have enough to deal with here at home and Syria is a sovereign nation that needs to take care of its own problems. The EU should stop buying oil from Syria, put the pressure on like the world has done to Iran.

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It appears Bin Laden’s ghost has begun to take over. This must be a fearful development to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, other Arab oil nations which armed and financed the revolt before it became the bloody mess it is today, in order to prevent a peaceful Tunisian-style revolution leading to an Islamic democracy.
As to why this is so, I, personally, have no idea.

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Fromkin wrote:


You say: As to why this is so, I personally have no idea.

Well that’s because the american foreign policy is confusing. The US has no permanent friend and no permanent ennemy as long as the dollar remains the permanent dominant currency. Trust me what’s happening in Syria has to do with petrodollar. Syria itself doesn’t produce a lot of oil but is strategically positionned in that region. So the US needs a friendly regime in Syria to achieve its goal of weakening Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, China and gaining control of ME oil that it’s not already controlling(it controls saudi oil, kuwait’s, qatar’s…).

You also mention the ghost of Bib laden. Well, Al Qaida is back on the good side of the US/Saudi’s policy now that Bin laden is no longer its chief. Bin Laden was opposing them from doing what they are doing now namely promoting sectarian wars and killing other muslims for oil. That’s why the US/saudi waged a war against him.


your unintelligent rambling doesn’t warrant an answer from me. All I am doing is try to shed some light so that those who do not follow international politics know what the media and politicians won’t tell us. This is I guess the hidden motive of Reuters who let us comment without censure. Much to its credit.

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apollo1981 wrote:

Surprise, Fromkin…others here do follow and know international relations and just happen to have different views than you. But somehow, you are especially “enlightened” and are just “helping” us sort out things. Rubbish! You are anti-Western to the core and rant and rave everyday here.

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Austell wrote:

Must be an absolutely TINY little rebellion in Syria, for these terrorists to defeated in days rather than months…

Where are ‘the people’ in this uprising?? It seems as though the only people ‘rising up’ are an insignificant number of terrorists and Islamic militants…

About as insignificant as reuters will be after the terrorists are defeated and you’re exposed for your support =)

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Gravitytr1 wrote:

Austell, I, as a frequent reader of articles and reader comments, a person who has lived in Syria for 8 years, has family in Syria, and more importantly relies on research, logic and common sense to comprehend subjects in general, especially when I want to comment on them, declare your comment as the most ignorant comment I have read in a while.

Also, I would strongly advise you to stop touting the “Islamic militant” phrase, especially to be a racist, for it makes people who use it look like ignorant buffoons.

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Life1 wrote:

@thebruce: you clearly have issues, which hopefully you’ll figure out sometime soon before it consumes you.

As for my ‘spamming’, i simply asked a simple question. No attacks, just a very simple question: who are these ‘rebels’? Where did they come from, and who is controlling them? Who is arming them??? Why is that so complicated, and why does no-one ever answer?

As for calling the ‘vitriol’ baseless, that’s just a tad rich considering we’re closing a decade where the US was directly involved in the murder of 200’000 to 1’000’000 civilians…

Can you honestly say with a straight face that those deaths were the result of a ‘powerful institutions’ mistakes? Do you quantify the death of these human beings as an error?

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thebruce wrote:

of course you call me unintelligent, rambling, and accuse me of having issues – which is funny to me since you’re each the ones that come on this site EVERY DAY (obsessively, maybe), and make sure to be the first to post anti-usa rhetoric and refuse to substantiate any argument (rhetoric commonly called contradiction).

you say i have issues? why come on this site to comment like you’re scrambling to the top of a hill so you can wave your flag first in the faces of these journalists that are actually working to produce the material you race to stomp on? do you think you’re reporting the truth, or are you in fact just reiterating what you’ve read somewhere else?

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thebruce wrote:

btw life1 where did the ‘rebels’ come from during the last bloodiest suppression of uprising in syria?

and like i mentioned, when you list figures like “200,000 to 1,000,000 civilians…” and don’t list a source it makes your statement baseless and clearly argument-seeking.

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