Author defends "Doonesbury" abortion strip

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AlfredReaud wrote:

Can we all say censorship? Nice try… It’s art, like it or not. Art does touch on current subjects and events. To say this subject is taboo in the Art of Comics is more lunacy.

It’s fine not to run it, their paper. But lets call a spade a spade. This is a very pertinent topic all across the nation. Thus a valid subject of satire, humor, art, and commentary contrary to the views of many.

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swordoftruth wrote:

Give a woman the “view” of what she is really doing? No wonder it meets with such hostility as it confirms that abortion is the death of a living, moving human being. It places the facts as the facts, abortion is murder and women don’t want that fact brought to their minds since it may bring guilt and reconsideration. Good! Please consider adoption as an alternative. Bless someone who can’t conceive with the gift of life!

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Randy549 wrote:

It’s arguable that Doonesbury should be in the Opinion section of newspapers instead of their comics section in any case, as it is (and has always been) more of a political/opinion cartoon than a “comic” — a bit out of place in the “funny papers.”

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jarvislorry1 wrote:

The article says a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals allowed the law to take effect. This probably surprised the Republicans, who thought their outrageous law would be overturned, and then they could blame liberal judges for its non-enforcement. Now they have to deal with national public outrage over a law requiring the insertion of probes into the vaginas of women against their will. This is reminiscent of punishments administered to women in the middle ages where things were inserted for the purpose of torture. Let’s hope that all the politicians who voted for it are turned out at the next election. Oh, and maybe it’s time for the governor, who signed the law, to go as well. The cartoons are an example of the value of free speech.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

swordoftruth: The abortion issue was settled in 1973 by the USSC, and is the law of the U.S.A. Setting up roadblocks, limiting access is against the law.

BTW, I am anti-abortion, but as a male not personally facing the decision with my mate, it’s none of my damn business.

The U.S. Constitution (as interpreted ultimately by the USSC) is the law of the land.

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wjpoupore wrote:

What a sorry state our country is in when the opposition political party must pander to the religious right just to get votes and the much needed cash for their unending campaigns. Like it or not the party of “no regulations” must somehow come to grips with the fact that abortion is legal and as such is a freedom which the majority of us hold dear. If we could only get them to realistically deal with the pressing issues facing our country today instead of raising smoke screens, diversions and obstructing all efforts to move forward. This same Texas Governor who prides himself on his faith and his morality at the same time he is refusing to repay the State of Texas the $3.5 million he owes for his disastrous and ill conceived foray into national politics. He claims that he doesn’t have to pay the money back because he was representing the State. So much for ethics. So much for freedom. So much for human dignity.

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MFSch wrote:

I would like to propose a bill in Texas that requires middle-aged men to prove that they cannot get an erection without Viagra before they can receive a prescription.

I would suggest that attractive men and/or women be provided by doctors to attempt to arouse the individual in question to determine whether the prescription is, indeed, necessary.

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DrArthurIde wrote:

Freedom of expression does not have to be nice (as ruled frequently by the US Supreme Court) and all people have the right to mock and expose corrupt politicians and inane laws. Trudeau is one of the greatest spokespeople for the right of women to determine the fate of their body–a right no legislature, no man, no other woman has. Trudeau’s cartoon strip is right on, and the valiant papers who believe in free expression will support it–or they would have caved into Iran’s call to silence the Danish press that published cartoons critical of Muhammad and Islam. Now the USA media is becoming another fascist movement to supress free speech. Shame on the USA. Salutations to Trudeau!

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DrArthurIde wrote:

I want a bill that states clearly that masturbation is mass murder and any person masturbating must be executed since their action denied millions more mouths wanting food.

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